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AFC - Match Report
match report 1890-91 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 1 Brechin
Kick Off:    Ririe, Wallace, Sinclair, Ferries       Callander  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
A match between the above clubs was played at Victoria Bridge Grounds, Torry, on Saturday afternoon. The weather was cold and stormy, and sleet fell at intervals during the game. Brechin played towards the east goal in the first; period, and play was of a fairly fast description. Both goals, were in turn visited, and the respective custodians were called on to fist out on more than one occasion. Brechin had hard lines in not scoring from a clever run. The Victoria raised the siege, and the left wing man, getting nicely past the opposition, all but scored, the leather passing close to goal. Desultory play in midfield followed, the combination on both sides being of a rather poor description. After an abortive attack by Brechin the Aberdonians came away in fine style and a long shot by Ririe had the desired effect, the Brechin goalkeeper making a feeble effort to save. A couple of rare chances of adding to their score were a few minutes later lost by the Victoria. Brechin thereafter pressed for a little, but the Victoria centre forward, Watson, evaded the opposing defence, and ran right up to goal. The final shot rebounded off the goalkeeper, but Wallace, lying handy, scored with a lightning-like shot. Play was now mostly confined to Brechin territory, and on many occasions the "blues" had hard lines in not scoring, but the "ancient city" goalČkeeper exhibited capital saving powers. Half-time was soon afterwards called, the score on changing ends beings: Victoria United, 2; Brechin, 0.
The closing period was resumed amid a sharp storm of sleet. The Aberdeen were the first to appear prominent, and Sinclair, with a post grounder, added a third point to the score. A fourth came in another minute, Ferries giving the ball the finishing touch from a judicious pass from Sinclair. Play entirely in favour of the home team was now witnessed, the Brechin men seldom becoming dangerous. A number of corners were gained by the United, but none were improved upon. Ultimately the strangers broke away unexpectedly, and after a tough scrimmage in front of goal, Callander was instrumental in obtaining a point. Rather interesting play became the order of things, although the attacks were principally on the Brechin citadel. No further scoring, however, occurred, and a pleasant game ended: Victoria United, 4 ; Brechin, 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th May 1891

Played at Victoria Bridge Grounds on Saturday last and resulted as stated above. Play never was of a high order, what little there was must be given to the ground men. The Brechin were disappointČing and made an extremely poor show. The large pitch no doubt militated greatly against them. 2-0 was half-time result. The ground team scored other two in the second period, while the visitors succeeded in notching one. This point should have been saved, the home left back missed his kick, Brechin rushed up and the right back was bustled through with the ball at his toe. The "Blues" had all the play and through rash shooting lost innumerable chances.

Source: Northern Figaro, 23rd May 1891

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