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match report 1889-90 fixture list
Victoria United 3 - 2 The Aberdeen
Kick Off:           
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Any number of apologies have been advanced to account for the defeat of the Aberdeen by the Victoria United. That most frequently heard was that half of the team were crippled or in bad condition prior to taking the field, but if that were so surely the wiser policy would have been not to have engaged in the match at all. One can easily understand that A club, playing game after game without a break, will in course of time get knocked up. A combination such as the Aberdeen, which, perhaps, above all others, has a prestige to maintain, would be none the worse of an off Saturday now and again, and the sooner this fact is recognised by the management the better it will be for all concerned. There is no reason to doubt that the Victoria United played the better game of the two on Saturday, and won their victory fairly. Their success is no mean one, and they are entitled to all the importance and respect which it may bring them. It has before been said in this column that the Vics are a promising club, deserving of the most liberal encouragement; and the wish of all who have the game of football at heart and desire to see it prosper in the city, must be that they may continue to improve, and ultimately secure the leading position among first elevens that their pluck and ability justly entitle them to
Good fortune seems bent on dogging the footsteps of the Aberdeen. Every move of the club this year has been crowned with success, and their latest stroke of luck adds another item to their account. On Tuesday they were drawn against the Queen's Park in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup competitions, and as they came first out of the hat, the tie falls to be decided at Aberdeen on Saturday week. This will mark the first visit of the famous Q.P. to the north. Now, in view of the fact that they are the oldest club in Scotland - practically the promoters of the game - would it not be a commendable thing to get up some little demonstration on their account, in which all players in the city might be invited to take part in a huge "smoker" would not be a bad idea. What say the Association! For it must not be an Aberdeen function solely. Such events are of weekly occurrence, and what is wanted for the 9th is something larger and more representative. The Queen's Park first eleven at the present time includes eight international players, most of whom have been here before.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 31st October 1889

Oh me - the champions beaten - I am sorry and yet proud to chronicle the defeat of the Chanonry representatives at the Recreation Grounds. I have no doubt the Vics, were thought a "soft mark", and that a secondary team could easily beat them, but the result turned out quite differently.
Aberdeen lost the toss and had to play against a strong wind in the first half. Shortly after play began it was apparent the Aberdeen men were quite out of sorts, while the Vics, were never seen to letter advantage. Five minutes after play began rain fell in torrents and continued for a considerable time. During a heavy shower the Vics, scored the first goal, and shortly afterwards Aberdeen equalled. Before the end of the first half, Argo had to leave the field, being disabled from a kick on the right leg, and before the end of the second half, gallant Ketchen was seen limping about, while Key and McVay were shaken up a bit and both went lame. This state of things cannot very well be accounted for, as the game was very free from roughness. After the Cup Tie match Charlie should have made his team lie up for a week. The Aberdeen team wanted Morley and Christie, but had in their stead, Menzies, Campbell, and Mitchell, the former of whom played exceedingly well on Saturday. Of the Vic. Team - every man played with a great amount of "go", but Turner takes the "biscuit." Simpson makes a good back, Gray saves well at goal, and the forward combination was excellent. If the Vics, wish to gain the sympathy of the public they will require to abstain from acrobatism on the field.
The result of the match turned out in favour of the Vics, by 3 to 2, but, of course, although they played exceedingly well, it must be remembered that the Chanonry men played one man short in the second half.

Source: Northern Figaro, 2nd November 1889

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