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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Orion 9 - 4 St Andrews University
Kick Off:    Low, Grant, Grant, Grant, Wilson, Scott, Thom, Low, Wilson       Unworth, ?, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Massacre of the Innocents
The Orion had a good share of the public at their match with St Andrews University. The home team were at full strength, the only absentee being Webster, whose place was taken by Barron. At the commencement Orion played hard, but were met with a defence that gave them no opportunities, The St Andrews were the first to score through a corner. Unworth doing the trick; while a few minutes later a second goal was put on in favour of the 'Varsity eleven. The Orion after this reverse pulled themselves together, but were unable to score before "Andrews" had added a third point to the total. Grant shortly after, from a pass of Thom's, gave the Orion their solitary goal in the first half.
The second half showed a great reversal in form, the Orion playing with a dash that was sadly lacking in the first half. Low was the first to beat the St Andrews defence, followed shortly after by Grant, who also, later on, placed his team in the lend. The Orion had now all the play, the strangers being completely powerless to break away. Wilson was not long in adding a fourth goal, while Scott, the back, with a long shot, was responsible for No. 6. Thom, not to be beaten by his companions as a goal taker, put on the seventh. The fourth goal that the 'Varsity scored was due to apathy of the Orion's defence, who were taking matters in a cool manner. This, however, was easily compensated for by Low and Wilson both scoring for Orion, who won an interesting and pleasant game by 9 goals to 4.

Short Kicks.

Peterhead failed to get a team to oppose Orion. Would they have scratched if the game had been at Peterhead?
Aberdeen experienced no difficulty in getting into the final. They now have to meet Orion to decide the destination of that blessed pot, and as both teams are going well there ought to be some excitement.
St Andrews University got a big drubbing at Cattofield. The result was never in doubt, although the game at half stood 3-1 in favour of the 'Varsity.
Down hill Orion did pretty much as they liked. It was carelessness that allowed the visitors to get their goal in the second half.
The homesters hemmed in their opponents, rarely being away from their goal. Although not exerting themselves, Orion put on 8 goals during the second period.
Butters, the old Dundee man, played centre for St Andrews. There is any amount of play still in him; he only wants training.

Source: Bon-Accord,20th January 1898

At Cattofield, Aberdeen, the Orion engaged in a friendly with St Andrews University. The weather was excellent, and there was a good attendance of spectators. Mr M. McLeod, Aberdeen, was referee, and the teams lined up as follows: Orion: J. Mackie; Scott, Ross; Currie, Low, Dawson; Grant, Barron, Thom, Wilson, Hogg. Universiy: Husband; Turnbull, A. Milne; Mackenzie, Macnaughton, Masterman, Unsworth, Westwood, "Andrew," Buchanan, B. Milne. Orion, at the outset, pressed hard, but though they succeeded in confining the game for a time to foreign territory, they tailed to score, a magnificent effort by Thom just failing to lower the University colours. The visitors then had a try at the home goal, but Mackie saved smartly. The strangers' citadel had some narrow escapes, and the University, successfully repelling all assaults, invaded, Unsworth beating Mackie with a neat shot off a corner-kick, and a second point being added a few minutes afterwards. The home team strove to retrieve their position, but the strangers would brook no reverse, and through Ross's gentle tackling, "Andrew" registered a third goal. The Orion front line afterwards put in some excellent work, which found a fitting termination, amid intense excitement, in a goal, scored by Grant off a pass from Thom. The local men returned to the charge at the kick-off, but the deserved success did not come, and the first half ended, after some exchanges at both ends, University 3, Orion 1.

Orion bore down on the University citadel immediately on the restart, and Low raised the home score with a vigorous shot. Manoeuvre as they would, the visitors' defence could not quit themselves of the Orion forwards, and a fusillade on the University goal ended in Grant equalising from the rebound of a strong ball by Wilson. The same player added the leading point in the course of the next few minutes, and a following one was disallowed because of a preceding foul. Wilson, however, soon placed his team two ahead with a stinging shot taken on the run, and a sixth goal to the credit of the Orion was scored from far out by Scott. The Aberdonians were now masters of the situation, and they should have had no difficulty in keeping the University in their corner; but success engendered carelessness, and after Thom had netted a seventh point, the front rank dallied round the University goal, neglecting many opportunities, and ultimately permitting the opposing forwards to break away and bring their total to the fourth figure through "Andrew." This induced the home team to more serious play, and Low, for the eighth time, placed the leather in the University net, Wilson imitating his example ere five minutes had passed. Then the whistle blew, the match thus terminating: Orion 9, University 4.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th January 1898

Orion Teamsheet:  J. Mackie; Scott, Ross; Currie, Low, Dawson; Grant, Barron, Thom, Wilson, Hogg


St Andrews University Teamsheet:  Husband; Turnbull, A. Milne; Mackenzie, Macnaughton, Masterman, Unsworth, Westwood, "Andrew," Buchanan, B. Milne


Referee: Mr. McLeod, Aberdeen

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