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Falkirk 2 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Falkirk 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Falkirk scorers: Thomson, Kerr
Aberdeen scorers: Rankin, Rankin.

23/09/1922 | KO:

A Doubtful Goal at Falkirk

Falkirk and Aberdeen divided points at Falkirk, and with all things taken into consideration, Falkirk were perhaps a little fortunate not to forfeit the full complement. The game opened with a period of even play, neither side showing to great advantage in attack. So sure in defence were the respective backs and half-backs that the goalkeepers were never troubled to any serious extent. Moore, for Falkirk, put across some nice crosses, and it was from one of these that Thomson opened the scoring. The ball to all appearances found its way into goal after bursting through the outside of the net. Notwithstanding the vigorous protests of the Aberdeen side, and the hole in the goal-net, the referee held it to be a legitimate score. Before the interval, Rankine, from a corner kick, succeeded in registering the equaliser, a feat which was impartially cheered by the home crowd. In the second half play was of the fast end-to-end order, with the defence generally prevailing against the attack. After twenty minutes Rankine gave Aberdeen the lead, heading through from a cross by Middleton, but ten minutes later, Kerr, getting possession in a melee, once more made the scores equal. The closing play was brimful of excitement, and both goalkeepers made good saves. Best for Aberdeen were Blackwell, Forsyth, Milne, Rankine, and Duggins: and for Falkirk, Ferguson, Townsley, Dougal, Moore, and Puddlefoot performed well.

Source: The Scotsman, 25th September 1922


In keeping a point where Rangers lost two, Aberdeen accomplished a smart performance at Brockville Park, where four goals were divided with Falkirk. The Aberdeen team was most unfortunate not to win outright, inasmuch as one of the goals credited to Falkirk was really no goal at all, the Pittodrie players being the victims of a glaring error of judgment on the part of the referee. About five minutes from the interval Falkirk forced a corner, and the bail was well crossed by Moore from the flag. It went to Thomson, the home right winger, who delivered a ground shot, it was apparent to those in the press box and in the vicinity that the hall passed through the side net into the back of the Aberdeen goal. The referee, who had obviously been deceived, immediately awarded a goal, and pointed to the centre of the field. The Aberdeen players protested in vain against the decision, and he was prevailed upon to return and see the hole made by the ball in the side net. Despite this being brought to his notice, he adhered to his previous decision that a goal had been scored, and did not even consult his linesmen, one of whom was in a splendid position to view the incident. Play was resumed, but MacLachlan, the Aberdeen captain, called the referee's attention to the fact that the side net was damaged, and pointed out that the game could not proceed until this had been repaired. Meantime a large section of the spectators continued to shout "No goal." A groundsman was sent to repair the net, and play again being resumed, Aberdeen quickly drew level, a fine cross by Duggins being headed into the net by Rankine. It had been a well-contested period, in which both sets of defenders excelled in spoiling tactics. Most of the pressure had come from Aberdeen, but they were not so dangerous near goal as they might have been. Puddefoot on one occasion caused Blackwell to save at full length, and Ferguson cleared dangerous tries by Miller, Rankine, Middleton, and Duggins.

Exciting Play

When play was resumed in the second half, Kerr, who had been injured earlier, went to outside right for Falkirk, Scott, returning to right hack, and Thomson to inside right. The period was brimful of exciting incidents, each goal in turn being hotly assaulted. Thomson, Puddefoot, and Hunter often raided the Aberdeen defence, and on occasions the goal had a narrow escape, Thomson hitting the crossbar. Miller and Middleton led the Aberdeen attack in good style, and after Ferguson had cleared from the Aberdeen right winger, Rankine gave his side the lead with a splendidly-headed goal off a centre by Middleton. For a time it looked as if Aberdeen could increase their lead. Ferguson knocked down a terrific shot by Miller, and Duggins had a particularly fine try from long range, which just missed the mark. The Falkirk attack rallied later, and for a time the Aberdeen goal was fortunate to escape downfall, a number of shots being blocked. Ultimately the equaliser was obtained by James Hunter in a melee. Towards the end Aberdeen again attacked strongly, but the game ended without further scoring.
Apart altogether from the referee's mistake in awarding a goal for what was only a by-kick, Aberdeen were distinctly unfortunate in just failing to win They always showed the better football, so far as they could overcome spoiling tactics, and had they been a little more nippy in front of goal might have won quite comfortably. In getting a draw, however, theirs was quite a good performanoe, and the result represents a gain of one point compared with the corresponding game last season.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 25th September 1922

Falkirk Teamsheet
Ferguson, Kerr, James Hunter; McNair, Townsley, Dougall; Thomson, Scott, Puddefoot, John Hunter, Moore
Attendance: 7,000
Venue: Brockville Park, Falkirk
Referee: W. Campbell, Dundee