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Rangers 1 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Rangers 0 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Rangers scorers: Cunningham (pen)
Aberdeen scorers: Rankin.

30/12/1922 | KO:

Aberdeen Snatch a Point From Rangers

At Ibrox, Glasgow, in dull weather, before 22,000 spectators, a thrilling game between the Rangers and Aberdeen, following a goalless opening half, ended in a draw. Considering the heavy ground, play was remarkably fast, and Archibald and Henderson almost scored for the Rangers, while Connon and Middleton had good efforts for Aberdeen cleverly saved. Cunningham, seven minutes from the restart, scored for the Rangers as the result of a penalty award, and before the close Rankine equalised from a corner kick.

Source: The Scotsman, 1st January 1923


Aberdeen's display thrilled 22,000 spectators, at Ibrox, where the Pittodrie players were very unfortunate not to improve upon a division of two goals with Rangers. For prolonged periods in both sessions of the game Aberdeen attacked with great determination and while Robb had many brilliant saves, numerous shots by the visiting forwards were either charged down or deflected wife. A Rangers team at home has never been so hard pressed for many a day. Until Saturday. Rangers had drawn two games at home and in both of those the visiting defences withstood a prolonged siege. This was not the case on Saturday, when most of the attacking was done by Aberdeen. Rangers' goal was most unsatisfactory, being the outcome of a penalty awarded for what appeared a rather foolish handle by Forsyth, when Rangers did not look like scoring.
Aberdeen played with a rare spirit throughout. The defence was dour and determined, and the forwards have not shown the same cohesion for weeks, while between all departments there was a rare understanding that surprised an Ibrox crowd so accustomed to the superiority of their own team. Blackwell had several fine saves, but had less to do than Robb. Hutton and Forsyth were brilliant at back, the first named especially making a grand appearance. All three half-backs excelled, and were ahead of the Rangers' trio. A. R. Grosert's work contributed greatly to the success of the Aberdeen right wing. Milne never gave Henderson any rope, with the result that in the course of the second half the Ibrox attack was altered, Archibald and Henderson changing places without any improvement being effected. Robertson, deputising at left half for MacLachlan, played one of his best games for the first team. The biggest improvement in the side was in the attack. The line worked with more harmony, and was much better balanced then the home van. Thomson, was the best forward on the field, and Connon at centre-forward was a big success. Middleton, Rankine, and Smith all did well, and the combined and individual work of the line was equal to the best it has accomplished this season. Rangers were a clever team, but on the day's play or second best. Robb, by several of his clearances, saved his side from defeat. Manderson and Jamison were not so good as the Aberdeen backs, often failing to keep the ball in play. Dixon was the best of the half-backs, although inclined to be over vigorous in his tackles. Morton was the light blues' best forward, with Cunningham next, but the line generally was well held by the Aberdeen defence.

Game of Thrills

After Henderson had been pulled up for off-side, Aberdeen got going, and off Middleton's centre a header by Rankine brought out a corner, off which Smith's effort to score brought another. Connon got away from a judicious pass by Thomson, and on the run sent in a terrific low shot which Robb did well to save. Morton sent over at Blackwell's end, and subsequently for a period of ten minutes neither side could get away from midfield so dour were the defences. Smith ultimately broke away and centred accurately, Muirhead clearing as Connon was about to fasten on. Robb had to clear a long punt by Milne, and in a Rangers' attack Cairns shot over, and Jamieson took the ball off Connon's toes at the other end. From a free kick against Dixon close to the penalty line Robertson sent in a terrific shot which Robb saved brilliantly at full length, and the ball was sent to midfield after a scramble in the Rangers' goal. A long shot by Johnstone after 15 minutes' play was fielded by Blackwell, who later did well to stop a short-range ball from Morton, who had dribbled in from the wing, the Aberdeen keeper catching the ball with arms upstretched above his head. Harassed by Hutton and Forsyth, Henderson next got through to deliver a ball along the ground, but Blackwell cleared, and at the other end Jamieson got rid of a centre by Smith, who had manoeuvred cleverly. Later a stoppage for an injury to Dixon inflicted hardship upon Aberdeen, Smith being in possession in a favourable position. For a time Rangers were aggressive, and Blackwell saved in quick succession from Henderson and Cairns. Subsequent to this the Rangers' goal had two narrow escapes, and Robb fisted away a cross from Thomson, and Robertson looked like going through to score when he was brought down almost on the penalty line. His terrific free kick cannoned off a wall of defenders in front of Robb, and Jamieson just got his foot on the ball as Connon pounced for it. Connon followed this up with a long run down he right, but his cross was not gathered by Smith. Both teams - and especially Aberdeen - played brilliant football on the heavy ground. At Blackwell's end Grosert, almost below the bar, blocked a shot by Henderson, and close to the interval Robb, with Smith rushing in upon him, fisted away an accurate centre by Middleton. A period in which Aberdeen were clearly the better side ended without either having scored.

Aberdeen's Strong Attack

During the opening five minutes of the second half Aberdeen were simply all over their opponents, and on several occasions were downright unfortunate not to score. Hutton and Forsyth lay close up to the half-way line, and kept sending the ball judiciously to their colleagues. The ball went from man to man in the Aberdeen attack with an accuracy seldom attained. Thomson cleverly beat Jamieson to send in a brilliant shot which Robb did well to hold, and, following fine play by the Aberdeen left, Connon turned the ball inches wide with Robb in the centre of the goal. With the goal practically at his mercy, Thomson appeared to be wrongfully pulled up for offside. At this stage the Rangers' attack could not get past midfield. Connon, after cutting to the right, hooked the ball to the left of the goal, but Robb, with a panther-like spring, was able to save, and he only got up in time to see Connon miss the other end of the goal by inches after cutely turning in a centre by Smith. At length Morton gave the Rangers relief, and, after beating Grosert and Hutton, swept the ball across the Aberdeen goal. Many clever movements by the Aberdeen right looked like materialising. Middleton on one occasion just failing to reach a long oblique pass by Thomson, but the ball beat him for pace when a goal seemed likely.

Penalty Goal for Rangers

Just when it seemed that Aberdeen might take the lead, they actually fell into arrears. A centre by Morton came awkwardly to Forsyth, who was facing his own goal, and in attempting to clear he handled the ball inside the penalty area. From the spot award Cunningham gave Rangers the lead with a very fast shot. Unfortunate to fall into arrears in these circumstances, Aberdeen played up with rare pluck, and in five minutes obtained the equaliser. Smith forced a corner off Manderson, and following the flag-kick, Rankine, almost on the goal-line, shot the ball into the roof of the net. Aberdeen again took the game in hand, and Thomson had a great shot brilliantly parried by Robb, and later the Ibrox goalkeeper, at the bottom of the upright, saved a certain goal when Connon adroitly turned in a centre from Smith. Rangers simply could not beat off the eager and clever Aberdeen attackers. Thomson first-times over the bar from Middleton's cross, and again at full length Robb deflected a ball from Connon after dazzling play by Thomson. Towards the close Rangers made a desperate effort to win the game by a combination of science and physical force. In consequence of the latter element, several of the Aberdeen players sustained injuries, Hutton, Forsyth, and Connon all being hurt, but they continued to render yeoman service to the end. Morton, Cunningham, Cairns, and Archibald made several desperate efforts, but so well was he covered, that Blackwell had only twice to save, once to fist away from Henderson, and later to field a weak shot by Cunningham. Throughout Aberdeen accounted for about three-fourths of the attacking, and the team gave the best exhibition of an Aberdeen side seen in Glasgow for many a day.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 1st January 1923

Rangers Teamsheet
Robb; Manderson, Jamieson; Johnstone, Dixon, Muirhead; Archibald, Cunningham, Henderson, Cairns, Morton
Attendance: 22,000
Venue: Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow
Referee: J. P. Rowe, Glasgow
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