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match report 1887-88 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Final 
The Aberdeen 7 - 1 Rangers, Aberdeen
Kick Off:  3:30 PM   Ketchen, Ketchen, "Dodger" Thomson, Ketchen, Ketchen, "Dodger" Thomson, Lumsden        
Attendance: 1,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The First Aberdeenshire Cup Final
At Chanonry Grounds, Old Aberdeen, on Saturday, the final round of the Aberdeenshire Cup ties took place. The opposing teams were the Aberdeen and Rangers. Much interest has of late been centred in the match from the fact that although the Aberdeen has always been considered the premier club in the Association, the Rangers team, good as it was at the commencement of the season, has by steady, consistent play, and strict attention to training, improved so much as to become a dangerous eleven to tackle. Both clubs have good records for the season, the Aberdeen having a clear card, while the Rangers have only been beaten three times (twice by their present opponents and once by the Orion). In the former rounds for the Cup the teams have been very successful. In the first round the Aberdeen beat the Albert by 11 to 0, the Rangers defeating the Granite City by 3 to 2. The second round resulted in the premier team lowering the Orion's colours by 6 to 1, the Rangers getting the better of the Britannia by 3 to 0. In the semi-finals the Aberdeen and Our Boys played a game of 10 to 2 in favour of the former; while the Rangers successfully engaged the Rovers, whom they beat by 4 to 1. These figures as showing the superiority of the two teams engaged on Saturday, gave every indication of a stiff tussle, though the weight of opinion was in favour of Aberdeen gaining the cup, which, as will be remembered, is presented by Dr Maitland Moir. There was considerable doubt expressed during the week as to whether the clubs' regular teams would play as illness and other reasons had prevented several members of both elevens from appearing in recent matches. On Friday, however it was definitely settled that the usual teams should play.

The referee appointed by the Association was Fettes of the Orion, Messrs Melville and Collie acting as umpires. The colours were white for the Aberdeen and black and gold for the Rangers.


The weather unfortunately was very unfavourable to good football, a soft drizzling rain, which at times fell heavily, making matters very uncomfortable for the players. The ground, too, was extremely spongy. The attendance of spectators fully testified to the interest which has been taken in the fixture, as sometime before the start the enclosure was circled by a large crowd, and at 3:30 o'clock there could not have been much less than 1000 present. Punctually at the advertised hour the teams entered the field, the Rangers gracing the occasion by a fine display of new jerseys. The Rangers winning the toss, Ketchen kicked off from the east end. After slight give-and-take play at the centre Ferry passed to Clark, and almost cleared the backs, Downie and Anderson subsequently bringing the ball down to the Aberdeen end. After some struggling here by the forwards of both sides the leather went behind. A foul was granted to the strangers in the centre of the field, which Aitchison kicked and Thomson saved. A beautiful dribble down the field by Haselwood ended in the ball going behind. A foul to the Aberdeen at the Rangers' "25" was taken by Key, and the leather, rebounding on the head of Ketchen, went between, Aberdeen thus securing the first goal amid cheers after five minutes' play. Immediately after the kick-off Macpherson had to fist out. Another foul to the Aberdeen at midfield was taken by Lothian, but came to nothing. A very good dribble by the Aberdeen forwards, in which Glennie backed up well, was spoilt by Lumsden sending the ball over the posts. Afterwards Downie tried a long shot, the leather, however, going over the top bar. Through a miss of Aitcheson's, Ketchen got the ball, and McPherson going out to meet him, enabled the former to score the second point for Aberdeen. Play for the next ten minutes was confined exclusively to the Aberdeen end. Key at one period made a bad miss, but Wood saved capitally. The ball went behind the Aberdeen posts twice, and shortly afterwards Clark had a splendid dribble right up to the goal mouth. The goalkeeper, however, was alive to business, and kept the ball clear. It may be said here that the contest was carried on amidst the alternate shouts, hootings, and jeerings of the crowd, the Rangers evidently having a large number of sympathisers among the more youthful of the spectators. After half-an-hour's play Clark, getting a. chance, centred, but Ketchen's shot rebounded off the cross bar, Another good shot by Ketchen was fisted out and a splendid run down the field by the Rangers was spoilt by McKay. From a throw in Macpherson had to save a shot by one of his own team. Ketchen placed to "Dodger," who, by a beautiful display of dribbling, landed a splendid goal, his achievement being received with hearty cheering. Aberdeen soon thereafter got a couple of corners. In the course of the subsequent play Key made another miss, which gave Irvine an opportunity, but his long shot at goal just grazed the post. A minute later Wood in saving had to concede a corner. When the whistle blew the score, which had been increased with the assistance of Thomson and Ketchen stood: Aberdeen, 4 goals; Rangers, 0 goals.

ON the Resumption of play McKay made a good attempt to score, and after some very exciting work at the Rangers' goal, a fruitless corner wag secured by Aberdeen. Ketchen, a short time afterwards, scored a beautiful goal and a few minutes thereafter a sixth was just missed, the ball running along the top bar and falling outside. A capital dribble to the Rangers' goal was "mulled" by a misdirected kick by Ferry, and a shot by Downie, on operations being taken up the field, struck the top bar. Twenty minutes to time Aberdeen registered their sixth goal, "Dodger" doing the needful; and almost immediately thereafter Sutherland scored the first, and as it turned out the only, point for the Rangers, a result which was greeted with quite an excess of enthusiasm. Five minutes more play culminated in a seventh goal, kicked by Lumsden. The rest of the play was unimportant, and the game ended: Aberdeen, 7 goals; Rangers, 1 goal.

We understand that a protest is to be lodged against the result on the ground that the goal posts were six inches too high, and a special meeting of the association committee will be called to consider the point. Dr Maitland Moir, it may be mentioned, visited the ground in the course of the game, and remained till the finish.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 27th March 1888

Umpires: Meville & Collie.
Colours: Aberdeen - White
Rangers - Black and Gold
Of course the Aberdeen easily carried off Dr Moir's trophy beating the Rangers by 7 to 1. It is a pity, all the same, to see a team like them who could very easily get up to the combined game, indulging so much in long individual dribbles. It is this that lays them open to such crushing defeats as they get when opposing South clubs. It's a little too like young Aberdeen to attempt a protest, on the ground of irregular posts, now, and I feel sure the Association must dispose of it pretty much after the style in the Preston North-End-Ash-ton Villa dispute.

Source: Bon-Accord, 31st MArch 1888

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Wood; Key, Lothian; Hinton, Thomson, Glennie; Haslewood, Lumsden, Ketchen, Ferry, Clark

Unused Subs: Sutherland


Rangers, Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Macpherson; Seivwright, Aitcheson; Ross, Sutherland, Fairweather; Irvine, McKay, Bowman, Downie, Anderson

Unused Subs: Sutherland


Referee: Mr Fettes, Orion

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