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match report 1892-93 fixture list
Northern League 
The Aberdeen 4 - 3 Montrose
Kick Off:  3:00 PM   Toman, Whyte,Pope, Pope       Gordon, Keiller,  
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Chanonry, Aberdeen
Northern League fixture at Chanonry. Although defeated the previous week, the supporters of the Whites turned out in large numbers to witness the match, about 2000 being present. The weather was favourable, though thick, and the ground was in capital condition. The teams were: Aberdeen: Ramsay; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Cobban, Ewen; Pope, Whyte, Toman, Murray, Brown. Montrose: Barclay; Bowman, Burgess; Duncan, Kennedy, McIntosh; Cairncross, Gordon, Murray, Thornton, Keiller. Referee: Mr Nicol. Aberdeen started a man short, Toman having failed to put in an appearance, but after the game had been going on for a short time he turned up in his usual place.

Montrose won the toss, and Murray kicked off. A foul was immediately given against the home team, but nothing came of it, and the Whites paid a brief visit to the Montrose territory. Meeting with repulse, they were gradually forced past half field, and at last to relieve the pressure, a corner bad to be conceded to the strangers. The ball was sent pretty well into the field, but it was quickly returned to the neighbourhood of Ramsay, who had to fist out. Still keeping up the pressure, the strangers fairly besieged the home goal, and Gordon managed to score the first point for Montrose. A couple of rushes were soon after the kick-off made by the Montrose, but Aberdeen quickly returned, and Cobban shot, but unfortunately narrowly missed scoring, the ball just rolling a few inches on the outside of the goalpost. Murray immediately afterwards made an attempt to score, but his shot was too high. Brown was next prominent with a smart run, but again luck was against Aberdeen, his parting shot going behind. Again Montrose made off, with the aid of Cairncross and Gordon, but the home eleven were all alive to their duty, and every attempt to get far down the field was frustrated by the defence of Ketchen and Wood. Ross sent in a grand shot, and Brown also sent in a scorcher, but both were without result. Aberdeen, however, were not to be denied, and for a time had all the best of the play. The forwards, now that Toman was on the field, were working splendidly together, and the backs were keeping a sharp eye on the tactics of the opposing five. This had the result of nipping many a promising run by Cairncross, Gordon, and Keillor before it got too far. At last Cobban made a fine return, which was smartly taken up by Toman, and transferred to Brown. The latter, however, had not a chance to score, and returned the leather to Toman, who, amid great cheering, sent in the first goal for the Whites. A corner immediately afterwards fell to the homesters but resulted in nothing, and then Keiller was to the front with a smart little run. Wood, how¬ever, was alive to his duty and saved. Montrose still kept pegging away and received material assistance from two fouls given against the Whites, the last one being close to the goalmouth. The leather was well placed, and Keiller taking up the pass landed number two for Montrose. After this play was a little more equal, although on several occasions Aberdeen made the strangers work all they could to keep their goal intact. Runs and counter runs were the order of the day, until in the end Aberdeen fairly swarmed round the Montrose goal, and, amid great enthusiasm, Whyte equalised the score. Montrose seemed to be taken aback at this result, and from the kick-off went down the field at a great rate. Ramsay was called on to fist out a dangerous looking shot, but he was quite equal to the occasion. The ball was taken eastwards in splendid style and Murray sent in a scorcher, which the custodian just managed to negotiate as Whyte charged him; and within a few minutes the enthusiasm of the spectators was again aroused to a great pitch by the grand way in which the Aberdeen were fairly puzzling the Montrose defence. Half-time came, however, without any further scoring, the game standing: Aberdeen 2, Montrose 2.

The second period was still young when a foul was given against Aberdeen within a few yards of the Montrose goal, and from the kick the Stripes went to the east citadel with a rush. Ramsay, however, was on this, as on all other occasions, quite equal to the occasion, and fisted out in fine style. Aberdeen retaliated once or twice, and on one occasion almost scored from a scrimmage, but they were unfortunate in their attempts to score. A dangerous looking run on the part of Gordon and Murray was broken up by Ross, who sent the ball well down the field. Murray, who was at hand, let drive at the goal but just missed, and a second attempt within a few minutes had the same result. Then Montrose retaliated, and Ramsay had five hot minutes, but he always managed to keep his charge intact. Breaking away, the Aberdeen got well down, but all their efforts to pierce the strangers' defence were fruitless, and eventually resulted in the ball being sent down the field by one or other of the backs, and carried down to Ramsay by the forwards. The home custodian, however, always cleared his lines, and then Aberdeen had a run. On one of these occasions the whole forward line of the Whites went down like one man, but Murray's parting shot was wide. The Aberdeen were playing a really magnificent game, and one greatly in contrast with that which they played on the previous Saturday against Our Boys, Dundee. The passing of the forwards was almost perfect, Toman being particularly conspicuous by his heading and tackling. The halfs tackled magnificently, Ross playing one of his best games this season. At back, Ketchen and Wood were invaluable. For a time play was fast, both goals being visited frequently. Luck, however, was against both teams, and for a long time nothing was done on either side. Aberdeen on one occasion gave Barclay a lot of trouble, but the admirable defence of Montrose was too much for the attacks of the Whites, and when at length belief was given the strangers' forwards went down like a flash. Murray's parting shot, however, was a failure, and a similar result followed a run which came off within a few minutes. Aberdeen next went off, but "Morley" failed to shoot. Two minutes afterwards Cobban sent in a fine return, and the ball, after knocking about in the vicinity of the goal mouth, was at last sent through by Pope, thus putting Aberdeen one point up. This success on the part of the homesters was highly popular, the spectators cheering for several minutes. Despite this disaster Montrose soon gave evidence that they were not altogether lumped out yet, and the front line again came down on Ramsay, but the finishing touches were wild and the leather found its way behind the posts. Aberdeen soon retaliated, and forced Barclay to exert himself, but he easily managed to clear his goal. Again did Aberdeen return and Murray shot a beauty, which went through, but the point was disallowed, on the plea of off-side. Within a minute, however, they returned, and this time there was no mistake about the goal, which Pope; again scored. Up till the close of the game play was fast, and just within a minute of the close Montrose, who were being driven slowly back, managed to find an opening in the defence, and breaking away Murray added their third point. There was no further scoring, and a grand game ended : Aberdeen 4, Montrose 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th February 1893


From Chanonry

Just when the enthusiasm of the Chanonry men's supporters was at freezing point, and they had almost made up their minds that the glory of old club had departed, the men in white pop up serenely, and send the Gable Endies home lameting. The game was one of the finest contested we have seen for many a day, and though it wasn't a big victory it was at least a thoroughly deserved one on the part of the victors. Perhaps what gave the onlookers more pleasure than anything else was the adroit and sure manner Alickie Keillor was held by the half and full-back opposed to him, the clever International, despite his herculean efforts, being completely baffled by Ross and Ketchen, and no doubt Saturday's match will form a green spot in Keillor's memory for some considerable time. "Lie on him, Colin!" seemed to be in everybody's mouth, and when that gentleman performed the task allotted to him to their satisfaction, the sarcastic ejaculations hurled at the baffled one were rather annoying, and no less appreciative, As to the players, Ramsay is indeed true blue. He saved grandly. Tom Ketchen and Alec Wood have seldom been seen in better form, the tackling of Keillor by Tom being smart and particularly effective. Colin Ross "lay on" Keillor to some tune, playing a superb game all through, Cobban was good, and Ewan very fair. Toman and White were the best forwards, dribbling, dodging, and shooting in rare form. The first-named didn't appear on the field till the game was 15 minutes old and the Montrose 1 up, but when he did appear he seen made his mark, scoring the home side's first point five minutes after. W. S. Brown couldn't be in the field and not play hard, and on Saturday struggled with untiring energy. Morley might with advantage pass the ball on the run, as there is a danger of letting in the opposing half when one stops to steady the sphere. Murray played very well outside left, and when he gathers a little more confidence in himself he'll be all right, possessing as he does good speed and not a little dash. Pope quite naturally for a beginner was somewhat nervous in the first half, but did wonderfully well in the latter stage, and was the medium of at least two goals. Of the Gable Endies, despite the strict attention paid to him, Keillor was sometimes really brilliant. Cairncross was not well, but Kennedy at centre-half and Bowman behind, both did capital, service.

Source: Bon-Accord, 11th February 1893

The Aberdeen Teamsheet:  Ramsay; Ketchen, Wood; Ross, Cobban, Ewen; Pope, Whyte, Toman, Murray, Brown


Montrose Teamsheet:  Barclay; Bowman, Burgess; Duncan, Kennedy, McIntosh; Cairncross, Gordon, Murray, Thornton, Keiller


Referee: Mr. Nicol

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