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Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Dundee 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Scottish Cup Third Round

19/02/1921 | KO:


Fast and exciting play was seen at Dens Park, Dundee, where Dundee and Aberdeen played before nearly 30,000spectators. Aberdeen made several dangerous rushes in the opening stages, and Gibbon cleared a fast shot from Macdonald at the expense of a corner. Dundee took some time to settle down, but subsequently had an even share of the play. Irving tested Anderson with a hard shot, which produced a corner. Dundee were greatly weakened in the second half as the result of an injury to Nicoll, their centre-half. He played at inside-left, and the attack was rearranged. Although handicapped, Dundee held the upper hand, and Kilpatrick had several good individual efforts. Defence was the feature of the game on both sides. Aberdeen got the ball into the net from a corner with the last kick of the match, but the whistle saved Dundee. The replay will take place at Aberdeen on Wednesday.

Source: The Scotsman, 21st February 1921


There was a remarkable finish to the Dundee v Aberdeen tie at Dens Park, where a goal-less draw was recorded. A few seconds from time, Middleton forced a corner for Aberdeen. He placed the ball nicely, and just as Rankine got his head the ball previous to finding the net, the final whistle sounded, so that the goal did not count. It was a game in which science was more or less at a discount, and probably in the sixteen years that have elapsed since the teams were graded together there never was a contest between them in which the robust was so much in evidence. On this occasion the players threw themselves into the conflict with an abandon and disregard for risk that reflected their big-heartedness and loyalty to their club, but there was a very great deal that was undesirable in the game. At times the play degenerated into a veritable dog-fight. Neither side would allow the other to play football, with the result that, though the game did not lack thrills and excitement, it was anything but a spectacular treat.

Vigour Overdone.

The result did credit to both teams, but Dundee could not have complained had the Aberdeen goal counted. Cup-tie football is essentially strenuous but the vigorous was a bit overdone on this occasion. Both teams were offenders, and with a watchful referee there was almost a continuous succession of stoppages for free kicks and injuries to players, and in some cases the official administered cautions on those players who were guilty of unsportsmanlike tactics.

Aberdeen More Dangerous.

Aberdeen were usually the more dangerous side, and had they been able snap up their chances in the earlier period of the game they might have had the tie well won in the first half. All over it was a game in which Aberdeen always carried the greater amount of confidence, and while they came within an ace of winning, it cannot be said they were ever in serious danger of defeat. Where the rivalry was so keen it was expected that the robust element would be strong, and, while Referee did not allow much to pass his eagle eye, it might probably have been in the better interests of the game had he called both teams together immediately the roughness asserted itself and given a few words of advice and caution to the principals.
If it did not lack for enthusiasm in the crowd and keenness in the play it was a rather sordid affair, and it is to be hoped that when the teams meet again at Pittodrie on Wednesday they will tone down a bit.

Where Heavyweights Counted.

Aberdeen early settled down to lash the ball ahead and from the wings, and had they been able to steady up in front of goal, Gibbon would have been beaten. Dundee at this time were well out of the hunt, and although they improved later and Aberdeen had alternate revivals and fallings-off, so far as attacking was concerned, the Dundee forward did not inspire as did the Pittodrie front line. The game had only gone twenty minutes when the temporary retirement of the Dundee centre-hall reflected the unprofitableness of the home management's policy of playing men about whose fitness there was a doubt. Nicol was repeatedly off field for attention, and although his pluck was commendable, it cannot be said he was of much assistance to his side after the opening period. The mishap to Nicol caused re-arrangement of the Dundee team in the second half, and although, under the circumstances, the new formation acquitted itself well, it was more or less a muddle through that found them level the end of the day. He was a fortunate player who came scathless through (itch encounter. Certain men on both sides had a physical advantage not possessed by others, but it appeared others of those not well endowed resorted to artificial means to counteract their disadvantage. If the forwards did their bit well it was essentially a defensive duel in which the heavyweight counted most.
Had the teams allowed each other to play it is difficult to say how Dundee might have fared but the Dens Park folks will be thanking their lucky stars and the time-limit that they are getting a chance on Wednesday.

Replay on Wednesday.

Scottish League clubs are only allowed one Saturday match in any round of the Cup competition and consequently it has been agreed that the re-play will take place at Pittodrie Park on Wednesday afternoon, the kick-off to be at 3.30.

Players Welcomed Back.

There were scenes of great enthusiasm at the Join Station on Saturday evening on the return of the Aberdeen team with the "relief " train, which carried about 500 supporters. As the players emerged from the train there was great and prolonged cheering, and Anderson, the captain of the team, and several of the other players were carried shoulder high from the station amidst a scene of great jubilation.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 21st February 1921

Dundee Teamsheet
Gibbon; Raitt, Thomson; Irving, Nicol, J. Jackson; Kilpatrick, Cowan, Bell, McLean, Troup
Attendance: 30,000
Venue: Dens Park, Dundee
Referee: T. Dougray, Bellshill
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East Kilbride
20 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / K-Park Training Academy, East Kilbride