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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
Benefit Match 
The Aberdeen 4 - 2 Clubs of Town
    For the benefit of Aberdeen Infirmary
Kick Off:    Munro, Clark, Clark, 1 from scrimmage       Fyfe, Mitchell  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Grounds, Inches, Aberdeen
A match between the Aberdeen F.C. and a team selected from the various other Association clubs in the city, was played on Saturday at the Recreation Grounds, Inches, the proceeds being devoted to the Aberdeen Infirmary. The fixture was to have been played last year, but owing to the ground being thickly covered with snow at the time it was postponed. Unfortunately the weather was no more favourable to football than it was on the last occasion. There was only a thin layer of snow on the ground, but just about the time fixed for starting, snow began to fall very heavily. There was a fair attendance of spectators. The umpires were Mr James Rennie, for Aberdeen, and Mr W. McLean (Orion) for the City.
The Aberdeen lost the toss, and had to defend the west goal, playing against the wind and snow. Ketchen kicked off for Aberdeen, and the ball was quickly carried to the City goal, where McPherson was compelled to save. The ball then traversed the field two or three times, Haslewood making a good shot at the goal when within a few yards of the City goal, but the ball just grazed the post on the outside. Interesting play followed, Lothian showing well for Aberdeen. Clark worked the ball beautifully along the touchline, and, centreing the ball capitally, a desperate attempt was made by the Aberdeen to put it through. The City men defended well, however, and soon got the ball away, and working it down the field, Fyfe put it through, scoring the first points in the game for the City. The storm had by this time abated somewhat, but snow continued to fall until well into the second half. After the kick-off Aberdeen had the best of it for a time, but the City men rushed the ball into the Aberdeen quarters, and McKay had a good try to shoot a goal. Aberdeen then transferred the ball to the other end, and Clark having centred it, Munro neatly put it through, thus equalising matters. Lothian did a splendid bit of tackling shortly after the kick-off, and for a time the play was of a give-and-take character. The City then lost a splendid chance of scoring by Mitchell kicking wide when close up to an almost undefended goal. The City were then obliged to concede two corners in rapid succession, but made up for this directly after by a splendid goal kicked by Mitchell. An exciting bit of play followed, Ketchen getting behind the ball with a clear field. He seemed certain to score, but the goalkeeper managed to keep the ball off until assistance arrived. Both teams now showed capital form. When half-time was called, the score stood: City, 2 goals; Aberdeen, 1 goal.
After ends had been changed play was of an even character, the City team playing well together. Fyfe did a bit of excellent work for the City, but Glennie put in a useful kick, which enabled Clark to carry the ball down the field in splendid style, and put it through amid cheers. This made the score equal. Shortly after, Clark had hard lines for scoring, having put the ball through from a scrimmage in front of the goal, but the point being disallowed as offside. He was not to be denied, however, and, getting another opportunity, put the leather neatly between the posts, giving his side a lead of one goal. Another goal was added to the Aberdeen score by the ball being put through from a scrimmage close to the City goal. The game shortly afterwards terminated, leaving the Aberdeen victors by four goals to two. Glennie played a fine dashing game for the winners, and Lothian, Clark, Cunningham, Munro, and Key also did useful work, while for the Clubs of Town Fettis, Fyfe, Reid, Mackay, Mitchell, and McPherson distinguished themselves.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th March 1887

The Aberdeen played in Amber and Black; Clubs of Town wore White.
This match was played last Saturday on the Recreation Grounds in weather not at all favourable to a good display of football. The turn-out of spectators was good, and showed the interest in this form of the game is greatly on the increase in Aberdeen. It would be well, however, if those "round the ropes" would remember that they are present not to play, but to look on. The game was, on the whole, one of the best seen here. The Aberdeen had the worst of it but managed to score a win by four goals to two.
To criticise individual play severely would be unfair considering the state of the ground. The Clubs showed, if anything, the better combination; but, individually, they were in the shade. Lawson, Mitchell, and Mackay showed good form, but the sooner that Fyfe gets rid of some of his tricks, the better will it be both for his own reputation and that of the club to which he belongs. Peter Simpson was much missed at centre. In the back division, Campbell and Fettes were in the humour, while Aitchison, in spite of a supposed strong resemblance to "Watty Arnott," did not play an international game. McPherson did well between the posts.

On the Aberdeen side, the forwards seem to be thinking better of the combination game. They have still much to learn. Hazlewood was a trifle slow, but Cunningham in the first half played a sterling game, but fell off towards the end. "Tom" in the centre was somewhat off colour, but this, it is said, was accounted for by illness. The "Dodger" is himself again, his runs receiving and deserving hearty applause. Munro backs up fairly, but he seems to want pluck. Coming to the backs. Hinton was thoroughly on it and was a little too much for the men on his wing. The same can not be said of the left half-back, who did not seem at home among the snow. Glennie played with his usual dash but was some reckless in front of goal. Key was slow in tackling, but his kicking made up for any defect in that way. Lothian's play was the feature of the game. The genial Davie at goal did all that man could do.

Source: Northern Figaro, 19th March 1887

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  D. Wood; A. V. Lothian, W. A. Key; H. T. Hinten, C. E. Glennie, I. Preston; W. J. T. Munro, J. Cunningham, T. Ketchen, A. Clark, C. Hazlewood


Clubs of Town Teamsheet:  j. McPherson (Rangers); G. Fettis (Orion), A. Aitcheson (Rangers); W. Tawse (Rovers), J. Campbell, F. Reid (Gladstone); W. Fyfe, J. Mackay, C. Christie (Orion), W. Lawson (Rovers), A. Mitchell (Orion)


Referee: Mr. J. N. Melville (Caledonian, Aberdeen)

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