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Aberdeen 3 - 1 Hamilton

HT Score: Aberdeen 1 - 0 Hamilton

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Thomson 10, MacDonald 65, Wright 85.
Hamilton scorers: Bullock

15/09/1920 | KO:


At Pittodrie, Aberdeen. The local side were value for their win even if they did not give a very convincing display. Rain before the start affected the attendance, but this notwithstanding there were 10,000 present. A greasy ball accounted for a good many inaccuracies. The Academicals put up a good show in the first half, and had they taken their opportunities would not have been a goal in arrears at the interval. In the second half they failed to reproduce their earlier form, and their defence was frequently in difficulties. Thomson opened the scoring for Aberdeen after six minutes had gone. Shortly after the interval Bullock took advantage of a slip to get through the equaliser. Aberdeen took the game in hand after this, and beautiful work by Thomson enabled Macdonald to head past White, and just before the end Wright put through a third goal for Aberdeen.

The Scotsman, 16th September 1920

At the expense of Hamilton Academicals at Pittodrie last night, Aberdeen registered a well-deserved Scottish League victory by 3 goals to 1. Rain just previous to the start affected the attendance, but a crowd of 10,000 was quite satisfactory. The play never touched a high standard, and the heavy ground and a greasy ball accounted for many inaccuracies. Play in the first half was fairly even with both goals frequently in danger, but neither side proved very deadly at close range, even although the defenders were none too sure in their work. Had the Academicals taken their chances in the period they would not have been a goal in arrears at the interval. After the visitors had equalised shortly after the start of the second half, Aberdeen took the game in hand, and although their play left much to be desired, they were fairly comfortable winners, the Academicals attack fading out and their defence failing to show to advantage.

Play Described.

Forsyth early caught the eye with a clever bit of manoeuvring and clearance when the visitors' right threatened. After fine work by Grant on the left, Milne drove behind. The Academicals threatened for a time, but they found the home defence as sound as their own. Macdonald nearly got through for Aberdeen, but harassed by a defender, he sent wide from a likely position. The first flag kick came to Aberdeen, but Robertson headed over. Getting off from fine pass by Macdonald, crashed the ball against the visitors' side net. After Hamilton had sent wide, Aberdeen made headway, and after Grant had returned finely into goal, Thomson fastened on to a clearance by a defender and drove into the net at the end of ten minutes? play. Aberdeen were again dangerous after this, and Thomson, from near the corner flag, caused White to concede a corner. A raid by the visitors' right saw Anderson save at the expense of corner, and after the keeper had fisted out, Purdie sent high over the bar from good position.
In a hot attack by the visitors, Milne came to the rescue when Martin appeared to have the goal at his mercy, and later the custodian saved finely at the expense of a fruitless corner. Both sets of players found the greasy ball difficult to control, and this was particularly demonstrated in course of several warm attacks by the visitors, defenders and attackers alike registering several bad misses in front of the home goal. For a time, the Academicals accounted for most of the attacking, and although several corners fell to their lot, they failed to penetrate the home defence even if it was none too reliable. Rankine raised the home hopes by a fine run and shot, which White saved, and later, after the custodian had conceded a corner, there was a prolonged scrimmage in front of the visitors' goal, and several likely shots were rather luckily blocked. The home goal also had its share of good fortune when, after a misunderstanding between Hannah and Anderson, the ball rolled harmlessly behind with Morton unable to reach it in time. In the period just preceding the interval neither team could claim much of an advantage. Forsyth was kicked for a corner, but nothing came of it, and later Anderson had to fist away from Hanlan, while White had to repeat the performance from Middleton. Later, White again saved brilliantly from the Aberdeen outside right, who cut in and drove with terrific force. Just on the interval the visitors' goal had a narrow escape after the keeper had blocked a from Rankine, and the teams crossed-over with Aberdeen leading by the only goal.

Keen Second-Half.

Aberdeen early took up the attack, and, after White had just averted disaster from Macdonald, fielded a difficult ball from Middleton. After a 'cute slip out by Thomson, Middleton again crossed finely, but the Academicals packed their goal until the danger was averted by Rankine sending behind. The Accies' goal had a narrow escape when from Wright's free kick White failed to hold the ball and it lay in the goalmouth with no Aberdeen forward there to push it home. After thirteen minutes, a miskick by a home defender enabled Bulloch to equalise from close range. Aberdeen played strongly after this, and from a cross by Thomson, White fisted the ball away from Macdonald's head. For a time the visitors looked like taking the lead, and Anderson fisted away from Hanlan. Aberdeen came again, and, after twenty minutes brilliant play by Thomson, who squared accurately across the goal, left Macdonald with an easy task to head the ball past White. A corner fell to Aberdeen, and Wright headed against the crossbar, White catching the rebound. Aberdeen continued to hold the upper hand at this stage, and following upon a flag kick Wright just missed with a fast grounder. After another abortive corner to the home team, Anderson saved finely from Pollok. Then came another period of Aberdeen pressure which culminated in Thomson just missing with a fine first-time effort. Neither side claimed advantage, from the midfield exchanges that followed, the defences easily holding the measure of the opposing attacks. With five minutes to go Aberdeen got a corner, and following upon this Wright shot hard, the ball glancing off the goalkeeper into the net. The Academicals rallied again, and Anderson held a grounder by Bulloch, after which Macdonald headed in from Grant's cross, White only saving at the second attempt. The closing stages were interesting, but there was no further scoring.

Outstanding Players.

On the Aberdeen side, Anderson acquitted himself admirably in goal. Forsyth was the better back, and all three half backs - Wright, Milne and Robertson ? played well. Middleton and Thomson were the outstanding forwards, and constituted the best wing on the field. Grant got over some nice balls from the left wing, and Macdonald and Rankine worked hard without being conspicuous successes. On the visitors' side, White accomplished a deal of difficult work in goal. Little was the better back, and Purdie shone in a moderate half-back line. Hanlan was the pick of a forward line that worked well in midfield, but lacked finishing power.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 16th September 1920

Hamilton Teamsheet
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
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