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match report 1893-94 fixture list
Orion 3 - 2 Mossend Swifts
Kick Off:    ?, Barron,       Mackie, McConnell, Dawson  
Attendance: 900
Venue: Central Park, Aberdeen
A Stern Game at Central Park.
Undeterred by the unfavourable conditions, these clubs brought off their friendly fixture at Central Park. The strangers had the best of matters in the first half, and Mackie and McConnell each scored a goal. When ends were changed, however, the local men did much better and by scoring three goals in quick succession gained the upper hand, which, despite all their opponents' efforts they maintained until the close. Near the finish Edwards, the Orion's custodian, was so severely injured that he had to be carried off the field. The game ended: Orion 3, Mossend Swifts 2.

Source: Aberdeen Journal, 8th January 1894


The Stripes Triumph - Edwards Injured.

Despite the terrible dignity of King Frost, something like 900 enthusiasts turned out on Saturday to witness the match between the Orion and Mossend Swifts. The southerners came with a good reputation, and seeing Boyd and Ellis of the Hearts accompanied them, not a little interest was evinced in the fixture by the frostbitten crowd. The ground was as hard as metal, and the play naturally not very brilliant. With the advantage of the hill, the Swifts started in promising fashion, and in a twinkling Mackie scored. This warmed up the players, but still the strangers had the best of it in the main, Edwards, however, keeping them at bay till McConnell got past him with a long swift grounder. Here Wight, who had twisted his knee, left the field. With ten men, the Orion prevented further scoring till half-time, when the score stood 2-0 in favour of Mossend. In the itcond half, McBain went half, and the homesters played four forwards. Despite their weakened condition, the ground men came away with irresistible force and forced two corners (the result of some beautiful passing), and scored from the second. Continuing to play in capital order, Barron was not long in equalising, and a short time after the last-named player and Dawson combined put their side 1 up. This roused the Swifts, and after a stiffish struggle, they got the sphere in front of Edwards, who, in clearing, fell with the ball below him. A "maul" ensued, from which Edwards emerged badly hurt, some of the Mossenders having kicked him unmercifully. He was unable to stand, and had to be carried off the field. McBain was then placed in goal, and notwithstanding the fact that they had only nine men the Orion held their own till the game ended with the score standing 3-2 in their favour.

Short Kicks

Only one game of importance was disposed of in Aberdeen on Saturday, though some of the juniors plucked up courage to face King Frost, whose mighty mood will not be readily forgotten?or forgiven.
All the excitement one could work up could not keep the blood boiling at Central Park, and the spectators envied the players, so trying was the ordeal.
The Mossend Swifts are a sturdy set of players, particularly the backs, a pair of well-formed and at the same time excellent players - the best of the eleven.
Some of them are rather wicked, as Edwards knows, and they ought to be named to the Scottish.
This was the only bit of roughness that has come under notice in Aberdeen at this festive season, which has been comparatively free from horse play all over the country.
The Orion lads were in good trim, but the forcible tactics of their opposers disconcerted them at times.
Leggat's bouts with the Mossend half-back created great fun, the little 'un rolling about in the snow in the most grotesque fashion.
Gloag showed all his old judgment, Barron and Flaws worked well together, and McBain was in-variably in the right place when wanted.
By the way, Mac. had a turn of three positions, and was successful in all.
The backs gave a floe exhibition, and Edwards in goal brought all his wonted enthusiasm into play, and saved marvellously.
No doubt his energetic, skilful defence irritated the gents., who vented their spleen by resorting to the most brutal conduct any one could be guilty of on a football field.
We are glad to say his injuries were not so serious as was anticipated, and that he will be able to assist his team to-day (Saturday).
Wight, however, has turned his knee so badly that it is feared it will trouble him for some time.
There was quite a gathering of Aberdeen and Victoria United players present, who seemed to enjoy the unique pleasure of looking on.
The Vics. may turn some of the tips picked up to account next Saturday, when they meet the Orion in the final of the County Cup.

Source: Bon-Accord, 13th January 1894

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