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AFC - Match Report
match report 1891-92 fixture list
The Aberdeen 1 - 6 Dumbarton
Kick Off:    Thomson       Thomson, Thomson, Wilson, Reid, From Scrimmage, Wilson  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
In cold weather, this important match was played at Chanonry yesterday afternoon in the presence of a gratifying "gate." The ground was covered with snow, and consequently the display of fine football was at a discount. However, the name was well contested.
The visitors kicked off, and immediately invaded, but Reith relieved, and a rush followed from which Aberdeen almost scored. After a resultless corner, Dumbarton attacked, and, from a pass from the right, Bell kicked through, but the player was given offside, and the point disallowed. After alternate pressing by both teams, an admirable attack by the Dumbarton ended in Thomson scoring the first point, and within other two minutes the same player added another goal in fine style. From a clever kick in from a corner by Whitehead, Thomson headed through a splendid goal for Aberdeen. Wilson, however, on Dumbarton retaliating, put on a third goal. At half time the score stood: Dumbarton 3 goals; Aberdeen, 1.
Within a short time of resuming, a combined rush by Aberdeen, enticed Barr from the goalmouth, but Thomson failed to score. A fourth point was soon after added by Reid - and yet a fifth was scored from a scrimmage at goalmouth. Then followed a continued pressure on Aberdeen headquarters, when Wilson added a sixth goal. McNaught, owing to a slight accident, had to retire from the field, but, despite his loss the Dumbarton still hemmed the local men, and when the whistle blew the score stood: Dumbarton 6; Aberdeen 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 5th January 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Cobban; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Reith, Scott; Taylor, Brown, Leggat, Thomson, Whitehead


Dumbarton Teamsheet:  Barr; Watson' Richmond; McMillan, Boyle, Lang; Reid, Thomson, Wilson, McNaught, Bell



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