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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Youth Cup 
Orion 8 - 2 Arbroath Wanderers
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   McFarlane, Mitchell, McFarlane, Forsyth, Gloag, Forsyth, Gloag, Mitchell       Thompson, Meston  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
Central Park the Orion engaged the Arbroath Wanderers in a friendly match. The Wanderers are a new club, having been formed this season. Both teams were fully represented, and were as follows: Arbroath Wanderers - Johnston; Kinnaird, Miles; Mann, Campbell, Watt; Milne, Meston, Crow, Thompson, Matthew. Orion - Edwards; Foote, McKay; Ross, Low, Wight; Fraser, McFarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, Mitchell. Mr J. McKay acted as referee. The Orion won the toss and elected to play down. The Orion kicked off, and Milne, getting hold of the ball, made a fine run of the field and got a corner off McKay. On kicking off, the ball was quickly brought towards their opponents' goal, and Forsyth shot, but Johnston saved. Then McFarlane had a try, but the ball crossed the bar. Gloag, at half sent the leather spinning towards the Wanderer's custodian, and the "Stripes" forwards, in attempting to press a goal, fell one above the other close at the goal mouth. The Orion were pressing, and Mitchell had a good chance of scoring but failed. Shortly after, from a pass by Forsyth, McFarlane scored the first goal for the Orion. After the kick-off a foul was granted against Low, and Crow kicked well up the field, but Foote returned. Midfield play followed, and for a considerable time play was uninteresting. The Wanderers were getting several corners off their opponents, but they never improved on them. The ground was in poor condition, and falls were frequent. Forsyth getting the ball, passed to Gloag, who sent it across to Mitchell, but the latter failed to take the advantage of an open field, and the chance was lost. Another good chance of scoring was lost by McFarlane heading the leather over the bar. From a hot. attack at the Wanderers' goal, Mitchell was successful in putting on the second goal for the Orion. After this encouragement the Orion played well, and shortly after McFarlane got on the ball and sent in a superb "daisy-cutter." Time and again, when in close proximity to their opponents' uprights, the visitors failed to score. Fraser, getting hold of the ball, brought it down the field, and, passing over to Forsyth, the latter secured a beauty of a goal. The Wanderers began to get dis¬heartened at their ill-luck, and played miserably. At this point Milne changed places with Johnstone, and Miles went into goal. Crow made a desperate effort to score, but Edwards was "all there," and the ball was sent spinning down the field. From a corner kick by Fraser, Gloag headed in the fifth goal. Following up a line piece of play by the Wanderers' forwards, Thomson beat Edwards, and the first goal for the Wanderers was registered. Half-time was then blown, the score standing: Orion, 5; Wanderers, 1.

On resuming, play was for a time exceptionally poor. About ten minutes after re-commencing, from a throw-in by Ross, Meston secured the ball, and scored the second goal for his team. After mismanaging several good chances at the Wanderers' uprights, Forsyth headed in the sixth goal for the home team. Shortly after, Gloag put on the seventh goal. More uninteresting play followed. About ten minutes before time Mitchell scored, but off-side was given. Loose play on the part of the Wanderers' forwards lost an excellent chance of scoring, Matthew getting hold of the leather prevented Gloag from putting on an eighth goal. The want of their left wing greatly handicapped the strangers, but despite this, the forwards made desperate efforts at scoring. Their attempts, however, were futile, and Mitchell was successful in defeating Miles, and the eighth goal was scored against them. On the call of time the score stood:?Orion 8, Wanderers 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 7th November 1892

Orion Teamsheet: 


Arbroath Wanderers Teamsheet: 


Referee: Mr. J. McKay, Orion

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