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Aberdeen 0 - 1 Heart of Midlothian

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Heart of Midlothian

Div 1 (Old)
Heart of Midlothian scorers: J. White 37

11/11/1922 | KO: 14:45

An Aberdeen Record Broken

Aberdeen's undefeated record was broken by the Heart of Midlothian, who won a hard game by one goal to nothing. The match, which was keen and interesting throughout, was witnessed by about 15,000 spectators. In the opening stages the most of the attack came from Aberdeen, Smith being a prominent performer, and sending over many dangerous crosses. Connon, who was being tried at centre, was unfortunate in his shooting, and on one occasion, with only W. White to beat, he sent past the post from close range. Towards the interval the Hearts' attack developed on better lines, and after thirty minutes' play they scored through J. White. There was an appeal for offside, but the centre did not hesitate, and going through with a rush, he beat Blackwell with a great shot. Aberdeen almost got the equaliser a minute later, for a well-directed shot from Smith struck the inside of the upright and rebounded into play. In the second half both goals were heavily attacked, W. White in particular putting in some splendid work. Aberdeen's narrowest escape occurred just after the interval, when a fact, curling ball from the right was deflected over the bar by J. White. In the end the home team were a little unlucky to lose, and although they tried hard they could not overcome a resolute defence.

Source: The Scotsman, 13th November 1922


Aberdeen were very unfortunate to surrender their home record to Hearts, who got the only goal in what was always an interesting and fast game at Pittodrie. There were 15,000 spectators on a typical autumn day, and these had cause to reflect on the existence of the element of luck in the great national- pastime.

Misfortune dogged Aberdeen right from the start. A first-time shot by Middleton struck Wilson, to be defected for a corner, and, following the taking of this, Rankine headed on to the cross-bar. For a time Aberdeen kept up the pressure, and Smith centred behind. When they got going, the Hearts' forwards played pretty football, keeping the ball low, and it was fortunate for Aberdeen that MacLachlan was on the spot when J. White was about to shoot with only Blackwell in front. Aberdeen were eager, and, following clever work and Smith delivered a great shot which W. White saved at the expense of a corner. Twice in quick succession J. White shot wide of Blackwell's charge, and in a fast-moving game both defences had to exert themselves. Cannon hurt in attempting to meet a centre by Middleton, but he quickly recovered and led the Aberdeen attack with dash. W. White fisted down a high shot from Smith, and, the ball going to Connon, that player drove with great force from a few yards' range, but the keeper saved in wonderful fashion. Again the Hearts' goalkeeper was called into action, having to gather an awkward shot from Smith after that player had combined well with Rankine. Following upon this, MacLachlan dribbled through, and delivered a terrific shot which went just high of the crossbar. Lucky to have preserved a clan sheet to this stage, Hearts subsequently attacked, and, from a flag-kick forced by Wilson, Forsyth headed out from below the bar. The Tynecastle forwards maintained pressure for a short time, and a clever back-heeled pass by Stringfellow enabled Henderson to shoot, but his direction was wrong. At the other end Middleton centred accurately, and Connon's header rolled wide of the upright with the goalkeeper badly placed for saving. Shortly afterwards the Hearts' goal had another escape. Connon unexpectedly found himself with only the goalkeeper in front, but to the chagrin of the home club's supporters he sent wide of the goal.

A Surprise Goal.

When the balance play was against them doing so, Hearts took the lead eight minutes from the Interval. Stringfellow slipped the ball down the centre, and J. White followed up to shoot a brilliant goal on the run. Aberdeen came near to equalising immediately, a fine shot by Smith striking the inside of the upright for the bail to rebound into play and be cleared. Repeatedly shots by Aberdeen inside forwards were charged down, and further bad luck befell home team when, in consequence of an injury, Thomson had to change places with Middleton. Towards the interval both defences were raided in turn. Following a free kick against MacLachlan just outside the penalty area, Hutton conceded a corner, and Stringfellow sent the ball against the outside of the net. White fisted away from Smith, and in this game of quick changes Wilson shot wide of Blackwell's charge, but. Aberdeen were decidedly unfortunate to be in arrears at the interval.

Excitement and Misses.

Thomson was in his usual position when play was resumed, and Aberdeen experienced the only piece of good luck that fell to them during the game. Hanlon sent over a ground pass, and when a goal seemed certain, J. White skied from almost under bar. Connon continued to infuse dash into the Aberdeen attack, and it was largely due to him that the Hearts were forced on the defensive. Following a cross by Smith, Middleton hesitated to shoot with the goal at his mercy, and at the other end, after clever play by the Hearts' right wing, J. White shot wide while on the run. Aberdeen continued to account for most of the attacking work, and after receiving from Thomson, Connon had a brilliant try from 25 yards' range, the ball missing the goal bby inches. An accurate centre along the goal line by Middleton had the Hearts' defence in difficulties, but after W. White had missed, Ramage was able to head clear. Connon and MacLachlan both had shots blocked, and the Tynecastle goalkeeper had to leave his charge to field a high cross from Middleton. A dash by the visitors' left gave their defence much-needed relief, and Henderson headed narrowly past. Smith, when cutting in to shoot, was rather roughly brought down by Ramage, whose violence raised the ire of the spectators, and following the free kick there was a melee in front of W. White before the ball was cleared. Aberdeen had another fine chance of scoring when, following a slip by Ramage, Connon found himself with only W. White in front. The keeper left his charge to intercept, but Connon's shot passed inches high of the crossbar. Thomson again changed places with Middleton, and the latter lost a good chance of scoring through delaying to shoot. Smith had two capital tries, W. White deflecting one over the bar for a corner. The Hearts' goalkeeper at this stage rendered his side yeoman service. He gathered a ground pass from Thomson while Connon had his foot drawn to shoot, and repeatedly the custodian showed fine anticipation in leaving his goal to clear. During their infrequent raids the Hearts forwards showed clever combination, the inside men keeping the ball low, but they got no chances to increase their score, In the failing light near the close, Aberdeen strove for the equaliser with great desperation, but their every move was thwarted. Middleton had an opportunity off a grand pass by Smith, but actually sent the ball backwards instead of forwards.

Critical Comment.

Hearts are due credit for their stubborn defence and their nippy forward play, Aberdeen were most undeserving losers - indeed, the result was nothing short of a miscarriage of justice.
On the home side, Blackwell was safe in goal and Forsyth slightly the better of two sound backs. In the half-back line MacLachlan was outstanding, Milne, who was playing under handicap, failing to show his best form, and A. R. Grosert has often been seen to better advantage. The forward line was badly balanced. Thomson's injury upset the right wing, and Middleton played indifferently in the inside-right position. Rankine and Smith were the best forwards, but Connon made a brave attempt to solve the centre-forward problem. He never spared himself and in failing to score was the most unfortunate player on the field.
On the Hearts side, W. White proved a most capable goalkeeper, whose work contributed to the success of his side. J. Wilson was the better back, and Wright at centre-half gave a polished display. In a quick-moving and well-balanced attack the honours went to J. White and Stringfellow.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 13th November 1922

Heart of Midlothian Teamsheet
W. White; Ramage, J. Wilson; Dand, Wright, Porter; Hanlon, Stringfellow, J. White, Henderson, W. Wilson
Attendance: 15,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: A. Allan, Glasgow
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