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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 5 - 4 Our Boys, Dundee
Kick Off:  3:15 PM   Forbes o.g., Turner, Annand, Sinclair, Sinclair       Rattray, Rattray, Coupar, Coupar  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
An Exciting Finish.
These teams played a friendly game at the Victoria Bridge Recreation Grounds on Saturday. The afternoon was somewhat cold, but a large number of spectators passed the turnstiles. The strangers' team was considerably weakened by the absence of four of their best players. They were represented by Forbes, Dow, Fleming, Gibson, Shepherd, Erentz, Coupar, Rattray, Dundas, Grewar, and Dargie. The home team was composed of Cannon, Thompson, and Ririe, Duffus, Stewart, and Ross, Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Annand, and Ferris.
The homesters kicked off eastward, but were soon driven within their own territory, where, with the exception of the few haphazard rushes, they were confined for a considerable portion of the opening period. The game was scarcely a minute old when Rattray scored in flying style for Our Boys. The visitors pressed hard for some time, and it was with the utmost difficulty that Ririe and Thompson managed to clear their lines. Turner was compelled to leave the field owing to a slight injury to his knee, but was able to return some little time afterwards. A magnificent concentration of forward play kept the Aberdonians completely at their wits' end, but eventually Ririe broke out, and passed to Ferries, which gave temporary relief. This was followed by a smart run on the part of Sinclair, after which the Boys settled down again to hard aggressive work. They experienced rough luck on more than one occasion, but, after a smart interchange of long kicking by the halves of both teams, the right forward play was again pronounced, and Rattray added a second goal. The Victoria then had their first look-in, but, although they played determinedly, their efforts were of no avail against the fine, defence of Erentz and Coupar. No further scoring took place in the first half, and the teams crossed over, the Victoria two goals behind.
On recommencing, however, the play at once assumed a different complexion, the local team taking the ball in hand at once. A corner being conceded them, Ferries placed the ball well over the goal mouth, and Forbes fumbled it through. Thus encouraged, the Victoria attacked with great spirit on the right, and in remarkably short time Turner equalised with a splendid kick. They continued to press, and from a close pass from Ferries, Annand, amid great cheering, sent through a leading point. Thus called upon, the strangers, who had been undergoing rather hard luck, now vigorously stormed the home citadel, with the result that Cannon was beaten by a smart shot from Coupar, and within five minutes this was repeated by Dundee. The Victoria, however, resented, and playing a beautifully combined game on the centre and inside right forward line, the match was again put on an equal footing by Sinclair who headed through very smartly. Towards the close of the game, play became fast and exciting, and not without symptoms of rough play, several hard knocks being interchanged. The fifth and winning point was put on by Sinclair amid great enthusiasm, and the whistle sounded with the score: Victoria. United, 5; Our Boys, 4. It can hardly be said that the better team won; indeed, on their merits, the strangers should have carried off the victory. Their efforts in the first half should have been rewarded with more frequent scoring, and it was only by the luckiest chances that the Victoria kept their goal line intact so well. The individual play of the winners was frequently very good, but only in the second half was their combination con-spicuous. Turner, unfortunately, was unable to play up to anything like his usual form. Binks played a judicious game, and kept his men well supplied. The backs have appeared to greater advantage many a time. Cannon at goal mouth was in splendid form. Despite the absence of several of their players, the Dundonians all over were ahead of their opponents in combination and tackling.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st March 1892

The Victoria United was again on the winning side on Saturday, and though one of the goals given to the locals looked rather questionable, the victory waa a most creditable one. The weather was excellent, and a large gathering of spectators witnessed the match. The visitors on this occasion were the Dundee Our Boys, who came north without Gold, Brown, Matthews, and Hemsworth. Their places, however, were filled by able substitutes, who one and all gave a good account of themselves. The Boys had the whip hand of the opening exchanges, their forwards playing a beautiful combined game, completely outwitting the Vics, who for the nonce were very much below their usual form. Turner was absent during a portion of the first half, which went a long way to break up the home forwards. Though they pressed almost the whole time the Boys could only score twice in the first half.

On turning over the ground men played much better, and very soon got two goals. This seemed to infuse new blood into the locals, and they played for all they were worth, Annand, with a beauty, putting them in the lead. Then Dundas equalised, and the play thereafter grew fast and furious, but the strangers were not working so well as at the beginning. However, Dundass again got on the sphere, and sent his side to the front by beating Cannon a fourth time. Playing desperately, the locals soon after squared matters through Binks, amid much cheering, and almost immediately after Turner and Sinclair ran the sphere into their opponents' goalmouth, and Turner disposing of all opposition gave Sinclair a grand chance, which he cleverly took advantage of, and bang went the decider past Forbes, to the intense delight of the onlookers, who cheered their pets most lustily.

The Boys are a good lot, their forwards being very elever on the ball. They combined and passed accurately, and had their shooting been better timed they would have had a bigger score than 2-0 to their credit in the first half. They dropped away very much in the closing scene, in striking contrast to the dashing play of the home team. The goalkeeper is not a patch upon either Gold or Jarvis. Of the others Fleming, Shepherd, and the whole line of forwards played splendidly. Rattray is clever little fellow with any amount of go in him. For the Vics, Cannon was consistent if not brilliant. Thomson was good all through, but Ririe was somewhat off colour. Stewart was the mainstay of the team, as from beginning to end he played in his usual effective and finished style, and Ross and Duffus were both useful. The forwards were very loose in the first half, but in the latter part there vas a marked improvement all along the line. The referee was not a success.

Short Kicks

The Vics keep om doing it, and though fortune favoured them somewhat on Saturday, they deserve credit for the gallant fight they fought in the last twenty minutes of the game.
They had all the worst of the deal at one point, and seemed unfit to do any good, but they pulled their socks up in the nick of time, and passed the post first amid volleys of applause.
The Dundee lads were very much disappointed with the referee. It was decidedly bad form of him to ask a player if the ball touched him, and then award a point on being answered in the affirmative. Such an action in itself was a sign of weakness.

Source: Bon-Accord, 26th March 1892

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Cannon; Thompson, Ririe; Duffus, Stewart, Ross; Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Annand, Ferris


Our Boys, Dundee Teamsheet:  Forbes; Dow, Fleming; Gibson, Shepherd, Erentz; Coupar, Rattray, Dundas, Grewar, Dargie



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