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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 6 - 7 Arbroath
Kick Off:    Thompson, Key, Black, Key, Ross, "Watt"       Johnstone, Suttie, Johnstone, Johnstone, Hutton, Robertson, Findlay  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
The Aberdeen Improve.
Delightful weather favoured the meeting of these clubs on Saturday, in their Northern League fixture at Chanonry, and an immense number of spectators assembled to witness the struggle. On their own ground at Gayfield the Arbroath players take a deal of beating, but when they leave home they do not always return victorious. This has been demonstrated on more than one occasion when they have visited Chanonry, and local enthusiasts were in high hopes that the Aberdeen might repeat some of their previous performances against the southerners. The colours were: Arbroath, maroon; Aberdeen, white; and the teams that took the field were: Arbroath - Murray; Drummond and Milne; Rennie, Storrier, and W, Willocks; Suttie, Findlay, Johnstone, Hutton, and Robertson. Aberdeen - Ramsay ; Ketchen and Reith; T. Thompson, Ross, and Ewan; Black, Hay, Key, Masson, and "Watt"

Arbroath won the toss and played from the lower end with the sun behind than. On kicking off Aberdeen carried the ball a little way down the field, but Storrier stopped it and sent it to the forwards. In an instant they were at the Aberdeen citadel by some pretty passing, and Ramsay had to handle. Like a flash the ball was at him again, and within a minute of the start Arbroath had scored the first goal of the game by a good shot from the foot of Johnstone. This roused the Whites, And from the kick off they swarmed round Murray. The first attack was repelled, but a long high shot from Thompson was out of the custodian's reach, and Aberdeem equalised amid loud cheers. This seemed to whet their appetite for something more of the same kind, and immediately they were again at the Maroons' goal. Murray and the backs maintained a strong defence, but, after one or two attempts, a lightning shot by Key sent the ball banging through, and Aberdeen stood one goal up. After this strong kicking by Drummond and Milne gave the Arbroath forwards further chances, but they failed to score, and a moment later they were called upon to do all they could to save their own goal. The Arbroath were giving the best exposition of the game at this point, the play of the backs and the passing of the forwards being more accurate than that of the home players. A free kick to Aberdeen for attempted tripping on the part of an Arbroath man gave the homesters another chance, but they failed to improve it. Arbroath again went away and put the ball through, but the point was disallowed on the ground of offside. Returning to the charge, the Maroons gave Ramsay some hot work, and after some vigorous play they equalised, Suttie scoring from a pass by Robertson. The brilliant sunshine in the eyes of the Aberdeen men was troubling them considerably; nevertheless they had a fair share of the game. Key had a promising run, and was loudly encouraged, but the Arbroath defence prevailed. Breaking away in gallant style the Maroon forwards evaded Reith and Ketchen, each of whom was too slow on the at that particular moment. Ramsay was now alone, but twice within an instant almost he saved brilliantly, and was greeted with rousing cheers. Stronger kicking and more accurate passing by the Whites again took them to the other end, and a neat pass by Masson was banged through by Black, rousing cheers greeting the prowess of the Aberdonians in once more taking the lead. Within a moment they had another good chance, but "Watt" shot far too hard in attempting to centre. Again the Gayfield men broke away, and Johnstone smartly scored, Once more equalising the game. The fast scoring was but an index of fast play, but as the issue continued so undecided the teams worked even harder, and desperate attempts were made to secure the lead. Black sent in a scorcher which was just too high, and Robertson did the same at the other end. Half-time arrived with the scores unaltered, viz. :Arbroath, 3; Aberdeen, 3

During the five minutes' interval the merits and form of the respective teams formed the subject of keen discussion among the spectators, and considerable speculation was indulged in as to the final result. Many thought the Arbroath men, considering the Aberdeen's recent displays, would assert themselves victors, but it had to be borne, in mind that the local club played a stronger eleven than it had put on the field this season before. Ramsay's saving was generally admired, and the manner in which he caught the ball time and again and kicked it far out as high dangerous shots were sent in to him, was well worth seeing. The five minutes soon sped away, and in answer to the call of the referee (Mr McIntosh, Montrose), the players again lined up to renew the conflict. Just as Arbroath kicked off, Masson accidentally fouled the ball, and the Maroons got a free kick. They sent the ball well in, and Aberdeen saved at the expense of a corner, which, however, proved fruitless to the visitors. The Whites did not seem to rouse themselves sufficiently at the commencement, and a long shot by Rennie was smartly sent through by Johnstone, although Ramsay nearly managed to hold it. Arbroath were now one up, but still the Aberdeen remained somewhat lethargic, and within another minute or so Hutton again beat Ramsay, and the Maroons led by two goals. Now the ground men seemed to rouse themselves, and they laid heavy siege to the Arbroath citadel. Some clever play ended in Key sending in a swift "grasser" which beat Murray, and reduced his team's lead by one. Returning to the charge with vigorous play, the ground team had a hot scrimmage in front of the Arbroath goal, and Colin Ross rushed the ball through, and again equalised amid tremendous cheering. The visitors had now several tries, which ended in Robertson putting the Maroons once more in the lead. Aberdeen replied with a determined attempt to get up, but the Arbroath halves and backs were too good for them, and Ramsay had to hold out a stinging shot. The visitors then forced a corner, which was not improved, but renewing the attack, Findlay put in a low shooter, which Ramsay allowed to pass after nearly holding it. Arbroath now led by seven goals to five and were forcing the game. Several times the referee was assailed with loud hissing, the opinion of the crowd being that he was particularly smart in discerning where a foul should be given against Aberdeen, while he nearly always failed to see the same thing on the Arbroath side. Play was for long confined to the Aberdeen end, but then they broke away and "Watt" quickly scored from a centre by Thompson. As they wanted only one point to make the game level again, they were loudly encouraged to play up, and they responded gamely. Despite their utmost efforts, however, they failed to score, and a good game ended: Aberdeen, 6; Arbroath, 7.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 12th September 1892

The Aberdeen made the best show they have done this season against Arbroath, although they were still without some of their best men. Ramsay did capitally in goal, and was well supported by Tom Ketchen. who, however, will improve on Saturday's play. Reith partnered him, but was not a success. This gentleman must put a little more "go" into his play. The halves as a trio worked hard, and with commendable pluck. Tom Thomson (centre-half) scored a pretty goal, and otherwise gave a rather good account of himself, especially in the first half, while Colin Ross made an excellent first appearance, and Ewen was fair. Forward, Willie Key played a dashing game, "Watt" took second honours, and the others were all very useful. The referee's decisions didn't seem to please some of the Chanonry Club's supporters, who showed their teeth by hissing Mr McIntosh to their heart's content. Some of the decisions may have been open to question, but that was no excuse for the disgusting way a portion of the crowd behaved. Scenes like what occurred on Saturday give the opposers of the game a text whereupon to preach those goody-goody sermons which go a long way to bring the game into disrepute. We trust that in future the spectators will make an effort to contain themselves, and not allow their tempers to overrun their discretion.

Source: Bon-Accord, 17th September 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Reith; T. Thompson, Ross, Ewan; Black, Hay, Key, Masson, "Watt"


Arbroath Teamsheet:  Murray; Drummond, Milne; Rennie, Storrier, W. Willocks; Suttie, Findlay, Johnstone, Hutton, Robertson


Referee: Mr. McIntosh

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