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match report 1887-88 fixture list
Orion 16 - 1 Caledonian, Aberdeen
Kick Off:    Dunn 5, Morrison 4, Fyfe 2, Christie, Mitchell, From Scrimmage 2, unknown 1       Banks  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Teams representing these clubs played a two three-quarters' game in the Central Park, Kittybrewster, in presence of a large turnout of spectators on Saturday. The Orion, who were playing down the field were the first to score. A gallant attempt was made by Mitchell to put the leather through with a header, but failed. Luck, however, favoured them, and in quick succession Dunn kicked the ball twice through the posts, shortly afterwards Fyfe had the luck shot - 3 to 0. In the course of a scramble near the Caledonian goal the ball rebounded off one of the defenders and another win was recorded for the Orion. The fifth goal was won shortly afterwards by Dunn and the sixth by Morris. In a scrimmage which took place near the south goal, the ball was neatly slipped in between the posts, and the seventh win for the Orion was made. The eighth successful shoot was made about a minute afterwards. The ninth which followed almost immediately, was put through by a header from Morrison. The tenth goal was made by Dunn, and the eleventh by Morrison, both neat headers. With the score at this figure ends were changed.
A stiff struggle ensued, and Banks managed to score the first goal for the Caledonian amid a good deal of sympathetic applause by the spectators. The goalkeeper might have stopped the ball easily, but was evidently under the impression that the leather would pass over the crossbar. The Orion now showed their mettle, and added three to their score in a remarkably short time, the players who made the lucky shots being Christie, Fyfe and Mitchell respectively. The play was very hot for some time after this, though there was, if anything, an improvement in the Caledonian play, they did not succeed in keeping Dunn from getting a clear run up and shooting the fifteenth goal. Morrison took the sixteenth goal when there was only a minute to play. The match ended: Orion 16, Caledonian 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th October 1887

The game at Kittybrewster I can't understand, 16 goals to 1 is more than was expected. Either the Orion have improved passing all comprehension, or the Caley are not what they were last season. We shall hope for better things from them. Had the ground anything to do with it? It certainly is peculiar but not to account for such a defeat.

Source: Northern Figaro, 22nd October 1887

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