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Morton 1 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Morton 0 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Morton scorers: McKay
Aberdeen scorers: Cosgrove.

13/12/1924 | KO:


It was a hardly contested game at Greenock between Morton and Aberdeen. The visitors had five fine footballers in their front line. Cosgrove's goal, taken mid-way in the first half, was in accordance with the run of the game. Morton were persistent, and Campbell had several good individual attempts to equalise, but Blackwell was safe in goal, and cleared confidently. J. Jackson took the honours in the half-back line, his tackling and fielding being first class. The second half saw Morton in much better form as an attacking force, and only Blackwell's brilliance kept them out. He had one great save from McKay, but after twenty minutes had gone French made an opening for the centre-forward, who made no mistake in finding the net. From that point to the close it was a ding-dong struggle. Morton redoubled their efforts to get on the lead, but the opposing defence was sound. Smith was the best forward in the game. The visitors played vigorous football. Morton were splendidly served by Orr and Gourlay, and Campbell and McKay were the pick of the forwards. Six thousand spectators were present.

Source: The Scotsman, 13th December 1924

Aberdeen accomplished quite a good performance at Greenock, where they divided the points with Morton, each team scoring once. The visitors thoroughly deserved their partial success; indeed, had they extracted both points none could have grudged them victory. They were always the more methodical side, and while their defence was sound, they held a distinct superiority in attack. After heavy rain, the pitch at Cappielow Park was heavy, and with the surface greasy and treacherous, the football at times fell below par. It had redeeming features, however, and in keenness was one of the best-contested games seen on the ground this season. Aberdeen had Bowie, the new centre-forward secured from Barnsley, on duty for the first time. He gave a fairly impressive display, and although he did not score, had several excellent tries. When he gets more acclimatised to the change from English to Scottish football he ought to well He trapped the ball well, and was fairly successful with his distribution, but a hesitancy to shoot rather detracted from his effectiveness. He kept strictly to his position, and a feature of his play was the number of "headers" he attempted. These were all well on the mark, but were often lacking in force. Cosgrove, at inside right, was responsible for the Aberdeen goal, but apart from that did not play well, and is evidently in need of speeding up. The play of the Aberdeen left wing constituted by Walter Jackson and Smith was a feature of the game. The erstwhile centre-forward quickly settled down to his new position, and was a rare purveyor of passes. He worked tremendously hard, and with head and feet was always conspicuous in the Aberdeen, attack. Smith at outside left was brilliant. He showed wonderful speed, and beat the opposing defence when and how he liked. Repeatedly he lifted over balls which should have been scored from, and if his colleagues had been able to use their heads more effectively Aberdeen must have gained a comfortable victory. Alec Jackson, on the extreme right, was not as conspicuous usual, but was fairly successful. All three half-backs were good, the re-inclusion of MacLachlan tending to steady the line. Hutton and Forsyth at back gave a faultless display, and in goal Blackwell effected several thrilling saves, especially in the second half.
Morton were a team of fits and starts, but often very dangerous. McKay and Campbell were their best forwards, both displaying great dash and cleverness. French was well held on the right, and Brown and Watson, if showing to advantage at times, were not very successful. Hyslop and Allan were strong, hustling halfbacks, Gourlay's display being marred by a tendency to commit fouls. Orr was much the safer back, Buchanan being quite incapable of holding Smith in check. Fotheringham was a very safe goalkeeper.


Aberdeen opened in brisk fashion, A. Jackson carrying the ball well up, but his centre was cleared by Orr. On Morton's first raid, Campbell tested Blackwell from long range, and at the other end, following a corner forced by Smith, W. Jackson headed into Fotheringham's hands. A run by the home left and return by French resulted in J. Jackson kicking out from underneath the bar, and after another raid by A. Jackson, Smith sent wide at Fotheringham's end. Following another sprint by the Aberdeen right winger, Cosgrove slipped when in the act of shooting, and Orr dashed in and cleared. Aberdeen continued to make the running, Smith, on the left wing, repeatedly outpacing the defence. Several balls from the Aberdeen left winger were only cleared in the nick of time, and once Fotheringham was lucky to be in position a hold a header from Bowie. The home attack seldom got going, and when they did they could not circumvent Hutton and Forsyth. After 20 minutes' play Aberdeen book the lead. Smith careered past Gourlay and Buchanan to slip the ball along the ground in front of the Morton goal. Hyslop only partly cleared, and Cosgrove running in placed the ball neatly out of Fotheringham's reach from twelve yards range. Following this reverse, the Morton attackers came into prominence, the right and left wings both developing danger, but Blackwell was not tested. Smith again raided the home lines, and following a centre by him Fotheringham just escaped being charged into the net by Bowie. French on the home right had headed several sallies into Aberdeen territory, and MacLachlan and J. Jackson twice intervened opportunely when Campbell looked like getting through. A corner forced by Brown was nullified by Blackwell's brilliant save from Campbell's head. Following a foul on Smith at the other end, W. Jackson swept the ball wide and later from a similar award MacLachlan sent the ball to the right and a from a shot from Edward brought out a corner, following which Bowie headed over. Near the interval, Orr executed a dribble and finished up with a long shot which Blackwell cleared at the second attempt. In the period Aberdeen had much the better of the exchanges, and were not flattered by their solitary goal lead.


In the earlier stages of the second half Aberdeen held the advantage. Both extreme wingers were exceedingly lively, and their centres caused the Morton defence much anxiety. In a breakaway by the Morton forwards, it was only a brilliant full-length save by Blackwell that prevented Brown securing the equaliser. Smith put Aberdeen back on the attack, and, after MacLachlan had taken a free kick for a foul on the winger, Orr cleared from the goal-line. Campbell was injured in a tackle, and, until he recovered, French changed places with him. For a time the Aberdeen defence was kept busy, Hutton excelling in some fine clearances. Later, the game again turned in favour of Aberdeen and, following a centre by W. Jackson, Fotheringham saved from Bowie's head and Buchanan blocked a hard drive from the Aberdeen inside left. The game continued to be full Incident. Blackwell, at full length, pushed away a shot by McKay, and at the other end a drive by Edward went narrowly past. After 25 minutes' play, Morton obtained the equaliser, French, who had again taken up the outside right position, carried the ball along, and passed to McKay. The latter in turn tricked Forsyth and J. Jackson and slipped the ball to Campbell who beat Blackwell from close range- Subsequently each set of attackers raided in turn. Following another foul on Smith, A. Jackson headed over from MacLachlan's free kick. Near the end Smith made a great single-handed effort to win the match. He beat opponent after opponent to cut in and lift the ball in front of goal, but Fotheringham saved Bowie's header, and close on time the Aberdeen centre-forward had a great first-time try, off which the ball passed only inches high of Fotheringham's charge.

Source: Press & Journal, 15th December 1924

Morton Teamsheet
Fotheringham; Buchanan, Orr; Gourlay Hyslop, Allan; French, McKay, Campbell, Brown, Watson
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Cappielow Park, Greenock
Referee: T. Robertson, Bishopbriggs