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match report 1890-91 fixture list
Orion 3 - 3 Montrose
Kick Off:  4:00 PM          
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Central Park team played a match with the Montrose, who put in an appearance, owing to a late arrival by train, forty minutes behind time. Losing the toss, the strangers kicked off against a strong wind, Orion, however, soon took the play in hand, and a hot pressure ended in Allan being called on to fist out. Montrose then retaliated, and running up, a well-placed shot from the left was sent in and rushed through, but a foul was granted. Subsequently, operations were confined for a time to the Montrose 25, and in the course of the close play, which brought out in a prominent manner the fine points of Tosh and Bowman, Orion got between the posts. As the leather was going through a second time Gloag fisted, and the point was consequently lost. After a brief period Montrose gradually worked downhill and Murray, from a corner, headed through, equalising the game. On crossing over Keillor sent a beautiful shot to the right and the ball being caught was cleverly headed through by Cairncross. The Orion scored twice thereafter, and, the wind notwithstanding, kept the play well in hand for a considerable period. Montrose ultimately managed to equalise through the ball striking one of the Orion men and rolling between the posts. Orion towards the end showed some capital play. The match finished in a draw: 3 goals each.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th April 1891

The Orion treated the Montrose to about as warm a ninety minutes as they have experienced for some time. Owing to the strangers being late in arriving, the game was delayed forty minutes. The Montrose played downhill with a strong breeze against them. Orion pressed but failed to score, and the strangers opening out, the game took the nature of runs from end to end of the field.
During one of their visits to the Orion goal the Montrose forced the ball through, but one of their forwards handled while attending to the goalkeeper and of course the goal was disallowed. Shortly after the Orion were rewarded with first goal. The strangers equalised before half time and the teams crossed over one goal each. The play of the home men improved in the second half although Montrose scored first from a beautiful centre by Keillor. Orion playing well equalised, and shortly after put themselves one up. It looked as if they were to maintain their lead to the finish, but on to the end the Montrose equalised rather softly. The result, however, fairly represents the play, the teams being very evenly matched. This is the second time the Orion have drawn with the Montrose, the last occasion being at Montrose when the game ended 1-1, so that for the present season neither team can claim any advantage.

Source: Northern Figaro, 11th April 1891

Orion Teamsheet:  Low; Edwards, Foote; Jarvis, Mackay, McBain; Gloag, Leggat, Gordon, Andrews, Whitehead


Montrose Teamsheet: 



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