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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Northern League 
Victoria United 3 - 4 Johnstone Wanderes
Kick Off:    Sutherland, Annand, Turner       Lonie, ?, ?, ?  
Attendance: 0
Venue: Wellington Bridge Grounds, Aberdeen
Down Down! Down!
The Victoria United met the Johnstone Wanderers (Dundee) at Wellington Grounds. The teams were: United: Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Annand, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Murray, Clark. Wanderers: Cathro; Fairweather, Taylor; Gray, Morrice, Rollo; Dick, Rattray, Lonie, McWee, Craig. Mr D. Crawford, Arbroath, acted as referee.

The strangers commenced with a rush, but the ball went behind. The Victoria, then had a run along the field, and worked their way to the strangers' territory. By judicious play the homesters were able to keep the leather within their opponents' ground for a considerable-time, and ultimately Sutherland pierced the defence. Not long afterwards Annand put on the second goal for his team. The visitors then pressed, and once or twice experienced hard lines in not scoring. The Vics, got away with a fine run, headed by Sutherland who passed to Turner, and the latter player sent the leather through. Offside was given, however, and the point was thus disallowed. At half-time the scores stood: Victoria United 2, Johnstone Wanderers 0.

In the second half the home team seemed contented to rest on the result which they had already obtained, and several splendid opportunities of scoring were lost. The visitors, on the other hand, appeared deterŽmined to score, and Lonie managed to beat Edwards. This success on the part of the visitors was loudly cheered by the spectators, and the Vics, disappointed at the reverse, made a deter-mined attack on the Southerns' citadel, which ended in Turner notching a third point. But the Wanderers were not to be so easily beaten, and within a comparatively short time they scored two goals, thus equalising. The Vics, then peppered the visitors' goal for some time, but Cathro gave relief, and play was transferred to the Vics' territory. Within three minutes of time the Wanderers put on the winning point, and the game ended: Johnstone Wanderers 4, Victoria United 3.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 18th September 1893

The Vics. Taken on the Hop

Catastrophe all round was the order of the day last Saturday with our leading clubs, and we really don't remember ever having come across so many glum countenances as we did that evening. Disappointment indeed was general, the defeat of the Victoria United being specially commented upon. The Johnstone Wanderers are not a strong commodity, and it was thought the blues would easily take two points out of them. Up till about 15 minutes from time it looked odds on them, too, with a lead of 3 to 1, but then the beautiful unertainty of football was exemplified. Taking advantage of a conspicuous slackness on the part of the ground team, the Dundonians, who had right through the piece played very pluckily, came away in fine style, and before the blues could rally themselves into shape, clapped on 3 goals in double-quick time, thus winning the match by 4 points to 3, their combination in the closing scene being superior to their opponents. The Vics had themselves to blame entirely, and if ever a team was taken on the hop they were. It will be a lesson to them to go all the way in future matches, however easy their chances may appear on paper. The chief fault with the locals was the want of combination, their play being more conspicuous for its individual, forcey tactics than for unison of effort. Players continually got out of their places, and consequently their work didn't have much effect. This must be remedied, else more disasters will inevitably follow. Of the players, Cathro's goalkeeping for the Wanderers was particularly noticeable, some of his saves being really brilliant. Fairweather played a strong game at back, Gray at half kept Clark well in hand, and Craig shone out prominently among the forwards, having a hand in the scoring of the last 3 goals. Edwards found the "tall" shots quite too much for him, but nevertheless he was very clever at times. Ririe and Foote could not be blamed for the defeat - they both played well. Of the halves, who, by the way, lay too far forward, Annand was an easy first, while Turner and Sutherland had the hononrs in front. Benzie was not himself, but he will come. Clark is a clever player, but is too selfish, and wanders far too much. He must give this up if he means to shine. Murray did nothing much. The Vics. have at last got a grand stand. It will be a boon and a blessing, and should increase their gates.

Source: Bon-Accord, 23rd September 1893

Victoria United Teamsheet:  Edwards; Foote, Ririe; Morice, Annand, Duffus; Turner, Benzie, Sutherland, Murray, Clark


Johnstone Wanderes Teamsheet:  Cathro; Fairweather, Taylor; Gray, Morrice, Rollo; Dick, Rattray, Lonie, McWee, Craig


Referee: Mr. D. Crawford, Arbroath

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