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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Scottish Cup First Preliminary Round 
The Aberdeen 9 - 2 Peterhead
Kick Off:    Black, Singleton, Singleton, Singleton, Thomson, Thomson, Thomson, Singleton, Thomson       Forrest, ?  
Attendance: 500
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
An Easy Win for the Aberdeen.
Magnificent weather favoured the meeting of these teams at Chanonry on Saturday afternoon in the second round of the Scottish Cup, and as Aberdeen have not done much to speak of so far this season - sustaining defeat from Arbroath and drawing with the Perth St Johnstone on the previous Saturday - the encounter was productive of considerable interest in football circles. Peterhead, on the other hand, have had a very successful season so far as it has gone. Two Fraserburgh elevens were defeated on successive Saturdays, and there are few of the local teams who can do much against them. This, of course, was, not much of a criterion of the merits of the team when opposed to a crack eleven like the Aberdeen; but it was sufficient to indicate that the visitors were not an untried combination, and might be expected to show their mettle against the home eleven. The teams were: Aberdeen - Ramsay; Ketchen and Wood; Ross, Macdonald, and Cobban; Black, Tomin, J. Thomson, Hay, and Singleton. Peterhead - Cowie; Cordiner and Mackie; Henderson, Forrest, and Kelman; Forbes, Duff, Moir, Smith, and Imlah. Linesmen-Messrs J. Phillip and Burnett. Referee - Mr J. Anderson (Orion).
There were about 500 spectators. Aberdeen won the toss, and Moir kicked off. The result was a brief visit to the strangers' goal, but the ball went past. For some time play was of a desultory character, the leather being confined to the Peterhead territory. Keeping up the pressure the Aberdeen swarmed round their opponents' goal and forced the custodian to fist out. Immediately after Singleton made a good but futile attempt, but from a well-placed corner by the same player Black headed throng ten minutes from the start. This early success spurred the home team to further endeavours, and their combination improved vastly. A chance for scoring was spoiled by Thomson, who kicked over the crossbar. Shortly after Aberdeen obtained a foul in the goalmouth, but nothing resulted, and the visitors made off down the field, only to be pulled up sharply and returned. Some good work was shown near the Peterhead citadel, the ball being kept "bobbing" about for a few minutes, but Singleton, who was playing finely, sent in a "daisy cutter," which completely baffled the custodian, this second goal being taken twenty minutes from the start. From the kick-off Thomson had an opportunity of showing his powers of dribbling, but the ball went into touch. However, from the throw in Aberdeen swarmed round the Peterhead goal,and from a header by Thomson Singleton scored the third point. Playing with the wind in their favour the home team were keeping the back division and goal keeper of the Peterhead busy. A corner fell to them but Ross kicked over the bar, and several similar opportunities of scoring were just missed, the ball either going over the bar or just shaving the posts. At this point of the game a smart piece of work was put in by Tomin, Black, and Singleton, and shortly afterwards the latter put in a "hot 'un" which the goalkeeper had to fist out. Tomin and Singleton next showed up brilliantly. The former sent in a splendid overhead centre, which Singleton took up and "walked" the ball through the goal amid loud cheers, this fourth success on the part of the home team being greatly relished by the spectators. This seemed to wake the "stripes" up a bit, as they came away with a rush and sent the ball past, thus giving Ramsay his first kick. Five minutes later the Peterhead forwards indulged in a second run, which ended is Forbes sending in a good shot for Ramsay, which, however, that custodian had no difficulty in negotiating. For a time, play continued in favour of Aberdeen, with the exception of one or two occasions on which the forwards of the visitors managed to break away. Their career, however, was invariably cut short by the home backs, who returned the ball well down the field. Taking up one of these returns, the home forwards swooped down on their opponents' goal, and a centre by Macdonald struck the bar, rebounding into play. Thomson, however, was on the spot, and sent the leather through for the fifth time. Shortly afterwards Thomson again proved his value by neatly heading through the sixth goal, and in a couple of minutes thereafter the same player notched number seven. From this point till half-time the Aberdonians did much as they liked with their opponents, but their shooting was erratic, and no farther goals were obtained. At half-time the scores were: Aberdeen, 7; Peterhead, 0.

After the interval the Aberdeen were immediately round the Peterhead goal, but relief was given and the left wing of the visitors retaliated. Play then became more even for a time, the wind assisting the visitors materially, and both goals were visited in turn. Ross sent in a long shot which Cowie had no difficulty in saving; and then Ramsay was called to fist out. This he did, but the visitors were again on him, and a corner had to be conceded. From the kick by Forbes, Forrest, who was lying handy, got the ball after a scrimmage, and kicked the first goal for Peterhead. Flushed with the success which had at last awarded their efforts, the Stripes continued the pressure, and scored a second lucky goal, Ramsay kicking the ball against a Peterhead player, from whom it rebounded and went through. From this point the play became more interesting, Peterhead working with more determination than ever. Both territories were visited alternately, and from one of these raids Thomson passed to Singleton, who converted the kick into number eight for Aberdeen, the goalkeeper failing in his attempt to save. Aberdeen had hard lines a little later in not obtaining a ninth. Singleton made a flying pass from the right across to Thomson, who, how¬ever, made a mess of the chance. A couple of minutes later Black got hold of the leather and sent across an almost identical shot. Thomson, who was on the spot this time, retrieved his lost honour by sending the ball spinning through for the ninth time amid much jubilation on the part of the spectators. For an interval the play was of a give and take order, each team indulging in breaks away, which however, always resulted in the ball going past. Cowie on one occasion saved a stinging shot from Singleton, and Ramsay showed his value by keeping out the ball when surrounded by his opponents - a feat for which he was deservedly cheered. Towards the close the play deteriorated greatly, and assumed the kick and rush style more than scientific football. The goalkeepers were visited frequently, but they were equal to all the demands made upon them, and no farther scoring took place. A one-sided game resulted: Aberdeen, 9 ; Peterhead, 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 26th September 1892

The Peterhead Club got a pretty severe beating from the Aberdeen, the whites just failing to score a double figure, the result reading - Aberdeen 9 goals, Peterhead 2. The locals played a winning game from the start, the visitors not only failing in their attacking tactics, but their defence was also weak. Cowie in goal deserves a world of praise, Mackie at back did well, the left half is a promising player, and Forbes was the best of the forwards. The Blubberopolians lack experience, but given a good polish up they ought to make a very fair team.

Source: Bon-Accord, 1st October 1892

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Macdonald, Cobban; Black, Tomin, J. Thomson, Hay, Singleton


Peterhead Teamsheet:  Cowie; Cordiner, Mackie; Henderson, Forrest, Kelman; Forbes, Duff, Moir, Smith, Imlah


Referee: Mr J. Anderson, Orion

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