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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 2 - 1 Cambuslang
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Turner, Simpson       Buchanan  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
In presence of 3000 spectators, a friendly match between, these clubs was brought off at Torry. Recent rains had softened the ground, and the players had difficulty in keeping their feet. The United were out in full strength, but the visitors played substitutes in place of Ross, goal, Smith, back, and Brown, for¬ward.
Prompt to time the game started, Cambuslang breaking away instantly. Adopting the big-kick-and-rush method, play was carried close to the home goal. H. Gourlay and Low centred beautifully on several occasions, but erratic shooting by the other forwards lost many chances. Turner and Sinclair at length led the United into the Cambuslang territory, and Scoular saved beautifully a hard shot. Play for a minute then raged in midfield. Paterson, however, broke clear away in the centre. He ran swiftly past Stewart, tipped the ball to Low, who in turn crossed over to H. Gourlay. The latter player steadied himself and let drive. The shot was a grand one, and fairly beat Cannon, the first goal thus falling to the visitors. Exciting play was now witnessed. The United half-backs tackled and fed well, and Turner and, Ferries were able to do great execution. Cannon, nevertheless, was frequently called upon, and several times he was cheered for smart saving. Kyle, the Cambuslang left back, played as good a game as has been seen in Aberdeen for many a day. His kicking was sure and strong, and he tackled fearlessly. After fully half an hour's play, Turner dodged down, and when about thirty yards out he tried Scoular with a long, swift, low shot. The ball hit the post with great force, and before Scoular could make an attempt to save, the leather glided through amid deafening cheers. In the space of another minute the United assumed the lead. A combined rush by the forwards broke down the opposition, and Simpson cleverly placed the ball beyond the reach of Scoular, and goal number two was registered. From this point until half time the play was of an exciting nature, but on crossing over the scores remained unaltered. Victoria United, 2 ; Cambuslang, 1.
There was no scoring during the second period. Both teams Wrought with the utmost energy. The homesters had decidedly the best of matters, and had it not been for the magnificent defence of Kyle, the majority in favour of the United would have been larger. Cannon saved twice during the concluding half in masterly fashion, but beyond that Thompson and Ririe were equal to all attacks. Stewart played strongly at half-back, and was the pick of a good trio. Turner and Sinclair were the loading forwards. Binks did nothing worthy of mention, and Peter Simpson, though working hard, got occasionally mixed. Ferries was not a success, being too easily robbed of the ball. Kyle, James Buchanan, Low, and H. Gourlay were the most prominent players on the Cambuslang side. The result was: Victoria United 2, Cambuslang 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 16th November 1891

The large assemblage of spectators which lined the field at Torry last Saturday witnessed one of the most brilliant cops yet accomplished by a local team, namely the overthrow of the Cambuslang. The crowd turned out to see a good exhibition of the game, but few, if any, dared to think the homesters would pull off the result in such a brilliant fashion. The first half was a magnificently contested game Buchanan was first to score, followed shortly after by Turner beating Scoular, thus placing the teams on an equality. From the kick-off the forwards came away in faultless style, a dropping shot from Sinclair being headed through by Simpson, giving the ground men one of a lead. The game was very fast, but the Whites completely outplayed their opponents in the last twenty minutes, and not one weak spot was there to be observed in the team. They must be congratulated on the grand form they are presently displaying, and long may they keep it up. A glance at our record table will give an idea of their playing powers.

Source: Northern Figaro, 21st November 1891

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Thomson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Simpson, Ferries


Cambuslang Teamsheet:  Scoular; Somerville, Kyle; S. Gourlay, Ramsay, Jamieson; Low, James Buchanan, Paterson, John Buchanan, H. Gourlay,



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