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Aberdeen 1 - 0 Clyde

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Middleton.

09/12/1922 | KO: 14:20


At the expense of Clyde, Aberdeen registered their second successive win at Pittodrie by the only goal in what was a fast, interesting, and well-contested game. There was some dubiety about the legality of the goal, which came five minutes after the interval. Smith forced a corner, and from his flag kick the ball curled underneath the crossbar for Middleton to head into the net. The Clyde players disputed the goal on the grounds that the ball had actually crossed the line direct from the corner kick before Middleton had touched it. Had their assertion been correct, of course, no goal would have been scored, as a player cannot score direct from a corner kick. Obviously the referee had some doubt about the legality of the point, as it was only after consulting the better-placed linesman that he allowed the goal to stand. All things considered, Aberdeen deserved their victory, for they had to fight every inch of the way. They set the pace for the greater part of the game, but it was really only in the closing stages that their attacking superiority was emphasised. There have been few faster games at Pittodrie. The ball travelled very rapidly from end to end, and no sooner had an attack on one goal been countered than hostilities were transferred to the other. The absence of more goals was largely accounted for by the stout defence put by both teams, and also not a little to the Inability of over-eager forwards to take chances that came their way.

End-to-End Flashes.

End-to-end play ruled from the start, and the first try for goal came from Rankine, whose shot was high. Shortly afterwards, following clever play on the Aberdeen left, Connon dispossessed Cowan, but shot hastily at close range, and Anderson was Just able to deflect the ball over the bar. For a time Aberdeen would not be shaken off, and following successive corners, forced by the left wing, Anderson had to clear from Rankine's head. From another flag kick MacLachlan shot wide after several players on both sides had missed. The Clyde right wing developed danger, and a cross from Brown should have been improved upon by Howard, who, although he steadied himself, shot weakly and wide from favourable position. Clyde maintained the attack for some time, and vigorously appealed for a penalty but the referee, who was on the spot, decided in favour of the home team. Again Aberdeen took up the running, and Connon was charged off when about to shoot. Rankine next came into view with a clever dribble, but ballooned his shot. The Clyde defence was kept busy, and a goal for Aberdeen looked certain when Smith drove with great force, but Anderson happened to be in line and saved. Not to outdone, the visitors next had a spell of attacking, and from a cross along the goal-line by Duncan, the bail glanced off upright for Hutton to bring relief when it seemed that Blackwell would be beaten. Again Clyde swooped down on the Aberdeen citadel and Johnstone and Brown had the goal in danger, Hutton jumped in with an opportune clearance. The Aberdeen forwards again got going and several corner kicks fell to their lot. These were followed by scrimmages in front of the Clyde goal, but the home forwards could fine few opportunities to shoot. Rankine tried from long range, but was off the mark, and later Thomson missed a good opening after Connon had passed across the goal. A surprise ground effort by Connon was cleverly saved by Anderson, and near the interval there was a series of misses by the home inside forward, who, had they taken their chances, should have enabled their side to cross over with a lead instead of having to be content with to share a goal-less draw.

Goalmouth Thrills.

Clyde resumed in promising style, but were soon beaten back, and a centre by Middleton brought out the corner off which Aberdeen obtained the all-important goal. Following the turning down of the Clyde appeal, it looked as if temper would develop In the game, but after the referee had reminded three of the visitors of his authority this died out, and the teams settled down to a hard and fast struggle. Clyde strove for the equaliser, and very nearly got it. Blackwell fisted down a cross by Brown, and before the goalkeeper could get possession Howard shot, but for fortunately for Aberdeen, Hutton got in the way and averted a certain goal. At the other end offside saved Clyde when Middleton was about to get his head on a cross by Smith. The pace never slackened and miskick by Hutton nearly led to the equaliser. Brown got possession and shot hard for Blackwell to throw himself on the ball. Before the keeper could get up several opponents were upon him, and there was a veritable scrum until he was able get up and kick clear. Connon shot weakly from the 18 yards' line at the other end, and later got in a shot under difficulties. Blackwell's charge was endangered when, close to the upright, he was just able to deflect a close-range shot by Brown. Later MacLachlan brought relief when Howard appeared to have only to shoot to score. In the last fifteen of the game play took a decided turn in favour of Aberdeen. Rankine had a capital try from long range, and Anderson did well to hold and clear the ball as it rebounded from the crossbar. An accurate centre by Smith resulted in Anderson saving from Connon's head. Middleton, in a good position, fell at the critical moment, and subsequently Connon had a couple creditable tries which went wide. A great shot by Thomson was splendidly saved by Anderson, who later did well to push away a centre by MacLachlan. Aberdeen maintained a vigorous attack, and a header from Rankine caught the crossbar with Anderson well beaten. Aberdeen's great superiority in the closing stages entitled them to the victory.

Outstanding Players.

On both sides the defences drew rather more credit from the game than the attackers. Blackwell, Hutton, Forsyth, and MacLachlan all did well in the home rear divisions, and forward the honours went to Smith, Rankine, and Thomson. Anderson kept brilliant goal for Clyde, and averted a heavier defeat. Frame at back and Forrest and Marshall in the middle line were the best of the other defenders, and Brown and Johnstone were the best forwards. The estimated attendance at the match was 10,000.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 11th December 1922

Clyde Teamsheet
Anderson; Cowan, Frame; Marshall, Forrest, Chambers; Brown, Johnstone, Howard, Shaw, Duncan
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: J. B. Stevenson, Motherwell
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