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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Montrose 7 - 3 Victoria United
Kick Off:    Keillor, Murray, ?, Gordon, J. Burgess, Keillor, Murray       ?, Benzie, Benzie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Links Park, Montrose
These teams met in a friendly match for the second time this season on Links Park, Montrose. The home team kicked off against the wind. About five minutes from the start the Montrose obtained a corner, and for a time the ball bounded about in dangerous proximity to the uprights. The goalkeeper and the backs of the Victoria United, however, were able to negotiate the hard shots sent in. Cairncross had a capital run, and passed the ball to Keillor, who at once sent in a lightning shot, which passed the goalkeeper. A minute later Montrose had a second point, Murray, from a scrimmage, doing the needful. Some equal play then followed, and the Victoria United forward started a run up the field, the ball being passed from the left to the right winger, who put it past McKie, thus scoring the first point for the United. Montrose once more wakened up, and immediately scored a third goal, Gordon. shortly afterwards adding a fourth. There was no more scoring, and the teams crossed over: Montrose 4, Victoria United 1.
After about 25 minutes' play in the second half, J. Burgess put on a fifth point. From a corner the ball was well placed, and Keillor with a hard low shot scored a sixth point. The Aberdonians then rushed down the field, and after some brilliant work before the goal put on a second point, Benzie, the inside right wing, giving the finishing touch to the ball. Murray headed through a seventh goal for Montrose. Benzie then scored a somewhat easy goal for the Aberdeen, and the match ended: Montrose 7, Victoria United 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 30th January 1893



From Montrose.

In the presence of a hostile crowd the "Iron Dukes" got it taken out of them at Montrose.
The Vics, are not easily daunted, but it takes even stronger stomachs than theirs to fight with success against the medicine meted out at Links Park.
Though far from being in their best form, and combination at a discount among the forwards until well through the second half, some fine individual play on the part of the Aberdonians was witnessed
Gray kept a good goal, and Ririe gave him every assistance, playing grandly all through, and when we consider he had to do Milne's and his own share of work, his performance was all the mora praiseworthy.
Milne is no improvement on Thomson. He was perhaps somewhat rusty, not having been in harness since November, and may improve.
Jack Low (Orion) at centre-half played fairly well in the first half, but Ross was clean out of form.
Stewart went right half to keep the irrepressible International in his "neuk," and right well did he perform his task.
In the opening bouts Keillor nonplussed him several times, but Bill held him pretty tight in the closing half, so much so indeed that a fanatical member of the crowd broke into the field and threatened to "go for" him, but Stewart showed good sense by treating the excited one with contempt.
It is always tantalising to see a clever player lain upon, and there is consequently some excuse for the transgressor.
Sutherland gave a capital exposition, if we except a slight inclination to selfishness, and was the best of the forwards.
Turner was not himself, and Benzie began feebly, but played a pretty game in the last 45.
Annand gave Ferris no support whatever, jumping about in a ridiculous fashion. This young man has talent, but it will never be exemplified till he learns to play on the sphere more, and the man less.
Ferris, who tried all he knew, was handicapped by getting an ugly tumble up from Bowman early in the game, and consequently was not able to do himself justice.
For Montrose Keillor as usual was the bright and shining light. He had three of the goals, two of them striking the cross-bar and bounding through. His display was indeed of the most brilliant order.
Cairncross was all right in the open, but failed miserably at goalmouth.
The halves were all in fair form, and Bowman was a host in himself at back.

Source: Bon-Accord, 4th February 1893

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