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match report 1909-10 fixture list
Robertson Cup 
Falkirk 3 - 1 Aberdeen
Kick Off:    MacTavish, Tildelsley, Mitchell       Soye (Pen).  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
These clubs met at Brockville Park, Falkirk, yesterday, before 3000 spectators, in a Robertson Cup tie. Falkirk won the toss, and play was evenly contested in the opening stages. Latterly Falkirk maintained a strong attack on both wings, and MacTavish scored a capital goal from a free kick near midfield. Except for some good running on the left on the part of Lennie, Aberdeen were seldom dangerous, and Falkirk kept their lead till half-time. Aberdeen scored from a penalty kick at the start of the second half, but Falkirk again got the lead through Tildesley, who was served with a capital cross from MacTavish. The closing play was mainly in Falkirk's favour, and Mitchell scored a third goal. Result :- Falkirk, three goals; Aberdeen, one.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th September 1909

A weak Falkirk team proved too strong for Aberdeen in a Robertson Cup tie at Falkirk yesterday, Falkirk winning by 3 goals to 1. Teams:-

Falkirk: Stewart; Leishman, Gibson;, McDonald, Gildes, McMillan; Rae, McTavish, Tildsley, Mitchell, Brown.
Aberdeen: Mutch; Colman, Hume; Davidson, Moffat, Miller; Simpson, Soye, McKenzie, O'Hagan, Lennie.
Referee - Tom Robertson, Queen's Park.

And start play was even, the features being runs by Lennie on the one side and Mitchell on the other. Later Mutch was severely tested, and saved twice from shots by Rae and once from Tildesley, from whose foot he got the ball at the goal-mouth. Then Mitchell shot into Mutch's hands. Aberdeen's goal had a marvellous escape, the ball being exchanged from Mutch to Falkirk forwards twice or three times in succession. Tildesley past to MacTavish, and the latter with a swift slanting shot beat much. Aberdeen's seemed unable to make headway, Stewart not having had his abilities tested up till now. Mutch fisted out high shots from Brown, and Brown dashed up to the Aberdeen goal with the ball, Colman clearing on the goal line. Another prolonged spell of idleness was the lot of the Aberdeen forwards. Their backs and halves Weir kept fully occupied.

The game had just restarted when steward had his first save since the match began, it being executed from Soye. In Gildea gave away a penalty, and Soye scored. Falkirk were soon again on the lead, Tildesley scoring when lying close in. From a pass by Rae Brown ran along and nearly beat Mutch. Play improved later, and some exciting passages a occurred near Aberdeen's goal. Lennie and O'Hagan worked hard to improve Aberdeen's position, but failed.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 14th September 1909

Falkirk Teamsheet:  Stewart; Leishman, Gibson; McDonald, Gildea, McMillan; Rae, MacTavish, Tildesley, Mitchell, Brown


Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Mutch, Colman, Hume, Davidson, Moffat, Millar, Simpson, Soye, McKenzie, O'Hagan, Lennie.

Unused Subs:


Referee: Mr. Tom Robertson, Glasgow

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