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AFC - Match Report
match report 1892-93 fixture list
Victoria United 5 - 1 Dunblane
Kick Off:    Turner, Annand, Sutherland, Benzie, Ferries       Christie  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
A friendly match was played at Wellington Grounds between these teams. The ground was in splendid condition and there was a good attendance of spectators. About three o'clock a commencement was made with the game, the teams being: Victoria United: Gray; Anderson, Ririe; Ritchie, Stewart, Ross; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland Annand, Ferries. Dunblane: Macnab; Taylor, Honeyman; McIntyre, W. Weir, Cameron; Paton, Bayne, J. Weir, Campbell, Christie. The toss of the coin was won by the strangers whose distinguishing colour was a bright red.

Sutherland set the ball in motion, and after a few preliminary runs the Vics bore down upon the Perthshire goal. The attack was a splendid piece of play, but the defenders were not to be beaten, and after a stiff scrimmage the Dunblane for¬wards made for the south goal. Ririe, by a strong kick, retaliated, and a behind then caused a lull in the game. From a throw-in the home team seemed determined to again attack, but they were speedily repulsed, and had to look to their own defence. In course of time the right wing of the United took charge of the ball, and Benzie and Turner wrought hard to crown the run with a goal, but although unsuccessful on this occasion, they lost no time in returning to the charge. Just, however, as it seemed inevitable that the ball would be sent between the posts, one of the United fouled the leather, but at the moment when the whistle sounded Annand sent the ball spinning past Macnab, the strangers' custodian. The goal, of course, was not allowed. A good run by the Dunblane forwards was followed by a fine piece of passing on the part of the Vics, and they were so far successful as to secure a corner. Unfortunately for the home team, however, Annand in taking the kick misjudged the distance, with the result that the ball went behind. Do as they might the Dunblane seemed to be unable to make any real headway, and time and again they had to play tail they knew to maintain their charge intact.
Sutherland all but scored at one time, but to Turner was reserved the honour of notching the first point in the game. Ritchie got on the leather, and cleverly passed to Annand, who in turn sent on the sphere to the right wing player. In a twinkling Turner found an opening and registered the goal. In about two minutes the United were again harassing the Dunblane players, and Annand put on point number two. Sutherland shortly afterwards scored a third goal from an exciting scrimmage. The strangers' right wing couple, Paton and Bayne, subsequently wrought the ball down the field in fine style, but Anderson and Ririe were waiting for them, and smartly transferred the scene of hostilities to mid-field, the forwards following up the leather, and giving the Dunblane no end of trouble. As a result, Benzie, from a pass by Ferries, added a fourth goal. From a piece of tackling in neutral territory, the visitors sent a strong kick in the direction of the home citadel, but they failed to follow up the leather, and the goalkeeper had no difficulty in clearing his lines. At half-time the scores were: Victoria United 4, Dunblane 0.

J. Weir restarted the game after the usual interval. A piece of aggressive play by the home men was the first thing of note, and this was follow by a run up the field by the "Reds." It had no tangible result, but the representatives of the cathedral town were not to be put off, and after a determined piece of play Christie scored the first goal for his team. From midfield the visitors had a dangerous looking run, and a throw-in near the home goal made it appear probable that another point would be added. But the defenders were on the alert, and gradually wrought their way down the field. In course of time the visitors retaliated, and their tactics in front of goal almost proved fatal on one occasion to the Blues. A foul was awarded the Vics in front of the Dunblane goal, the only outcome of which, however, was that the ball went behind. After a spell of give-and-take play Ferries somewhat unexpectedly registered a fifth goal. This finished the scoring, the final result being: Victoria United 5, Dunblane 1.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 6th February 1893


From the Wellington Grounds.

Still another victory for the "Iron Dukes," and a most decisive one, too. Five goals to one was the finding, and no one will say but that it was a true index of the play. The homesters were superior in both attack and defence, and what little combination there was, the Vics, had it. The strangers completely lost themselves, and though their backs played a really good defence, those in front of then invariably got pulled up before they could get far afield. Gray behaved very creditably in goal, but so safe was Ririe, Anderson, Stewart, and Ritchie that his task was rendered comparatively easy. Ririe gave a delightful exposition of full-back play, and the new-comer (Anderson, late of the Albert created a most favourable impression by the skill and daring he exhibited blocking, tackling, and kicking in most surprising style. For such a light 'un, young Ritchie played splendidly, and Stewart was himself, but Ross's dirty work completely overshadowed anything good he did, and we were glad to see his tactics were resented by the best supporters of the club present. Turner romped round his men beautifully in the first half, centering finely, while his tries for goal were always a a source of danger to Macnab, but he was well held in the last 45. Benzie was quiet and sometimes very tricky, and Sutherland put in some of the most serviceable work of the match, his overhead lifting of the ball being again specially prominent. Annand and Ferris were energetic and useful, the latter putting in some smart runs, and crossing into goalmouth with promptitude and rare effect, which really deserved better luck. The game was rather energetic at times, and Referee Philip had plenty of work, but Jim, like the good fellow he is, let the transgressors off very easily. The result has given the Vics', supporters renewed confidence in their fancy, and without saying they will actually win, we are pretty safe in asserting that they will make a great fight for the retention of the County Cup. .

Source: Bon-Accord, 11th February 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Gray; Anderson, Ririe; Ritchie, Stewart, Ross; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland Annand, Ferries


Dunblane Teamsheet:  Macnab; Taylor, Honeyman; McIntyre, W. Weir, Cameron; Paton, Bayne, J. Weir, Campbell, Christie



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