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match report 1904-05 fixture list
Scottish Cup Third Round 
Third Lanark 4 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:45 PM   Munro, McKenzie, Munro, Comrie       Ruddiman 25.  
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Cathkin Park, Glasgow
Played at Cathkin Park, before 10,000 spectators. McKenzie kicked off for Third and after a fruitless run up to Aberdeen's end, the play was transferred to the other goal. Third's backs cleared, and again MacFarlane had to be on the alert. A shot from McKenzie struck the post, but Munro, lying handy, caught the rebound, and sent the ball through, fifteen minutes from the start. Soon afterwards Ruddiman equalised the scores. Play continued fast and interesting till the interval, and, while both sides were working hard, Aberdeen at times appeared to greater advantage during the half.
Five minutes after resuming, McKenzie converted a pass from Munro. A third goal was scored by the home teamthrough munro, and Comrie scored a fourth. Throughout the second half it was evident that Aberdeen had spent their force in the earlier portion, and though their cleverness was undoubted, their play lacked the force and dash of the opening half. MacFarlane's play in goal was brilliant and McAulay was perhaps the best man on the field. For the Third, Comrie and Barr were most notable, and Raeside did well what was asked of him; but the team as a whole, was not seen to great advantage. Result - Third Lanark, four; Aberdeen, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 27th February 1905
Press notice: Aberdeen Journal, 25th February 1905

The Aberdeen team played off if tie in the third round of the Scottish cup against the Third Lanark at New Cathkin, Glasgow, on Saturday before a large attendance of spectators, fully 10,000 people being present, the gate money amounting to 273, including stands. The Third Lanark were at full strength, but Aberdeen had to make one change in the team went to the indisposition of Murray, who was suffering from influenza, which necessitated D. McNicol crossing over to right back, and thus allowing W. Brebner, of the A Team to come in has left back. The day was an ideal one for football, there'd been little or no wind, although the sun favoured aside winning the toss. At 3:45 the teams lined up as follows:-
Third Lanark: Raeside; Barr, Nicholson; Comrie, Sloan, Neilson; Johnstone, Kidd, McKenzie, Wilson, Munro.
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; McNicol, Brebner; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, Edgar, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie.
Referee - J. Baillie, Edinburgh.

Aberdeen won the toss, and the Third Lanark kicked off against the sun. The visitors were the first to act on the defensive, and their opponents and were almost through in the first minute. Kidd got the better of Brebner, who missed kicked, but the back recovered before Kidd got dangerous. Aberdeen transfer to play to the other end to Ruddiman dashing in and leading an attack down the centre, only to be checked by Barr, who drove hard up the field to Wilson. Thus Fairlie the game gave evidence of developing into a fast one, and the subsequent play clearly proved this. First one side and then the other appeared certain to score. McKenzie, the Third Lanark centre, was repeatedly stopped by Strang when attempting to capture the Aberdeen goal single-handed. The Third Lanark left wing gave the Aberdeen defence most trouble. Monroe's speedy runs and accurate centring being the feature of the Volunteers' forward play so far. Duncan McNicol, however, tackled and kicked brilliantly, and a large crowd were not slow to show their appreciation of the back's play. Gradually the Aberdeen forwards settled down to play a find combined game, and in this they got Henry assistance from the half-backs. Strang and Low kept the ball on the ground, and invariably passed on to the forwards in front of them. After twelve minutes' play the Third Lanark obtained the first goal of the match, but they were distinctly fortunate in so doing. Johnstone got on the ball just past midfield, and raced along the right wing, and when nearing the corner he centred right in front of goal, where McKenzie was standing in an offside position. The centre forward did not attempt to score from the right winger's cross, but passed back to Munro, who sent the ball spinning past Macfarlane. It wasn't this stage that the Aberdeen players took the game in hand, and the clever footwork and methodical movements completely upset the Third Lanark. McAulay displayed rare skill in leading numerous attacks on the Third Lanark goal. The opposing half-backs were unable to check the Aberdeen forwards, and it was only the sound defensive work of Barr, McIntosh, and Raeside that enabled the Third Lanark to hold the lead. Twenty-five minutes of the game had gone, and then the Aberdeen placed themselves on an equal footing. Strang began the movement by pulling up McKenzie near midfield. Then the centre half-back dribbled a few yards, and subsequently passed to McAulay, who tricked Comrie and Sloan by a clever feint, namely, attempting to pass out to Ritchie, but instead he ran on and centred. Out came the ball again to Ritchie, who once more transferred to the centre, and while several of the Aberdeen players were doing their utmost to get the ball through, Ruddiman rushed in and equalise the score. There was no holding the Aberdeen forwards, who short-passing games came as a great surprise to the majority of the spectators. McAulay's play was brilliant, and he infused any amount of confidence in to the other players. Low also was playing finely. Munro and Wilson, on the Third Lanark a left wing, were several times very dangerous, but has a whole their forwards did not compare favourably with the Aberdeen five. Raeside cleared from Ruddiman and Ritchie, and then McAulay, with a capital effort, almost put his side ahead. Barr and McIntosh were constantly defending, but both were safe and sure with their returns. Two wards the end of the first half Macfarlane had to be on the alert to stop a fast drive by Munro, and thereafter McNicol was prominent with his head and feet. On one occasion Munro had a clear run for goal, but was stopped by McNicol when a few yards from Macfarlane. Try as they could, the Aberdeen forwards were indeed unlucky in not scoring. Ritchie, McAulay, and Edgar all had good tries after several smart runs. Ruddiman run down the centre and then crossed to Robertson, who got round McIntosh, but his parting effort lacked direction. Sloan tried a long shot following upon a combined rush by the left wing, which Macfarlane easily caught and punted down the field, while another try at goal by the same player was sent behind.

On resuming, the Aberdeen immediately took up the running, and looked as though they were to gain the lead. The Third Lanark backs cleared the goal from a corner kick, and some strong kicking by their half-backs transfer to play to Mcfarlane's end of the field. McNicol was again prominent with fine defensive work. Ruddiman got clear away, and brushing aside Sloan and Nielsen, the centre forward was going straight for goal when McIntosh tripped him close on the penalty line. Low took the free kick and drove hard at Raeside. The ball rebounded off one of the backs, and then Munro got away on the left wing. He centred when nearing the goal line, and Brebner, in attempting to clear, completely missed his kick. McKenzie was standing only a few yards from goal, and easily beat Macfarlane with a fast shot. Aberdeen made a Cal and attempt to draw level, and McAulay and Ruddiman work their way beautifully up the field, and I and Robertson had are rare opportunity to score, but was pulled up for offside. The Aberdeen right winger failed to utilise his chances to make headway, being admirably fed by Halkett, and as a result the Third Lanark defence got plenty of time to clear. As the game went on the Aberdeen players showed signs of tiring, and with a Third Lanark half-backs playing a strong, forcing game, the northern representatives were now are almost continually on the defensive. Johnstone, on the Third Lanark right wing, sent in several terrific shots from fully twenty yards out, and it was only the marvellous goal keeping of Macfarlane that kept the score down. Three times in succession he caught the ball just on the post, and then he diverted a fast grounder from Munro with two forwards almost on top of him. Ultimately, ray struck the cross-bar with a very hard drive. Munro got to the ball from the rebound, and added a third goal after 25 minutes' play. Still the Aberdeen players pinged away, but want of stamina told its tale. Third Lanark gained the upper hand by sheer strength, and they stayed the distance better. McNicol's play was magnificent, and so was McAulay's. At one time the first named dribbled about half the length of the field, and then shortly afterwards he could be seen helping Macfarlane. The goalkeeper cleared high and low shots from the right wing until Comrie got possession and beat Macfarlane for fourth time, and the game ended with the scores - Third Lanark 4 goals, Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 27th February 1905

Third Lanark Teamsheet:  Raeside; Barr, Nicholson; Comrie, Sloan, Neilson; Johnstone, Kidd, McKenzie, Wilson, Munro


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  MacFarlane, McNicol, Brebner, Halkett, Strang, Low, Robertson, Edgar, Ruddiman, McAulay, Ritchie.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Mr. J. Baillie, St Bernards

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