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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Benefit Match 
Orion 3 - 2 Aberdeenshire FA
    Wallace benefit
Kick Off:  7:30 PM   Gloag, Fraser, Gloag       Sutherland, Turner  
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
The Wallace Benefit Match.
Yesterday evening a match was played by means of artificial light at Central Park, Kittybrewster, between a team representing the Orion and an eleven selected by the Aberdeenshire Football Association, The object of the game was to assist the widow and family of William Wallace, who met his death while playing in a football match at Culter about six weeks ago. The novelty of the game was in itself sufficient to attract a very large "gate," but with the additional facts that the opposing teams were composed of the pick of Aberdeen footballers, and that the contest had been promoted for so benevolent an object, it was not at all surprising that the attendance was one of the largest yet seen at a football match this season. Before 7:30, at which hour the game was advertised to commence, close on 3000 spectators lined the ropes. The team that took the field were: Orion - Edwards; Foote and Mackay; Wight, Low, and Baird; Fraser, Macfarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, and Leggat. Association: Gray; Thomson and Hickie; Colin Ross, W. Stewart, and A. L. Cobban; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, and Ferris. Mr Jaffray acted as referee.

The association combination elected to play down field, and kicking off were soon close up. Play was naturally very loose in the darkness, but the association had the advantage, and after about five minutes' play Sutherland opened the scoring with a capital long kick. A change of hostilities soon took place, however, and the front rank of the Stripes broke away to the other end of the field, where a fruitless corner was conceded to them. Several good chances were muddled by the Orion at goalmouth. Turner was time and again conspicuous by his fine runs along touch. One I shot in particular he sent in, which called for all Edward's smartness in defending. Soon after, however, with a beautiful low kick, Turner beat Edwards. After some equal play the Orion broke away, and Gloag put on the first goal for his side. Towards the close of the half the associa¨tion had the best of the play, but could not score again. Half-time: Association 2, Orion 1.

The homesters started well downhill, and all but scored in the first rush. However, the association team was not long in asserting itself, and a corner was granted, but nothing came of it. A little later Ferris sent in a lovely kick, which completely baffled Edwards, but the point was nullified on the plea of off-side. A fine run terminated in Fraser equalising for the Orion. Just before the call of time, Gloag put on the winning point for the Orion, and the game ended: Orion 3 goals, Association 2.

It may be mentioned that the light was supplied from eight Wells' patent lights, which had kindly been lent by the Harbour Commissioners, Messrs Blaikie Brothers, Mr T. Walker, fishcurer; Messrs Macintosh & Rae, stone merchants, Hutcheon Street; Mr Robert Gibb, stone merchant, King Street; and Messrs Ellis & McHardy. The amount drawn lit the gate was £26 1Os.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 11th November 1892

Though the "Patent Light" was not exactly a success, the innovation had the desired effect - a crowded house - something like 4000 people putting in an appearance, over a thousand of whom, to their eternal disgrace be it said, scaled the walls. The play, considering the dull and uneven light, was very good, and comparatively free from roughness, as far as the spectators could observe, but it is whispered some of the more high tempered of the players took the opportunity of "settling their little affairs" under cover of the darkness. The Association team (9 Vics and 2 of the Aberdeen) was a strong one, but the Orion was equal to the occasion, and scored a smart victory just on time by 3 goals to 2. After defraying expenses, Mrs Wallace benefits to the extent of £20. Thanks are due - firstly, to Mr John Worling, who worked so zealously in carrying out the arrangements and procuring the lights; secondly, to the Orion F. C. for their prompt response to the appeal made to them and the use of the ground; thirdly, to Mr William Jaffray and his confreres; fourthly, to the gallant eleven; and lastly to the good people who attended, excluding the army of sneaks, of course, who, to use one of scribe Fergie's pet phrases, "leaped the hurdle!"

Source: Bon-Accord, 19th November 1892

Orion Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Mackay; Wight, Low, Baird; Fraser, Macfarlane, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggat


Aberdeenshire FA Teamsheet:  Gray; Thomson, Hickie; Colin Ross, W. Stewart, A. L. Cobban; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Annand, Ferries


Referee: Mr. Jaffray

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