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match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 2 - 1 Montrose
Kick Off:    Moffat, Burnett       ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
The Gable Endies at Torry.
The game at Torry on Saturday cannot be called by any means a great one. Before the commencement of the game, judging by the talk round the "ropes," it was only a question of by how many goals the Vics would win. How these expectations were dashed to the ground is now common property; for, although the Vics did eventually win, it cannot be said that it was by superior play. The first half was if anything in favour of the Vics, who had some good tries, Moffat finally notching the only goal in the opening 45 minutes. Had the Montrose taken the chances that the Vics' defence offered, they would have scored at least a couple. Excitement amongst players and spectators "ruled the roost" in the second half, and as a consequence the play got rough. Well on in this period the Montrose, with a grand run, managed to equalise. The Vics shortly after were awarded a penalty, which of course was "muddled." Whoever heard of a penalty being scored by the Vics? This was a big drop to the home supporters, who were anything but complimentary to Dundas for his shooting powers. Burnett shortly after relieved all anxiety by giving his team the lead, and a rough and tumble game ended in favour of the Vics by 2-1.

Short Kicks.

Vics will have to improve at the goal mouth. They had all the play on Saturday, but dallied too long when finishing.
Findlay didn't handle the ball at all during the first half.
Orion and Vics meet at Cattofield on Saturday. Orion have a League defeat to avenge, while Vics will make a bold bid for another two points.

Source: Bon-Accord, 27th January 1898

The Victoria United met the Montrose at Torry under Northern League auspices in fine weather and on a heavy field. There was a large attendance of spectators. Mr John Davidson, of the Arbroath, was referee, and the teams were: United: Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, R. Ritchie. Montrose: A. Bowman; G. Bowman, McPherson; Lamb, Smith, McLean; McRae, Fraser, Alexander, Anderson, Watson. The earlier portion of the game was decidedly in favour of the United, but the team were not playing up to their best form, and though they had several opportunities to score, they failed to penetrate the defence. The strangers then had a brief innings, but, the home men were not long in transferring play and their efforts at length found a reward in a goal neatly scored by Moffatt from a pass by Burnett, This incited the United to renewed endeavour, but the Montrose net was well guarded, and no further scoring took place in the first half, which terminated after a spell of mid-field work: United 1, Montrose 0.

The restart saw the local team speeding to the visitors' citadel which was subjected to numerous attacks, mostly of a mild character, however. McPherson had a likely chance at one stage, but G. Bowman saved at the expense of a corner, which was unsuccessfully negotiated. Ritchie afterwards had a try, but A. Bowman came to the rescue, and let his quintette away. They were driven back by the United defence, but taking advantage of the erratic play of Henderson and several of his colleagues, they returned and equalised during a scrimmage round Findlay. Nettled at this turn of the match, the United forwards made some bold tries for goal, and at last the net was found by Burnett with a strong ball. The game was of a boisterous character latterly, and the tactics of a few of the visitors was a source of great dissatisfaction to the spectators.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 24th January 1898

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Findlay; McNeil, Allan; Dundas, Moffat, McKenzie; McPherson, Burnett, McIlvenny, Henderson, R. Ritchie


Montrose Teamsheet:  A. Bowman; G. Bowman, McPherson; Lamb, Smith, McLean; McRae, Fraser, Alexander, Anderson, Watson


Referee: Mr. John Davidson, Arbroath

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