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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
Benefit Match 
The Aberdeen 1 - 0 Clubs of Town
    Benefit for a Gladstone Player
Kick Off:    ?, Clark        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Grounds, Inches, Aberdeen
Last Saturday's Charity Match ended, like the previous one, in favour of the Aberdeen. The game was spoiled by a strong cross wind which sadly interfered with combination. Throughout, the Aberdeen had the best of it, and but for the splendid goal-keeping of McPherson their score would have been much lighter. As most of the players engaged have been criticised lately, I shall confine my reŽmarks to the new men. Aitchison, who played outside right for the "Clubs," was only a SO-SO substitute for Fyfe, who, to my great surprise, was shunted. One word of advice to Campbell. Give up the "bull-rush " style of tackling. It doesn't pay.
Simpson at centre played a vigorous game and kept his eye on the goal-keeper. Clark at back was not a success. I must congratulate the Aberdeen on Ferry their latest acquisition. He and the Dodger make a rattling pair. Stewart sparkled now and then, but I fear his light is about out. Younie played a good individual game, but does not back up. Wood's place at goal was taken by Hyslop, but he got very little to do, which was rather a pity, as it is whispered that he thinks himself no 'small beer' between the posts. In justice to the Aberdeen it should be mentioned that Lothian had to leave early in the second half. However, they seemed to be able to do without him.

Source: Northern Figaro, 9th April 1887

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