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Alloa Athletic 0 - 2 Aberdeen

HT Score: Alloa Athletic 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Thomson, Middleton.

02/10/1922 | KO:

Alloa Again Beaten at Home

For the second time in two days Alloa were beaten at home, Aberdeen taking full points by two goals to nothing. The game attracted 6000 spectators. Alloa were first to apply pressure, and good tries by Dunn, Cochrane, and Quin in turn were smartly held and fisted out by Blackwell. For the first quarter of an hour the home team outclassed the visitors in midfield, but at close quarters the stalwart Aberdeen defenders effectively barred further progress, and necessitated long-distance shooting, which proved unprofitable. Some fine headwork was shown by the visitors, and this was specially noticeable when Alloa obtained successive corners, as, no matter how well the ball was centred, the Second Division Champions never once got a chance of converting their advantage. Close on half time, Aberdeen, playing the long passing game, got the ball close in to Alloa's goal, and Thomson, with a smartly taken header, found the net. In the second period, the home team still maintained the mastery in midfield, but scoring was beyond them. A quarter of an hour from the end, the visitors had a break away, and following some close and exciting play almost on the line, Middleton got a chance and scored with a header.

Source: The Scotsman, 3rd October 1922


Aberdeen assumed a clear lead in the Scottish League at Alloa when they defeated the home club by 2 goals to 0. It was the local autumn holiday, and on a fine afternoon the match attracted fully 5000 spectators. Aberdeen played Swan at centre-forward, otherwise the team was the same as defeated Celtic and St Mirren. Alloa were without Crilly, Orrock, and McInally.
Play throughout was seldom up to First Division standard - indeed, it was the poorest exhibition of football in which Aberdeen have taken part this season.
If they did not play as befits the League leaders, Aberdeen deserved their victory, but it could be said Alloa were unfortunate in failing to score at least.
A goal was forthcoming in each period. Midway through the first half a shot by Rankine brought out a corner. The ball was accurately placed from the flag by Smith, and Thomson headed past the Alloa goalkeeper. The second goal was registered after twenty minutes of the second half had gone. Forcing play by Rankine and Smith enabled the latter to centre almost below the bar, and Middleton headed through.

Strong Aberdeen Defence.

If the play was poor, it was not barren of exciting incident. In the first half the Alloa left wing was particularly lively, and repeatedly had the home goal in danger. The Aberdeen defence, however, generally had the measure of the opposition, and when the forwards got going they moved with much more precision than the home five. The Alloa goal was frequently endangered, Smith, Rankine, Swan, Grosert, and Milne all having creditable tries, which were either parried or went narrowly past. One of Blackwell's best saves in the period was off a free kick taken from the penalty area. Aberdeen deserved their interval lead.
Apart from an individual burst by Swan, who sent an excellent shot just wide of the post, Alloa were the more dangerous side on the earlier stages of the second half, and the defence were stretched to the utmost to prevent the equaliser. An injury to Hutton did not improve the Aberdeen prospects, yet it was during his ten minutes' absence that Alloa found themselves further in arrears. For a prolonged period the game was in the nature of a duel between the Aberdeen defence and the Alloa attack, with the defence equal to all calls made upon it. Near the finish a shot struck the crossbar. In the closing minutes the forwards again took up the running and Swan had several good tries.
Aberdeen did not play up to the standard of their recent form, but as it was, their moderate play was good enough for the even more moderate opposition. The defence has often played better, and it was only occasionally in the first half that the forwards struck anything like a combined game.

How the Players Fared.

Blackwell was suffering from an injury sustained on Saturday, but even under the handicap played faultlessly in goal. Hutton was not up to his usual form, and in the first half especially was rather easily beaten, and frequently fluked After having an injured ankle attended to he appeared to strike his form, and near the close was quite his usual. Forsyth was much more reliable throughout - indeed, he was the mainstay of the defence, and extricated his side from numerous tight corners. Grosert was the best half-back in the opening half, but fell away somewhat later, and the most consistent middleman was MacLachlan. Milne, handicapped a cold, did not touch the form of which is capable, but worked as hard as ever.
Thomson and Rankine were the best of the forwards, but the line did not work very harmoniously, and the narrowness of the pitch retarded their efforts at combination Neither Middleton nor Smith reproduced their Saturday's form, and yet they paid their way.
Swan made quite a fair first appearance in the League team, and under conditions that were not at all favourable to him and in strange surroundings, did not all badly. He is undoubtedly a clever forward, but on this occasion at any rate one would not say he will fill the breach caused by Miller's unfortunate injury, to the general satisfaction. His play suggested that he is better adapted for an inside berth - indeed, it might be said that the club is fortunate in having the call on a forward of his stamp. He lacked the forcefulness necessary in a centre-forward, and showed a tendency to hug the ball, which rather upset the smooth working of the line. He shot frequently, but his direction was repeatedly wrong, and often he failed to anticipate the moves of his colleagues by getting into position to receive passes. His play throughout suggested that his conception of an inside winger's duties exceeded that of the difficult role he essayed, and it may be as an inside forward rather than as a leader that his value will be best appreciated.
The Alloa team did not enhance its reputation in the game, and there is room for strengthening the side if association with the First Division is to be continued after this season. Thomson was reliable in goal, and McGregor the better of two moderate backs. In the middle line Ford, the ex-Albion Rovers player, took the eye most, and Cochran and Quinn were easily the best of the forwards. The line lacked a leader, and there was a tendency on the part of the inside trio to indulge in too much individualism. With the exception of Gaffney (centre-half), Alloa are a rather diminutive side, and at least are at a disadvantage with most of the Scottish First Division teams.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 3rd October 1922

Alloa Athletic Teamsheet
Thomson; Headrick, McGregor; Ford, Gaffney, Wood; Stirling, Craig, Burns, Cochran, Quinn
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Recreation Park, Alloa
Referee: W. F. Campbell, Dundee
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10 Jul 2024 / 19:00 / Balmoor Stadium, Peterhead