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match report 1888-89 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Third Round 
Orion 4 - 0 Rovers
Kick Off:    Gloag, o.g., Whitehead, Irvine        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
This tie was played at the Central Park, Kittybrewster, in presence of a large number of spectators. The Rovers won the toss and kicked off. The Rovers soon attacked the Orion goal, in front of which there was a scrimmage. Shortly after the start they secured a corner but nothing came of it. Some hot and interesting play occurred, in the course of which Orion got a free kick near midfield, but not much was made of it. For a few minutes thereafter Orion pressed the Rovers very hard in front of goal. Some swift shots were sent in by the forwards of the Orion, but no scoring took place. The Rover then had a look-in, and the Orion goalkeeper had plenty to do to save. Each party had its supporters, and there was considerable excitement among them. At three o'clock Gloag scored for the Orion, and was warmly cheered. Orion continued to press the Rovers and secured two resultless corners. From a third corner one of the Rover backs headed the ball against his own goal post, and it went through. About the end of half-time Orion got another goal which was sent in by Whitehead. The Orion supporters were by this time in high glee and encouraged their favourites and chaffed their opponents. When the whistle blew at half-time the game stood: Orion, 3 goals; Rovers, 0. In the second half a good deal of roughness was shown, and the play generally was not so good. Immediately after the start the Orion were down upon the Rovers' goal and were granted a corner, but from the corner kick the ball was sent behind, which spoiled their chance. The Rovers then got the ball well up to their opponents' goal, but failed to score. Shortly after the Orion got another corner. There was a bit of good combined play by the Orion, and a hard, low shot was sent in to Main, who, in attempting to save the goal fell, and it seemed as if the ball was to roll through, when Reid rushed forward and kicked out just in the nick of time. The ball was sent up the field, and another good attempt on the part of the Orion was well saved by the Rovers' goal-keeper. Play at this point became somewhat rough, but the Orion continued to have the best of the game, and after several attempts Irvine scored a fourth goal from a swift, low shot. Immediately after this, in mid field, Morrison, of the Orion received a heavy kick on the knee, which stunned and sickened him, and he had to retire disabled. Play was resumed, however, and the Rovers, brightening up a bit, pressed hard and scored a corner, but the Orion got the ball away. It was immediately returned, however, and Diack saved his goal well. When time was called neither side had scored further, and the game thus resulted: ORION, 4 goals; ROVERS, 0 goals.
While at times considerable roughness was displayed, some good play was shown on both sides during the game.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 10th December 1888

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