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Aberdeen 4 - 2 St. Mirren

HT Score: Aberdeen 4 - 1 St. Mirren

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Miller, Thomson, Smith, Miller.
St. Mirren scorers: Thomson, Walker

30/09/1922 | KO: 15:00

Aberdeen Centre's Leg Broken

Aberdeen's decisive victory over St Mirren was hailed with delight by over 16,000 spectators at Pittodrie Park, but their pleasure was considerably marred when it became known that Miller, the centre-forward, had had his right leg broken - a clean fracture above the ankle. The Aberdeen centre-forward had been playing brilliantly, and was the means of securing a couple of the four goals his team had at the interval. It was some twenty minutes from half-time when the accident occurred, as the result of a collision with Scott, the St Mirren left back. Sir Henry Gray, the noted surgeon, and Dr Wilson looked after Miller in the pavilion till the arrival of the police ambulance to convey him to the Royal Infirmary. The rapidity of the scoring at the commencement of the match was a feature. In the first minute Miller ran the ball into the net after Hilligan had pushed out a dangerous cross from Smith, and two minutes later, following a corner kick, Thomson had equalised. It was about twenty minutes afterwards when Miller gave Aberdeen the lead, which was well maintained to the interval, with additions by Thomson and Smith. Playing with only ten men, the Aberdeen attack was somewhat disjointed, or the victory would probably have been greater. St Mirren, while playing much better in the second than in the first half, could never break down the Aberdeen half-backs. Scott, Findlay, and Summers were the best defenders, and Thomson aand Walker the pick of the attack. In the Aberdeen forward line Smith, Rankine, and Middleton were outstanding, especially Smith, whose crosses were always dangerous. Hutton, Forsyth, and Dr Milne were stalwart defenders.

Source: The Scotsman, 2nd October 1922

At Pittodrie park 16,000 spectators watched Aberdeen defeat St Mirren by 4 goals to 2, and thereby take the lead in the Scottish League competition. The afternoon was marred by an unfortunate accident to John Miller, the centre forward of the Aberdeen team. Miller had rattled on two of his side's three goals with only twenty minutes gone, and he bade fair to add to his total when the unfortunate mishap occurred. From fully twenty yards out, Miller was in the act of delivering a terrific shot when he was tackled by Scott, the St Mirren left back. Miller appeared to have completed the forward swing of his foot, as he actually got in his shot, when Scott's boot came in contact with his right leg just above the ankle. The ball was deflected wide of the goal, and Miller fell to the ground. It was immediately seen that he was badly hurt, and he was carried to the pavilion. There is was found that his leg was broken just above the ankle. The injury was dressed, and he was later removed to the Royal Infirmary, of which he is now a patient.
Miller's absence did not materially affect the trend of the game in the first half, as with commendable spirit Aberdeen actually increased their goal total while thus handicapped. It was after the interval that the absence of Miller was felt, but while St Mirren were often dangerous they never looked like overtaking the home team's lead, established while at full strength. Where the handicap affected Aberdeen was seen in the nullifying of many home attacks under conditions where the presence of another inside forward would have made a world difference in the second half.

Fast Scoring.

The game bad rather sensational opening. In the first minute Smith switched over a cross which the St Mirren goalkeeper palmed against Miller for the Aberdeen centre-forward to practically walk the ball into the net. Only other two minutes had elapsed when, following a flag-kick, Thomson, the St Mirren outside-left, got through to beat Blackwell at close range. The most interesting period of the game followed, and for about ten minutes there was a real tug-of-war, with Aberdeen threatening most danger at close range. After twenty minutes' play, Miller, on the right of the goal and with his back to it, caught a dropping return by Hutton, and, taking the ball before it struck the ground, neatly hooked it over the heads of the defence into the net, Hilligan being quite unprepared for the unexpected movement, and the ball passed over his upstretched arms into the net. Again on the lead, Aberdeen soon increased their advantage. A brilliant cross by Middleton was weakly fisted by Hilligan to the foot of Thomson, who easily netted with a fast, rising shot. It seemed odds on that Aberdeen further increasing their lead when the mishap to Miller occurred. The absence of the centre-forward knocked the home attack out of gear, but Thomson and Rankine between them filled the role, and for a time Aberdeen maintained their pressure. Smith repeatedly took eye with brilliant work on the wing, and had the satisfaction of scoring Aberdeen's fourth goal with a lobbed ball which completely deceived Hilligan. Towards the interval the St Mirren attack developed liveliness and once, after Blackwell had been beaten, Forsyth below the bar, breasted down and cleared a shot from Stevenson.

Even Second Half.

The handicap told against Aberdeen In the second period, but, apart from the fact that the game was more even, it could not said the visitors got matters their own way. Aberdeen attacked quite as often as their opponents, but the absence of Miller kept many clever forward movements from being improved upon, Hilligan had a capital save from a hard drive by Thomson, and at Blackwell's end Stevenson, with the goal at his mercy, lost a fine chance by handling. MacLachlan actually beat Hilligan with a dropping ball, but an offside infringement nullified the effort. Lawson and Thomson, the visitors' extreme wingers, frequently led incursions into the home territory, and from a centre by his left winger Walker headed a second goal for St Mirren. In the period there were prolonged passages of midfield play, broken by occasional danger at both goals. On one occasion Rankine headed on to the top of the crossbar for the ball go over. It was well-contested game to the end, with Aberdeen really never in danger of defeat, after Miller had the second goal.
On the home side there was not a weak link. The defence easily held its own, and in a forward line that worked admirably and acquitted itself well under a big handicap Rankine and Smith were best. Hilligan in the visitors' goal was weak, and the best of the defenders were Findlay and Summers. In an attack that was not well served in the inside positions, Lawson and Thomson were easily the most effective.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 2nd October 1922

St. Mirren Teamsheet
Hilligan; Findlay, Scott; Clunas, Summers, Dodds; Lawson, Gillies, Walker, Stevenson, Thomson
Attendance: 16,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: J. C. Henderson, Dundee
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20 Jul 2024 / 15:00 / K-Park Training Academy, East Kilbride