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AFC - Match Report
match report 1886-87 fixture list
Orion 3 - 9 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Clark, McKay, McWattie        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Recreation Grounds, Inches, Aberdeen
At the Recreation Ground, Aberdeen, a match was played between the Orion, Aberdeen and a scratch team from the Arbroath Club. The weather was fine, and there was a good turnout of spectators. Arbroath kicked off, and the ball was at once returned by McKay and a corner to the home team followed, Give and take play then ensued until the Orion gained two successive corners. The visitors then made a determined assault on the home goal which taxed all the defensive powers of the Orion backs. A corner soon fell to the visitors and the first goal was gained by them a few minutes later. Encouraged by this they renewed the effort, and in a very short time succeeded in rushing the leather through a second time. During the next ten minutes play was not of a very decisive character, though the visitors showed themselves slightly stronger forward, Sim and Robertson doing excellent work. The Orion made a determined effort to score, and got the ball right on the mouth of their opponents' goal, but it was got away, and the next score was made by the visitors, McWattie nicely centreing the ball, and Stirling putting it through. Half-time was called shortly after. Ends being changed, and the ball restarted, the visitors lost no time in scoring a fourth goal, the Orion not having a single point. Clark, however, now got a chance, and, after dribbling the ball a short distance, passed to Fyfe on being tackled, and again getting the ball dribbled it splendidly up the field outstripping his opponents, and neatly putting the leather through amid loud applause. The visitors responded with two goals, obtained close after one another. The Orion forwards now worked zealously, and from a dribble by Clark, Fyfe, and McKay a second goal was obtained. After a spell of uneventful play another goal was obtained by the visitors, and immediately afterwards an eighth goal was got from a grand kick by Tulloch. The Orion got a third goal from a capital bit of work by Clark; and McWattie, junior, shortly afterwards added another goal to the Arbroath score. The result, therefore, was a win for Arbroath by Nine goals to three.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 11th April 1887

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