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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Third Lanark

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Third Lanark

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Thomson 75.
Third Lanark scorers: McInally 8

24/03/1923 | KO:


Third Lanark's Strong Defence

Aberdeen and Third Lanark had a draw in their match at Pittodrie Park, Aberdeen, before 12,000 spectators. When McInally, from thirty yards out, sent in a fast shot, which took Blackwell unawares, and opened the scoring eight minutes from the commencement, a defensive policy was adopted by Third Lanark to retain the advantage. Muir in goal, and McCormack and Orr at back, assisted by the halves, succeeded well in in that not only till the close of the first half, but far into the second period. Muir was one of the hardest-worked men on the field. It was only after he had fallen twice in attempting to clear a shot from Rankine that he was beaten by Thomson, who from close in, drove the ball into the net. Aberdeen did most of the pressing. When the Third Lanark men got near Aberdeen's goal, Hutton displayed his international form to advantage, and Forsyth and Robertson ably assisted him. The best forwards for Third Lanark were F. Walker and McInally, and for Aberdeen Rankine and Connon.

Source: The Scotsman, 26th March 1923

Aberdeen were unfortunate in failing to improve upon a draw of 1 each with Third Lanark at Pittodrie, where there were 10,000 spectators. Eight minutes from the start McInally, from about 25 yards range, shot a brilliant goal for the visitors, and although subsequently Aberdeen persistently attacked, it was not until fifteen minutes from the close when Muir, in fielding a high shot from Rankine, dropped the ball and enabled Thomson, at short range, to equalise.
On the amount of pressure exerted by the respective sides, Third Lanark were fortunate indeed to be on level terms at the finish, even if the finishing work of the Aberdeen forwards left much to be desired. In the first half, after clever outfield play, they repeatedly lost chances in front of goal through failure to gather passes and shoot without hesitation. In the second period they were much more dangerous, Rankine especially shooting well, and at times the Cathkin team's goal enjoyed great slices of luck. The home defence acquitted itself very creditably, Hutton, Forsyth, Milne, and Robertson being outstanding, and in the attack Rankine and Connon were best.
The strongest division of the visiting team was at back, where McCormack and Orr performed prodigies and saved their side from a heavy defeat. In addition to fearless and accurate tackling and strong kicking, they blocked and charged down many shots, and the honours of the draw rested entirely with them. They did not get a great deal of assistance from their half-backs, and in an attack which flattered at the start but was subsequently mastered, Frank Walker and Devlin were best.


There were midfield exchanges at the beginning, and on Aberdeen's first raid Grant missed narrowly with a hooked shot taken sideways on. A hard cross by Smith appeared to be handled by a Third Lanark defender, but the referee turned down the home team's appeal for a penalty kick. From a breakaway the visitors took the lead, and subsequently Aberdeen were kept defending, and Hillhouse came near to increasing the lead with a shot that sailed obliquely across the home goal. A run and cross by Smith resulted in Grant heading narrowly over, and Robertson shot high from a free kick. Thomson appeared set for a shot when Orr dashed in and cleared, and at the home end MacLachlan, when harassed by F. Walker, almost beat Blackwell, the ball flashing just wide of the goal. Smith on several occasions set Aberdeen on the attack, But McCormack and Orr were always ready for his crosses, as they were when Connon threatened danger from the right wing. Grant let Smith away and the winger, after cutting in, was about to shoot when McCormack baulked him. Muir saved a fast shot from Grant, and Orr brought relief by intercepting and clearing a cross by Connon. The visitors for prolonged period were confined to defence, but they presented a solid resistance. Grant on one occasion shot wide from near the penalty spot. Attack as they might Aberdeen could not score, and so well did the Cathkin backs defend that Muir got little of a dangerous nature to deal with. Hutton twice earned applause for his clever repelling of raids by F. Walker and Hillhouse. Near interval Grant fired in a lovely shot which Muir did well to hold just underneath the bar, and Aberdeen were unlucky not to draw level before the interval, when Third Lanark retained their load one goal to nothing.


Aberdeen set up a vigorous attack on resuming and developed much more danger in their finishing efforts. In quick succession McCormack disposed of two lobbed centres by Robertson, and on several occasions the Cathkin defenders just managed to clear when Aberdeen forwards were about to shoot. In an isolated raid by the visitors, Blackwell had to run out and clear from F. Walker, and then at Muir's end Rankin shot over. The Aberdeen goal subsequently had a narrow escape when Robertson and Walker collided, and the ball rolled harmlessly past, with Blackwell out of his goal. After this the visitors were hemmed in. Muir saved finely from Rankin and Connon, and a hard shot from Robertson went inches high. That player later beat four opponents in a dribble, but his parting pass went astray. Repeatedly the ball was swung into the centre by the Aberdeen wingers and half-backs, but McCormack and Orr were equal to all calls. On one occasion Muir fell on the top of the ball, but got up and cleared from a crowd of players. Later he was twice dispossessed in the act of clearing, but McCormack dashed to his assistance. A brilliant shot by Rankin found the crossbar, and the keeper failed to gather from the rebound, but Orr got in the way of Grant's shot. Another try by Rankin passed only inches wide of Muir's charge. A breakaway by Hillhouse caused Blackwell to save at the foot of the upright, and Hutton got the ball away by conceding a corner. Aberdeen returned to the attack, and when they got the equaliser their success was overdue. Following this, the visitors' defence was sorely pressed. Thomson twice shot high from favourable positions. Connon missed with a fast grounder, and a great shot by Rankin passed inches wide with Muir in a hopeless position for saving, Orr, the visitors' right back, was hurt, but he was able to resume under difficulties. Near the close Rankin had a fine shot deflected over the bar by McCormack's head. The game was full of incident to the end, and Aberdeen just failed to take what would have been a well-deserved lead.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal 26th March 1923

Third Lanark Teamsheet
Muir; McCormack, Orr; McKenna, Wilson, J. Walker; Hillhouse, Devlin, P. Walker, McInally, and S. McIlwraith
Attendance: 10,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: W. Bell, Hamilton
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