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AFC - Match Report
match report 1888-89 fixture list
The Aberdeen 1 - 8 Kings Park
Kick Off:  11:30 AM   Morrison        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Teams representing the above clubs met yesterday at Chanonry to play off a friendly fixture arranged some months ago. The game commenced as early as half-past eleven, but, notwithstanding this fact, a large crowd, encouraged by the beautiful weather, turned out to witness the play. Operations were commenced punctually. On kicking off the ball was at once taken in hand by the ground team, and never lost sight of, was gradually brought down to the King's territory, where Morrison succeeded in heading through the posts. This was a promising start, and while it had the effect of stimulating the locals to renewed and more vigorous efforts, it also acted as an awakener to the strangers. Aberdeen had again and again runs down the field, and once or twice ought to have scored but for somewhat tardy action at the posts. Dribbling up, the King's boys defeated Wood, and a beauty was sent in, which, equalising the game, drew from the spectators hearty cheers. In a few minutes afterwards it looked as if the strangers' right wing were to repeat the operation. A low, swift kick went straight to goal, and, in his eagerness to catch, Wood had the misfortune to lose his footing and fall. Regaining his equilibrium, however, before the forward could come up he deftly kicked the leather, which was lying all but inside the goal, to the side. The performance was capital, and showed Wood's presence of mind as much as his skill. Runs and counter-runs now took place. The advantage could not be said to rest with either side. Bye and bye the superior tackling of the strangers began to tell, and after a slight scrimmage at the posts, the ball was sent home by the left outside man. Half-time was shortly afterwards called with the game standing: King's Park, 2 goals; Aberdeen, 1 goal.

At the start of the second half the strangers had an astonishing piece of luck, managing within three minutes to register a couple of goals. Do what the local men could - and it goes without saying that they played all they knew - they could not keep the ball out of their ground, and some stiff tussling rook place at the goal mouth. The south men were, fortunately for their opponents, rather erratic in their shooting, and this blemish saved at least one or two points. For full fifteen minutes the play never got beyond midfield, King's Park pressing bard and the locals fighting gamely on the defensive. Occasionally Aberdeen appeared as if they would break away, but their progress was invariably checked by their opponents, whose combination, though by no means perfect, was decidedly good. A very hot five minutes work was put in just in front of the home goal. Once the leather was admirably kicked out by the joint efforts of Wood and Key - the latter being the most effective - but a second rush proved successful and the fifth goal was registered for King's Park. In less than a minute afterwards, the Southerners came again, and a sixth goal was scored. A seventh was put in, but the point was disallowed, and rightly so, on the ground of offside. Then Wood made the only mistake of the game in missing the ball as it was being run down to his goal. The error allowed of a seventh goal being notched. A short period of brisk play at midfield followed, then the ball was got into the possession of King's Park, and the result of a fine run down the field was the scoring of an eighth goal. The game ended: King's Park, 8 goals; Aberdeen, 1 goal.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 2nd January 1889

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