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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Orion 1 - 1 Dunfermline Athletic
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Ferries       Scott  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
A Draw at Central Park.
That the big match at Perth had not monopolised all the interest of football players was evidenced at the Central Park, when Orion and Dunfermline Athletic played a friendly game - the most important in the city - before a fair crowd of spectators. Unfortunately the weather was not up to the brilliant standard of the previous Saturday. During the forenoon several heavy thunder showers fell, which thoroughly saturated the ground and rendered it very soft and spongy in some parts and most uncomfortable for the players and spectators alike. At three o'clock, the advertised time to start, the weather was threatening and chilly, and only some 300 persons were present. Visitors continued to arrive, however, in a steady stream, and before the game really began there were not fewer than 2000 on the field, and the numbers were gradually increasing. The teams were almost as published, with the exception that Bruce was absent from the right wing, his place being filled by Leggat. As the teams appeared on the field cheers were raised, a particularly hearty ovation being given to the strangers.
The players were: Orion - Edwards; Foote and MacKay; Ross, Low, Baird; Fraser, Hay, Forsyth, Annand, and Ferries. Dunfermline Athletics - Cree; Ross and Robb; Black, Campbell and Miles; Spowart, Leggat, Scott, D. Frew, and J. Frew. Linesmen ? Messrs Thomson (Orion) and L. Lodge (Dunfermline). Referee: Mr J. Phillip.

The whistle was hardly well sounded when the Orion were off with the ball, and Annand had the first shot. The ball however, went high, and from the kick it was carried into the homo territory. Again returned to mid-field, it continued to bob about for a time, and then it was rushed towards the Orion goal without result. The Orion then came away with a rush, and Forsyth had the goal at his mercy, but to the disappointment of the onlookers he shot past. Another visit was made by the visitors only to see the ball returned to their own goal. Two fouls in close succession were given against both teams. Even play followed for a few minutes, the spectators enjoying a hearty laugh at the floundering of the players on the slippery turf. Playing into touch was indulged in by both sides, and shortly afterwards a corner had to be conceded by the Orion, but nothing resulted. All this time the home team were more than holding their own, the opposing forwards never getting past Foote and Mackay, who were always ready. At last the opportunity of the Dunfermline came, and with a comparatively clear field Frew shot across. causing Edwards to fist out. Getting the ball safely away, however, the Orion men continued to have the best of the game, and Campbell obligingly gave them a comer. The ball was well placed, and Ferries tipping it across to Annand, the latter narrowly missed drawing first blood for his team. The leather was safely got away, and two runs were smartly made by the Athletic forwards, but Fraser gave relief, and then Orion retaliated. Getting well within shooting distance of the Athletic goal, the spectators anticipated a goal for the Orion, but a huge kick gave them a corner only. The opportunity to score was lost, and then the Athletics broke away. Getting past the forwards and half-backs, Ferries managed to dodge well, but Foote was at hand to relieve. The Orion next made up the field and Annand got a hold of the ball, but his shot at goal was too high. After a period of quiet play Ferris got the ball and dribbling well up passed across. Forsyth's kick caused the goal-keeper to handle the ball, and then following on that a corner was given to the Orion. Like the others it proved of no avail, and the Athletic immediately made themselves felt by pressing severely. For several minutes the leather kept dancing about the goal-mouth of the home team, and it was very nearly sent through, but, to the delight of the spectators, who were entering into the points of the game with great heartiness, the ball went behind. The Orion quickly made reprisals, but on several occasions the ball was sent past the post. In the end the home team fairly besieged their opponents' citadel and very nearly scored, but luck was on the side of the Athletic, and they escaped. At length Baird made a fine throw in from touch, but again without success, as from the kick in front of goal the ball hit the cross-bar and rebounded into play. A corner quickly followed, and then from the swarm of opponents in his goal Cree did a bit of smart work by keeping out several close shots, and relieved by attending to the man and the ball at the same time. In a few minutes afterwards he again showed his mettle by doing some smart saving work for which he was applauded. The Orion continued the pressure, but Cree was too much for them, and the Athletic retaliated by a run down the field. Ross, however, was on the job, and brought up the career of his opponents by some clever tackling; and half-time came with the Orion pressing. Neither side had scored.

Playing clown the slope, it was expected that the Orion, after the exhibition they had given in the first half, would be more fortunate in the second portion of the game. Some strong kicking was exhibited on both sides; and after the game had continued for a few minutes, J. Frew had to retire with an injured knee, the Athletic for the remainder of the game playing ten men. Nothing daunted by this reverse the Athletics pressed and Spowart had a look in, but he slipped at the critical point, and the ball rolled behind. After this the play was very tame for a time, the Orion, if anything, having the best of the game. The Fifers' back division, however, saved all chances, and at last relief was given, and a visit made to the home territory. The ball travelled swiftly back, and Colin Ross sent in a good shot. For the next three minutes the spectators were kept on tenterhooks of excitement, as the players swarmed on the ball within less than half a dozen yards of the Athletic goal. Cree and his backs, however, were always on the alert, and in the end a corner gave relief to the pressure. Nothing came of the place except that the Athletic were enabled to make up the field. They might have saved their trouble, however, as the ball came back and Colin Ross had a good shy. Again the Orion supporters were disappointed, and nothing was witnessed but big kicking and bad shooting. Getting away, the Athletic cleared the opposing halfs and backs, and the ball was at last sent through. Shouts of "offside" were raised, and the referee blew his whistle disallowing the point. Fired by this the strangers continued to swarm round the Orion goal, and after a lot of work Scott worked the leather through, scoring the first goal for the visitors. A scene of great excitement followed. the supporters of the Athletic being quite beside themselves with delight. This reverse did not damp the spirits of the Orion, as they were soon in the neighbourhood of their opponents' goal. The ball was got pretty near through, but off-side was given. A minute later Colin Ross sent in a fine shot, but it was returned, and his next kick was wild. Still hammering away, the Orion pursued the Athletic round their own goal amid great enthusiasm, but the players managed to scrimmage the ball past. At this point Colin Ross was loudly cheered for his grand play, and undoubtedly he was the best man on the side. The ball was at last clear of the Athletic goal, and then Frew had a fine run right up the field. Unfortunately his attempt was unsuccessful, and a later run by the centre and left was also abortive, Edwards clearing his goal well. Again and again was the ball sent down to the Athletic citadel, but the Orion men experienced the hardest of hard lines, as it invariably rolled past just when the spectators were getting ready to cheer the first point registered by the home team. At last from a scrimmage Ferries, within three minutes of time, amid tremendous enthusiasm, made the scores level. The game thus ended in a draw, with the score: Orion 1, Dunfermline Athletics 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 3rd October 1892

The Orion, strengthened by Colin R-iss and Johnnie Ferris, drew with the Dunfermline Athletic. The game was not of a brilliant character, caused to some extent by the soft condition of the pitch. The forwards adopted the wrong tactics for the ground, as is generally the ease with Aberdeen players. The homesters had decidedly the beat of game, and it was indeed hard lines that the well-judged shots from the half-backs were not put to better account by the front line. Miles was miles above the attacking wing, the little 'uns making no impression on the giant, whose heading was very serviceable. Cree kept a grand goal, his practice of conceding corners when pressed by his opponents being an outstanding feature of his defensive tactics. Edwards behaved in masterly fashion, but we thought he might have saved the shot that beat him. Foote and Mackay were fair, but didn't back each other up with any judgment. The half-backs were the backbone of the team. Colin Ross took honours in the line, his punts into goalmouth being conspicuous. Low worked energetically, and headed with excellent judgment, while Baird romped about in his usual vigorous style, putting in a lot of hard work. To individualise the forwards would be very difficult, as they all appeared to be out of form, and missed many golden opportunities.

Source: Bon-Accord, 8th October 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, MacKay; Ross, Low, Baird; Fraser, Hay, Forsyth, Annand, Ferries


Dunfermline Athletic Teamsheet:  Cree; Ross, Robb; Black, Campbell, Miles; Spowart, Leggat, Scott, D. Frew, J. Frew


Referee: Mr. J. Phillips

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