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AFC - Match Report
match report 1897-98 fixture list
Northern League 
Orion 2 - 4 Dundee Wanderers
Kick Off:    Thom (pen), Low       Williamson, Peat, Graham, Dorward  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Cattofield, Aberdeen
Orion Drop Two Points.

Dundee Wanderers, who are running the Vics hard for the leading position in the League, paid Orion a visit at Cattofield on Saturday. The home team were out in full strength, John Low once more taking up the centre half position. Dundee won the toss, and played with the gale at their backs. Orion were the first to score, Jim Thom doing the needful from a penalty. Shortly afterwards Thom twisted his leg and had to retire, but soon resumed. For the rest of the game he was of little use, and towards the end he went into goal, McBean coming out into the open. Ere half time the Wanderers had on three goals. It was expected Orion would easily wipe off their opponents' lead when they had the advantage of the wind. From a surprise visit Dundee managed to score a fourth goal. During almost the whole of the second half Orion had all the play, but score they could not. It was not until towards the finish that they managed to scrimmage through a goal. The game ended Wanderers 4, Orion 2.

Extraordinary Scene

A t the close of the game a scene occurred which fortunately rarely happens in this quarter. The referee on leaving had to be escorted from the field by the police, who had ultimately to draw their batons in order to keep the crowd in order. We quite admit the referee was unfortunate in a good few of his decisions, but that was no earthly reason why a portion of the spectators should behave like lunatics simply because their pets lost. It's a pity some of them could not be made an example of. It would make them consider before the same occurred again.

Short Kicks.

The refereeing at Cattofield was, to say the least of it, unfortunate.
The Orion officials and players did what they could to quell the disturbance.
Had Jim Thom not got injured Dundee would have been minus the two points.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th February 1898

Played at Cattofield on Saturday before a large attendance. The Ground was in good condition, but a high wind blowing along the field spoiled good play. The teams lined up as follows: Orion: McBean; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Crichton, Wilson, Thom, Grant, Hogg. Wanderers: Stewart; Ferguson, Robertson; McColl, Ireland, Fleming; Peat, Graham, Durward, Williamson, Simpson. Orion started against the wind, about fifteen minutes after advertised time, but were promptly checked, and the visitors forced a corner, which proved fruitless. Another break away was safely stopped, and shortly after the Wanderers netted the ball from a free kick. Nobody having touched the ball in transit, the referee, Mr Roebuck, Arbroath, gave no goal. The Wanderers secured another fruitless corner, and then Scott, of the Orion, let Hogg get away. Robertson relieved, but soon after Crichton resumed the run on the right, finishing up with a hard shot, which Stewart had difficulty in saving. A penalty kick awarded against one of the visitors' backs was improved upon by Thom, and Orion thus scored their first point. The visitors now improved, and were soon crowding round McBean. Orion were very unlucky in losing Thom, who had to retire with an injured leg. The Wanderers continued to press, but owing to the high wind the forwards were unable to take advantage of the fine work done by their backs. Thom reappeared, and was greeted with a round of applause. His play, however, suffered to a great extent on account of his accident. McBean saved repeatedly in a fine manner, and great surprise was expressed when he allowed an easy shot from Williamson to beat him. This success encouraged the visitors considerably, and shortly after the kick-off Peat secured a second point. A passing bout gave momentary relief, but Ferguson returned with a fine kick. Dorward secured the ball, and transferred to Graham, who safely piloted it past McBean. At half-time the Wanderers were still pressing. Interval score: Wanderers 3. Orion 1.

On resuming, Orion speedily got on the ball, and Stewart obtained a goal kick. Low secured the return, and shot hard. Stewart barely saved, and Hogg made a fine but unsuccessful effort to beat him. Play now transferred to the other end, a pretty run ending by Dorward putting in the fourth goal. Thom, who had tried successively outside right and half-back, now settled down in goal, McBean going half-back and Low taking the centre forward position. A foul granted the Dundee team brought play around Thom, but the decision was the cause of great dissatisfaction to the spectators. A pretty run by the whole line of Orion forwards was spoiled by Grant missing a good chance. The wind, which had now risen considerably, made accurate shooting impossible, and time after time the ball went wide of its mark. The Orion were continually pressing, and the excitement was very high. A sharp shot from Grant took effect, but the point was disallowed on account of the goalkeeper being unduly rushed. A minute later the ball passed through the side of the goal into the net. Orion claimed a goal, and the referee was hissed by the spectators for granting a goal kick. Play continued to be vigorously contested round Stewart till the end, and just before time was called Low forced another goal for the Orion from a scrimmage.



A disgraceful scene occurred at the close of the Orion v. Wanderers match at Cattofield on Saturday. Mr Roebuck, the referee, whose decisions had not met with favour from the spectators, was hustled and insulted by a crowd of angry partisans. So serious did the situation become that Mr Roebuck had to be accompanied to his hotel by several policemen, who ultimately were obliged to draw their batons to keep off the angry mob.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th February 1898



QUITE a crowd of "sports" were waiting
Up at Cattofield the gay,
And in forceful tones debating
On the merits of the play.
And a lot of them were swearing
In the northern language free,
A warm time preparing
For poor Roebuck, referee.

The goals were thickly flying,
The home men swore big D,
And Orion "sports" were dying
To get at the referee.

But he calmly gave the Wanderers Fouls
and goals and empty chaff,
And when protests were oft entered,
Roebuck turned and kindly laughed.
So the patience of the crowd went,
And they lent themselves to rage,
In language that is banished
From BON'S pure and spotless page.

Their remarks were quite caressing (?)
So at least it seemed to me;
But for bobbies they'd have hung him -
Poor, poor Roebuck, referee!



OUR Special Armour-Plated Football Interviewer - man, we may say, of gigantic strength - took his life in his hands the other day and interviewed the referee of the Orion v. Wanderers match. Mr Roebuck's opinion is -
That his reception was simply staggering.
That the name of Cattofield should be at once changed to Slaughterfield.
That the Orion should adopt as their flag the Stars and Stripes.
That during the riot he saw plenty of the former and received far too many of the latter.
That the wind was decidedly rough.
That the roughs were a good deal rougher.
That the Gazette's description of the policemen "as corks on a stormy ocean" wasn't half bad.
That if it hadn't been for the "buoys" in blue he (Roebuck) would have sunk in a sea of troubles.
That the Town Council's proposal to build the slaughter-house on Central Park had a debasing effect on the crowd.
That he won't come back to Bonnie Aberdeen in a hurry.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th February 1898


On the Saturday of the football riot at Cattofield, I was daundering up by Kittybrewster studying the slaughter-house question, and smoking the pipe of peace - one of Craigen's best meerschaums - when a tremendous hubbub arose. It seemed as if ten thousand devils had been let loose. Yelling, whistling, cheering! In my wonderment I asked a boy for an explanation. I sometimes lisp in numbers, so said?

" Why that human bauble, youngster?
What's the sound that rends my soul?
"Gar! ye thick-heid!-that's the whistle-
The 'Rion centre's scored a goal!"

Source: Bon-Accord, 3rd March 1898

Orion Teamsheet:  McBean; Ross, Scott; Currie, Low, Dawson; Crichton, Wilson, Thom, Grant, Hogg


Dundee Wanderers Teamsheet:  Stewart; Ferguson, Robertson; McColl, Ireland, Fleming; Peat, Graham, Durward, Williamson, Simpson


Referee: Mr Roebuck, Arbroath

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