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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Aberdeenshire Cup Second Round 
The Aberdeen 6 - 4 Bon-Accord
Kick Off:  2:30 PM   Thomson, Whitehead, ?, ?, ?, ?       Flaws, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
This match came off at Chanonry before a fairly large concourse of people. The ground, although covered with snow, was dry and in a wonderfully good condition. The first 20 minutes proved rather exciting. The Aberdeen team, who were sorely handicapped by the want of two men, were being rather severely harassed by the continued attacks of their opponents. Eventually the Bon-Accord got within an ace of the goal, and Flaws beat the goalkeeper by a swift shoot. Soon after the strangers put on another goal. The game then became a rather neutral sort of affair - neither side displaying much good play. The shooting of the Aberdeen was very erratic - in fact it was extremely wild and without judgment. The Holburn club passed in splendid style and kept up some fine combined play. Thomson, in goal, was in splendid form, saving some capital shots splendidly. In a scrimmage at the Bon-Accord goal, Key sent the leather through, but it was disallowed. The game then became uninteresting, and when the whistle blew for half-time, the game stood at 2-0 in favour of the Bon-Accord.
On changing sides the game became lively. The Whites first invaded the Bon-Accord's territory, and by a series of "head" passes, Thomson shot a goal. Exciting play followed. The Whites began to make some show of improving their play, and Whitehead, by a shoot from a distance, scored a second goal, thus equalising. The Bon-Accord then became desperate, and pulling themselves together put on other two goals to their score. But the Whites were not to be so easily beaten, and before the whistle was blown had increased their score to 6, the game thus ending: Aberdeen 6, Bon-Accord 4.
The individual play was exceedingly poor on the Aberdeen side. Key was out of form, and if it had not been for "Morley" Brown and Thompson the forwards would have been a complete failure. Wood played a good game all over, but the defence of Ketchen was disappointing. Ross and Taylor are in sore need of training, while Whitehead would be none the worse for being a little less selfish. Cobban at half-back played a sterling game, and deserved better support than he got. The Bon-Accord have improved greatly since they last met the Whites, the play of Flaws being especially noticeable. Thomson in goal was in splendid form, and saved some hard shots. McBain was rather apt to be rough, but on the whole the team acquitted themselves with great credit. It is understood the Bon-Accord have appealed owing to the condition of the ground.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 14th December 1891

A large crowd assembled at Chanonry to witness this meeting of the two clubs. This is the second time this season the teams have met, the last occasion being the second round of the Scottish Cup ties at Holburn, when the Chanonry men were victorious by 5 goals to 2. On form it was supposed the score on this occasion would be much about the tame, but the Bons manfully faced their opponents and surprised both themselves and their supporters by their display. The Aberdeen were late in appearing and entered the arena with only nine men. Bon-Accord were not long in observing this, and it was quite manifest they intended taking advantage of it by scoring shortly after the commencement. Ketchen now made his appearance and materially helped the visitors to another point; thus it was at half-time, although the Aberdeen strove hard to pierce the determined defence opposed to them several times.

The second half commenced by the Whites taking entire charge and hemming in the Blues in no small degree. Pressure such as theirs could not go long unrewarded, and Thomson and Whitehead were the means of bringing the teams on an equality. Aberdeen had now apparently shot their bolt while their visitors simply toyed and played with the Whites' defence. The combination of the Bon-Accord front rank was at times magnificent and irresistible. They managed to gain the lead once more, but through bad policy, allowed the home men to engage in a break away, ending in a soft and lucky goal being scored. Infusing dash - for their ideas of combination were sadly deficient - into their play, the Whites again succeeded in drawing level, ultimately passing their opponents and won by 6 goals to 4.

Ritchie, for the winners, seems to have utterly lost all his powers as goal-keeper, and looked extremely nervous: no doubt the severe strain to which he has been subjected to this season is, in no small degree, partly to blame for this seeming lack of confidence. Wood was best of the backs, while Cobban was an easy first in the half-back line. The only forward of which I can speak of on the day's play is Thomson. Week by week marked improvement is being shown by this player, his unselfishness ought to be copied by the other forwards. I have no hesitation in saying Thompson, the Bon-Accord custodian, lost the game, some of his efforts being extremely feeble, no less than three goals could easily have been saved. Lamont is one of our coming backs, and on Saturday exhibited a rare defence. Black was best of the half-backs. Too much praise cannot be given to Forsyth in the centre for the command he possesses over his wings, he passes with rare judgment and effect. This is only the second occasion on which I have witnessed this player's performances, and must give him credit as being one of - if not the best centre forwards we have.
Bon-Accord lodged a protest on the ground of darkness.

Source: Northern Figaro, 19th December 1891

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ritchie; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Reith, Cobban; Talor, Brown, Key, Thomson, Whitehead


Bon-Accord Teamsheet:  Thomson; J. Lamont, H. Flaws (c); Morren, McBain, Black; J. Flaws, McFarlane, Forsyth, Hay, Beattie



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