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Rangers 1 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Rangers 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Henderson

24/09/1921 | KO:

Stiff Tussle With Rangers

The Rangers had to play very hard to beat Aberdeen by a goal ar Glasgow. The visitors' defence, all big and strong fellows, did some great spoiling work, and though the Rangers' forwards played some brilliant football they never obtained a mastery. A few minutes before the interval, Henderson headed the ball into the net out of Anderson's reach. Throughout the game the Aberdeen forwards created danger for the Rangers by speedy wing runs, but in the second half the Rangers always seemed to have victory secure. Both their wings showed perfect understanding, but Henderson in centre was too well watched by Milne to get in much shooting. It was an intensely interesting contest. There were 20,000 spectators.

Source: The Scotsman, 24th September 1921

In running the undefeated Rangers to the only goal at Ibrox Park, Glasgow, on Saturday, Aberdeen put up quite a good performance. On the whole the Pittodrie team may have been just a little flattered by the result, but nevertheless theirs was a smart performance, which measured in the light of Rangers' successes this season, reflected considerable credit on the losers. About 28,000 people witnessed what was always an interesting match, in which the play of both teams, and especially that of the Rangers, touched a high level, even if their finishing efforts fell below the standard of their midfield play. In the first half Aberdeen had to face a fairly strong breeze and a glaring sun, but despite this disadvantage they gave a spirited display both in attack and defence.
On several occasions, the Aberdeen goal was endangered through slips by defenders, but Rangers failed to improve upon their opportunities, and with their forwards never allowed to settle for shooting, Anderson had a comparatively easy time compared with the amount of pressure.
By swinging the ball about, and by fast clever footwork, Aberdeen often raided the home territory, and in these dashes they showed to better advantage in the finishing department than did the Rangers. On several occasions Robb's charge was within an ace of falling, while he had to deal with many dangerous efforts there were times when the ball flashed past either side or high if his charge.

Lost Opportunities.

Rangers had far more and better opportunities to score, and although the Aberdeen goal on occasion enjoyed some good fortune the shooting of the league champions left much to be desired in the matter of accuracy. On one occasion Anderson at close range cleverly knocked down and cleared a shot from McDiarmid, and a number of efforts were blocked, that the opening of the scoring was delayed until close on the interval was largely due to the inability of the Rangers' forwards to cap their clever outfield play. For ten minutes Aberdeen were kept defending, but then they shook off the pressure, and Robb had twice to leave his goal to meet centres which had been sent too far ahead by the Aberdeen wingers. Miller and Rankine twice had good tries, and at Anderson's end Henderson failed with fine opportunities to open the scoring. When Aberdeen got settles down they frequently had the Rangers in difficulties, end Robb was seriously tested by Rankine and Miller. Off a pass by Archibald, Cairns had a fine chance to alter the scoring, but turned the ball wide with only Anderson in front of him. For a time the Rangers attack dominated the situation, but their finishing was feeble. Once McDiarmid on the left of the goal shot Point blank at Anderson instead of passing. One of the best attempts to score in the match was to the credit of Milne, whose lightning shot from long range flashed past inches wide of goal. Robertson had an opening, but shot feebly. Towards the interval, Aberdeen developed a strong attack, which produced two fruitless corners, but just when it looked as if the teams would cross over on level terms and without a goal bring scored Rangers counted. McDiarmid lifted a centre over in front of the Aberdeen goal and Henderson headed into the net just near the upright, to register the only goal of the match. The interval score was just about what the game was worth, for if the Aberdeen attacks were worthy of a goal, the pressure exerted br rangers entitled them to the lead.

Equaliser Denied.

Even if they came near equalising near the end, Aberdeen were not seen to such advantage in the second half, when they were defending for the greater part of the time. There were many brilliant touches by the Rangers forward, which nullified by equally brilliant defence on the part of the Aberdeen rear divisions, but there was no improvement in the efforts of the champions to locate the goa1. Profiting by escapes, Aberdeen developed spasmodic attacks, and twice inside the penalty area Miller had shots blocked. The bulk of the attacking was accounted for by the Rangers, but they repeated their first half failings at close quarters. Cunningham on one occasion dribbled through the defence to miss the goal at short range. Anderson twice averted disaster in brilliant style. A free kick from Archibald seemed to be sailing under the crossbar when the keeper fisted over for a fruitless corner, and later he left his goal to meet Henderson, who had got past the backs, and with one hand the goalkeeper was able to deflect the centre-forward's shot wide of the goal. Press as they might, Rangers could not beat down the stubborn defence of the Pittodrie team. With the probability that Rangers might increase their lead or that Aberdeen might equalise, interest was sustained right up to the finish. With a few minutes to go, Aberdeen twice came near to equalising, Connon working through cleverly to shoot narrowly past on two occasions. With a little bit of luck in these closing rallies Aberdeen might have finished on level terms, although it would have meant that the better team would have been surrendering a point.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 26th September 1921

Rangers Teamsheet
Robb; Henderson, McCandless; Meiklejohn, Dixon, Muirhead; Archibald, Cunningham, Henderson, Cairns, McDiarmid
Attendance: 26,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: J. S. Muir, Glasgow
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