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AFC - Match Report
match report 1893-94 fixture list
Orion 2 - 4 Cowdenbeath
Kick Off:    Thom, ?        
Attendance: 0
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
A Check to the Stripes.
This friendly match was played at the Central Park before a large number of spectators. The teams were: Orion: Cannon; Ross, Davidson; Wight, Dawson, Currie; Fraser, Thom, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggat. Cowdenbeath: Hynd; Savage, McCallum; Beveridge, Hamilton, Addie; Drummond, Smith, Scott, Hughes, Vail. Aitchison, Aberdeen, was referee.

The Orion got off with a spurt, and almost immediately Thom scored a goal. Fast play followed, and about twenty minutes from half-time the strangers equalised, and shortly after scored a second point. The Orion lost several magnificent chances of scoring, through the bad tactics of their forwards. At half-time the game stood: Orion 1, Cowdenbeath 2.

In the second portion of the game the Orion picked up considerably, and more than once were within an ace of scoring. The defence of the strangers was too good, however, and the Orion were always beaten back. The Cowdenbeath, through the instrumentality of Hughes, notched a third point, and almost immediately the Orion retaliated. Shortly before the whistle blew Scott added a fourth goal for the visitors. Result: Cowdenbeath 4. Orion 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th September 1893

The Orion got taken down by the Cowdenbeath by 4 goals to 2, but we can't say they deserved it. Their play was much better in the matter of science than that of their sturdy opponents, but the old fault of lying too long on the ball, together with a striking want of shooting power when they did let go, in great measure accounted for their defeat. The winners are a fine set of athletically-built young fellows, whose mode of operations takes the form of that "throwither" style which so often plays havoc with the light weights of Central Park. Without being outrageously energetic, some of them infuse into their play energy of a too much pronounced stamp, while others are prone to sit on the point of needles, as was exemplified by the individual who "made shapes" at Gloag. Hynd in goal for the strangers offered a sturdy and safe defence, while he received capital support from his backs, whose strong kicking had a deal to do with the result. The halves are a hard-working trio, and the forwards energetic and speedy, but not particularly given to combined effort. The outside men lay well down on Cannon, and took up the long kicks in capital style, but we are inclined to think Mr Atchison gave them too much rope, at least two goals being distinctly off-sidish looking. As we have said, the locals dallied too much, and allowed the opposing backs to get in, when, had they let blaze on the many occasions they got the chance, the result would have stood a good chance of being reversed. They had bad luck too, as time and again they just missed getting past Hynd. Cannon, who was several times hampered by his backs, did well enough, but he wasn't in his best mood by a long way. Davidson and Ross are, if we are not greatly mistaken, a coming couple of backs. True, they didn't do anything brilliant, and sometimes wavered when they should have gone in, but they will both improve if they get a fair chance. Currie and Wight gave a beautiful exposition of scientific halfback play - tackling smartly, kicking with strength and precision, and, when necessary, feeding the front rank in a style that pleased everybody. Dawson got a nasty kick or the cheek-bone early in the first half, and really could not have been expected to play up to his best. The forwards had only two faults - their slackness at goalmouth and tame shooting. Thom indeed, was the only one who seemed to have "a kick in him," and he shot both points. In the open they combined and passed to each other is fine order, repeatedly carrying the sphere right into the opposing goal, but there they failed. Thom is a capital young player - knows all the tricks of the game, and carries them out to a nicety. Leggat is still the sharp wee fellow of old, Gloag lasts well while Forsyth has as fine a command of the sphere as of yore, but we think he should be tried in his old place at centre. Fraser was somewhat timorous and halting in the first half, but if he could only play the whole 90 minutes as well as he did in the last stage of the game, be would have no superior in the quintet.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd September 1893

Orion Teamsheet:  Cannon; Ross, Davidson; Wight, Dawson, Currie; Fraser, Thom, Gloag, Forsyth, Leggat


Cowdenbeath Teamsheet:  Hynd; Savage, McCallum; Beveridge, Hamilton, Addie; Drummond, Smith, Scott, Hughes, Vail


Referee: Mr. Aitchison, Aberdeen

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