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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Rangers

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Rangers

Div 1 (Old)

05/04/1922 | KO: 18:30


Nineteen thousand spectators were at Pittodrie. The Rangers took up the aggressive as the start, but Aberdeen soon showed they were a different team from that which met Morton at Dundee on Saturday. In a bombardment of the visitors' goal Miller had Robb beaten with a shot which struck the cross-bar, and for a time the Rangers were hard put to it, the defence having every time to kick clear. Immediately Morton raised the siege ad had a brilliant run on the left, his parting shot hitting the cross-bar saved Aberdeen.

In the second half both teams were on equal terms. The Aberdeen defence was particularly brilliant. Five minutes from the finish Forsyth tripped Archibald in the penalty area, and the winger took the spot kick. Black well brought off a magnificent save, for which he was cheered for two or three minutes.

Source: The Scotsman, 7th April 1922



A thrilling game between Aberdeen and Rangers at Pittodrie last night resulted in goal-less draw, and the point conceded by the Ibrox team may well mean the difference between the retaining and the losing by them of the Scottish League championship. Played under ideal conditions, the game attracted an attendance of 19,000 spectators, and these were kept on edge with excitement throughout a game that was brimful of incident, and was fought at a terrific pace. If the visitors were the better-balanced team, Aberdeen could not be grudged their hard-earned point, their defence in particular giving a brilliant account of itself. In the. half, Aberdeen were the more aggressive force, but owing to an injury sustained by Thomson, he had to change places with Bainbridge in the second half, and in consequence, the Aberdeen forward line in that period was somewhat out of gear. As the result, the brunt of the game fell on the defenders, but right nobly did they do their work, and to them was due the credit of what was on Aberdeen's part a notable performance. The game had a thrilling finish, as with only eight minutes left for play, Archibald was fouled in the penalty area by Forsyth. The Rangers' right winger himself took the kick, and drove with terrific force, but Blackwell, showing grand anticipation, was able to knock the ball down, and completed the clearance by following up and kicking the ball away, with several Rangers' players in attendance. The young goalkeeper's performance elicited round upon round of cheering, and the applause was continued for a prolonged period. There was not a weakling in the Aberdeen defence, and the fact that they successfully resisted the recognised best attack in the country speaks for their effectiveness. Prior to Thomson being injured the forwards worked well, and it was unfortunate for them that the formation had to be disturbed in the later period, as a repetition of the first half's form might have won the match The Rangers were fortunate to be on level terms at the interval, and if they were the better team later, they could not complain of being unfortunate to only draw.

Run of the Game.

Aberdeen were the first to set the pace. A fine pass by Miller let Moir away, and after the ball had been swept across by Middleton, and returned by Bainbridge, Dixon came to the rescue. Subsequently Blackwell fisted away a free kick taken by Morton. Wright and Hansen damaged their heads in a collision, and both had to retire for attention, but resumed after a short absence. Rangers attacked strongly for a time, but the home defence managed keep them at bay. Off a free kick taken by Hutton, the Rangers goal was in danger, and Dixon was fortunate to block a terrific shot by MacLachlan. Play continued keen, and off a cross by Bainbridge, Miller flashed a terrific shot just wide of the mark, and later from a cross by Middleton, Moir lifted over the bar. Rangers' defence was sorely tried at this stage, but little real danger came to Robb, although Miller and Wright both had creditable tries.
Subsequently play took a decided turn in favour of Aberdeen, and Miller hit the upright with a terrific shot. How the Rangers goal escaped downfall was little short of miraculous. There was ten minutes when the ball was scarcely away from the visitors' goal, and their defence repeatedly wavered before the terrific onslaughts. Milne twice had shots blocked, and a try by Thomson just missed by inches with Robb in a hopeless position for saving. Ultimately Rangers were able to shake off the pressure and Laird sent wide from long range. Fine work by Miller enabled Middleton to get in a centre, for Moir to head into Robb's hands. The game was brimful of incident. Blackwell had to field a free kick from Morton, and at the other end Robb actually had to save from Hutton.
The game continued at a gruelling pace, and Morton capped a brilliant individual run with a terrific shot which struck the home crossbar. Each goal in turn was in danger. Robb had to save from Middleton, and a likely chance for Aberdeen was lost when Moir failed to gather with only Robb in front. Aberdeen maintained their form, and Thomson delivered another fine shot, which sailed just wide of goal. Forsyth dispossessed Hansen when that player was about to shoot, and later Morton swept the ball over the bar from long range. Rangers were slightly the more aggressive towards the interval, but Morton was their solitary marksman, and his tries though not lacking in sting, were off the mark. A free kick by MacLachlan again had the Rangers' goal in danger, but Miller was reckless with his attempt at a shot. Manderson, under pressure, conceded a corner, following which Hutton shot wide. A period in which Aberdeen had been slightly superior ended without scoring.

Thrill Upon Thrill.

Aberdeen made a promising re-start, and Manderson and his partner were kept busy until Archibald got away to be overhauled and dispossessed by Forsyth. The home team were handicapped by an injury to Thomson, who was limping, and had to change places with Bainbridge. Rangers took up the attack, and Cunningham just missed. Later, after clever play by Morton, the visitors forced a flag kick, but Blackwell cleared from Cunningham's head. Aberdeen were now on the defensive, but Rangers got few shooting opportunities, although Cunningham had a try which went wide. Hansen had a brilliant individual run, but was beaten by force of numbers, and later Morton banged against the outside of the net. Following a miss by Forsyth, Archibald was left with the goal at his mercy but his shot glanced behind off the upright.
Rangers were much the better team at this stage, and the Aberdeen defence withstood a terrific gruelling. Thomson's injury put the home forwards out of gear. Hansen was a great trier for the Rangers, and once Blackwell had to save the situation by rushing out and punting clear.

Penalty Kick Saved.

Another corner fell to the visitors, Hutton headed clear, and then Nicholson drove over the bar. It was only occasional that the home attack came into prominence, there were periods when Manderson and McCandless had their work cut out to thwart the rushing tactics of Moir and Miller. Dixon conceded a corner in attempting to clear a centre by Middleton, and Robb saved from Milne's head. At the other end Blackwell held and cleared a brilliant centre Morton, and a handle by Laird in the Aberdeen goalmouth brought relief later, when a well-placed flag kick by Morton threatened danger. There was no slackening of pace, and Aberdeen continued to put up a magnificent resistance. It was due largely to the inability of Thomson to respond that some promising moves by the home forwards came to grief. Robb had to hold a drive by MacLachlan, and later did well to save a fine drive by Wright. Eight minutes from time Archibald was brought down in the penalty area by Forsyth, and Rangers were awarded a penalty kick. Archibald took the kick and drove with force, but Blackwell was able to knock the ball down and following up kicked clear. A tremendous outburst of enthusiasm greeted the goalkeeper's save, and for a prolonged period the cheering continued.
There was a stoppage for mishaps to Thomson and Moir, but both were able to continue. Off a free kick taken by Morton, Hansen headed past, and a flag kick by Archibald was cleared. Aberdeen held out until the end, and as the teams left the field both got a great ovation from the spectators who were delighted with their display.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 6th April 1922

Rangers Teamsheet
Robb; Manderson, McCandless; Meiklejohn, Dixon, Nicholson; Archibald, Laird, Hansen, Cunningham, Morton
Attendance: 19,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Jack Bell, Dundee
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