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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Victoria United 4 - 2 Clackmannan
Kick Off:    Burnett, Black, Black, Ritchie       ?, Forsyth  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Vics Victorious.
Clackmannan, a team seldom seen in Aberdeen, paid the Vics a visit at Torry. The Blues were out in full form determined to give their opponents a hard game. Opening strongly, Vics early tried Forsyth, a grand shot from Ritchie being luckily saved. Although the home team had most of the game, the opening goal fell to Clackmannan, who scored from a long shot. They did not long hold the lead. Burnett put the teams level with a beauty, and Black a minute afterwards put on a second. Play was of a very interesting nature, but no further scoring took place in the first half which ended: Vics 2, Clackmannan 1.
On restarting United had all the best of matters. From a rush up the field Forsyth succeeded in equalising. Scarcely had the ball been kicked off when Black again gave Vics the lead, which was followed almost immediately by another, Ritchie being responsible. Right up to the finish Vics had the game nearly to themselves. A penalty was awarded them for Ritchie being fouled. Henderson took the kick but failed to score. The game ended: Vics 4, Clackmannan 2.

Short Kicks.

At Torry, Vics redeemed themselves somewhat in the eyes of the football public. We can't understand the big defeat at Arbroath after Saturday's game.
Clackmannan are a fine, heavy team, and play a good game, but the blues were in the humour, and they did not get much rope.
Findlay kept a fine goal, and received good support from Allan and McNeil. Moffat put in a lot of hard work at half. McKenzie had some good tries for goal, and had hard lines in not scoring.
McIlvenny was inclined to be slow when shooting. Henderson was as tricky as usual. Black and Ritchie both played a fine wing game. Burnett, if somewhat selfish at times, was very fair.

Source: Bon-Accord, 20th January 1898

After an absence of several years, Clackmannan made their reappearance in Aberdeen, and played a friendly match with Victoria United at Torry. The opening stages of the game were in favour of the ground team. Twice the visitors had to concede a corner, but they lined up their goal in excellent style, and denied the efforts of the United to score. Ultimately the Clackmannan centre-forward beat Findlay with a beauty. After the kick-off the United bore down in lull force upon the visitors' citadel, and they scored two goals in as many minutes. The score stood thus when the teams crossed over, but hostilities had not been long resumed until Forsyth equalised with another good shot, The sequel was on a par with what happened in the first half, as the United broke away as soon as the ball was restarted and added another two goals, Burnett and McPherson doing the needful on each occasion.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 17th January 1898

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