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match report 1891-92 fixture list
Victoria United 1 - 3 Heart of Midlothian
Kick Off:    Annand       Taylor, Taylor, Baird  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Victoria Bridge, Aberdeen
Played at night at Victoria Recreation Ground, Aberdeen. The Hearts won the toss, and played with a slight wind in their favour. From the start they gave the home custodian some trouble, and Taylor succeeded in scoring within a short period from the kick off. Maintaining their pressure, Baird and Taylor again scored for the strangers. The Victoria United, from a couple of fouls, worked their way up, and Annand notched a point, although Adams should have saved it. There was no further scoring, and the teams changed ends with the game three to one in favour of the Hearts. The second half was closely contested, each team being pretty equally balanced, and as there was no scoring, the match ended in a three to one victory for the strangers. The feature of the game was the good combination of the southerners, but it was well met by excellent defence on the home side.

Source: The Scotsman, 21st May 1892

More than usual interest centered in the meeting of these teams at Victoria Bridge Grounds last night, and the supporters of the local champion club - the Victoria United - turned out in full force in recognition of the enterprise shown in bringing to Aberdeen at the conclusion of the season such, a renowned combination - the Hearts of Midlothian, the champions of the East of Scotland. The reputation of the visitors has long been established as one of the crack clubs of the country, and the fact that among the eleven were players chosen to represent Scotland against England was sufficient to attract a "bumper gate." Nearly 2000 spectators had gathered before the time for starting. Considering that rain had fallen throughout the day, the ground was in wonderfully good condition, and its heaviness was scarcely perceptible on the speed of the players. The strangers travelled at full strength, and on making their appearance on the field were greeted with hearty cheers, as were the local men, who followed immediately afterwards. The well-knit, muscular forms of the southerners excited the admiration of all, and seemed to bespeak an easy victory over their opponents, who, though about as heavy, did not possess the same swiftness and agility. Punctually at the hour appointed the teams lined up, the Victoria playing towards the setting sun, and against a slight breeze. Binks, the Victoria centre forward, set the ball a-rolling, and passed to Annand, but before the homesters were well aware that the game had commenced, Russell, the powerful centre of the Hearts, was bearing down on their headquarters. A gallant rally, however, kept off the repeated essays of Baird and Scott, and relief coming from a long kick by Ririe, the Victoria had their first look in, but they failed to score. About ten minutes from the start, Russell, from a goal-kick charged splendidly through the front rank of the Torry men, and passed to Taylor, who, having the goal at his mercy, easily secured the first goal. So little effort seemed to be required that scarcely a cheer greeted the initial point. Then the Victoria roused themselves, and Turner taking the ball in charge brought it within easy shooting distance and transferred to Binks, but Sinclair kicked behind. Realising that they had tough opponents to deal with, the Hearts played determinedly, and a long period of hot work at the Victoria goalmouth followed. The continued attack was bound to prevail, and Taylor again found an opening, shooting a magnificent low goal from close quarters. Not long after a corner being granted to the "Maroons," the same player delivered a well-placed kick in front of the uprights, and Baird headed through in faultless fashion. This ended the Hearts' scoring. With a leeway of three goals the United pulled themselves together, and kept the Hearts on the defensive. Russell and his line were for some time at a loss, but the half-back trio played a sterling defence. However, a foul was granted off one of their number, and Stewart taking the kick passed to Annand, who sent in a lovely shot, which went through, out of Fairbairn's reach, thus registering the first point. This success was met with encouraging cheers, but despite the straining efforts of the United, they could score no more, and the first half ended: Hearts 3, Victoria United 1.
The concluding period passed uneventfully. The game was contested with great spirit, and it was difficult to know who would finally emerge victorious. Binks had to retire from the field owing to a slight injury, and during his absence the home eleven were hemmed at every turn, but, on his reappearance a little later, the luck changed, and the champions of the south had to adopt defensive tactics. On more than one occasion the combination of the homesters was so smart that it looked as if matters were to go badly for the Hearts. The back play of the visitors, however, was unimpeachable, and the steady front presented by Adams and Goodfellow averted any disaster overtaking the strangers. A very equally con¬tested half was thus brought to a conclusion without any scoring. The game ended as at half-time: 3 goals to 1 in favour of the Hearts.
The teams were:? Hearts ? Fairbairn; Adams, and Goodfellow; Macpherson, Waterston, Begbie; Baird, Scott, Russell, Fairbairn, jun., and Taylor. Vic¬toria United :? Gray; Thompson and Ririe ; Ross, Stewart, and Duffus; Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Annand, and Ferries.

Against such a powerful team of southern talent the Victoria have to be congratulated on their successful appearance. The play of the strangers was a revelation to all who witnessed their splendid combined form, albeit in the second half they were somewhat spasmodic in their efforts. Adams and Goodfellow - the former one of Scotland's representatives against Wales this year - were a capital pair, and presented a steady defence, their easy kicking being the subject of universal admiration. The half-back division was perhaps the strongest point of the team. This was not to be wondered at, seeing that the trio had the unique and distinguished honour of representing Scotland at Blackburn in the English international contest last year. Macpherson has acted as a professional in the Notts Forest eleven. Such a line, it was easy to see last night, was sufficient to inspire confidence in the attacking quintette. The forwards played a beautiful game. Many honours have been gained by them, Taylor, the outside right, received his English cap this year, and his fine wing play, as seen last night, more than justifies his selection to a position in the national eleven. Fairbairn, jun, gave his partner most serviceable assistance. Russell, in centre - a perfect giant by the way - is about the finest specimen of the sturdy footballer, but has a tendency to play roughly at times. In Baird was seen a most versatile player. He has represented, his country against England last year and against Wales this year. All over, the team was the best combination that has come north this season. Of the Victoria, one and all, good things have to be said. At goal, Gray ably defended his charge, and in front of him were two powerful backs. Ross in particular kicked vigorously. At half-back Stewart was quick and useful, checking some dangerous rushes. In the forward rank, Turner was scarcely up to his usual form, but in Sinclair was seen the smartest player of the team. Binks frequently appeared to advantage, while Annand proved invaluable in resisting the attacks of Russell, and Ferries was a most useful wing man. The Victoria will again require all their mettle for this afternoon's contest.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 21st May 1892

N.B. This was the first ever visit of Hearts to the Granite City.
Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Thompson, Ririe; Ross, Stewart, Duffus; Turner, Sinclair, Binks, Annand, Ferries


Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet:  Fairbairn; Adams, Goodfellow; Macpherson, Waterston, Begbie; Baird, Scott, Russell, Fairbairn, jun., Taylor



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