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Hamilton 2 - 0 Aberdeen

HT Score: Hamilton 1 - 0 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Hamilton scorers: Moffatt 20, Dick 46

12/02/1927 | KO:


Aberdeen survived their visit to Methil, and live to fight another day, largely because of the smiles of The conditions at Douglas Park, Hamilton, for the League game between the Academicals and Aberdeen were certainly not conducive to accuracy, as the playing pitch was treacherous owing to two nights' frost, yet teams with First League pretentions ought to have been able to give a much brighter display than what was forthcoming. It may seem somewhat harsh to condemn the Academicals, seeing they won by a couple of goals - the first count being secured by Moffatt after 20 minutes' play, and the second by Dick, following a clever movement by McCabe when the second half had only run some three minutes - yet taking the exchanges as a whole the Hamilton forwards ought to have finished with double their actual margin. With the exception of ten minutes in the second half, when the Academical obviously eased up, the Aberdeen side never made anything like a serious bid for supremacy. Their forward work in midfield was uneven, and ineffective in its vital aspect; their half-backs never got a grip of the Hamilton forwards, besides being deficient in placing, but in McSevich they had a gem of a goalkeeper, and two hard working backs in Jackson and D. Bruce, who alone redeemed the Aberdeen side from mediocrity. The principal feature of the game was the play of the Hamilton half-backs, which was marked by "head" from start to finish, while Binnie in goal did what little that came his way in commendable fashion. The backs were erratic, and the forward display may be classed in the category of "lost opportunities." The attendance, by reason of the late kick-off, showed a marked improvement, being in the vicinity of 6000.

Source: The Scotsman, 14th February 1927

Any remaining hope that Aberdeen would win the championship of the First Division of the Scottish League was dispelled on Saturday when Hamilton Academicals beat the Pittodrie team at Douglas Park by 2 goals to 0. Except that Aberdeen had Ross for MacLachlan, both sides were at full strength and the game attracted about 5000 spectators. The ground was frostbound, and despite liberal treatment with sand, the surface was treacherous and very hard. On the run of the game, Aberdeen had no reason to complain of the result as, in the second half at any rate, the Academicals were immeasurably superior, and but for the stubborn defence offered by the Aberdeen goalkeeper and backs, coupled with the erratic finishing of the home forwards, Aberdeen must have been beaten much more decisively. In the first half, Aberdeen put up quite a fair fight, but afterwards they were outplayed. There was no harmony among the forwards and the half-backs were never able to keep in touch with them, and if the backs occasionally fluked their clearances, they formed the best department of the team apart from goal. Aberdeen were a bit unfortunate in respect that after the second goal had been surrendered just following the commencement of the second half, Bruce, the left back, was injured and went to outside left. Love becoming partner to Jackson and playing well in an unaccustomed role. The Academicals were only a moderate side, yet they were much ahead of Aberdeen. Their forwards, although erratic near goal, were clever and fast in mid-field, and worked well with their halfbacks. McCormack played a sterling game at back, but Binnie did not appear safe in goal.


The early exchanges favoured the Academicals, and after Dick had been checked by D. Bruce, McCabe dribbled through to shoot against the outside of the net. In further pressure by the home team, Gibson fell on the hard ground and was injured, and when he resumed went to outside left. In Aberdeen's first attack R. Bruce shot wide from far out. Play again turned in favour of the Academicals, and in fisting away a high ball from Gibson McSevich was injured and required attention. He recovered and made a wonderful dive right across his goal to deflect a fierce drive by Hunt. After the flag kick had been cleared, Aberdeen showed improved form. Reid had a solo effort which was stopped by McCormack, and at the other end Gibson and Dick both ballooned from close in. McDermid let Love away, and the latter after cutting in finished with a fine cross shot, which Binnie just managed to divert into "corner." Following this the exchanges were even for a time, both defences doing good work. Following a mix-up in front of McSevich Moffat missed an open goal for the Academicals. R. Bruce and McDermid were doing their best to get the Aberdeen attack going, but Binnie was not troubled. After 20 minutes' play, Academicals went ahead. Borland, who had returned to outside left, sent a high ball into goal, and McSevich fisted clear. As the ball descended, however, it hit Aberdeen defender, and was diverted to Moffatt, who, practically on the goal-line, headed into the net. Shortly afterwards McSevich brought off a fine save from a great shot by McCabe. After this Aberdeen took up the offensive. Cheyne headed over from a flag kick. McDermid and Reid had shots that were off the mark. At McSevich's end, Dick was left with only the goalkeeper in front, but skied, and in further Hamilton pressure McCabe shot wide after Edward and Bruce had both smothered shots. In another effort at attack by Aberdeen, R. Bruce shot weakly from nearly 30 yards' range. Towards the interval the exchanges greatly favoured the Academicals. McSevich saved a fast shot by Moffatt and after a series of misses by defenders Borland sent wide from only a few yards' range. Later a miss by Jackson let Gibson through, but with McSevich alone to bar his progress the forward missed the goal. At half-time Aberdeen were fortunate not to be further in arrears.


The second half was only a minute old when Academicals got a second goal. McCabe dribbled through cleverly and passing to Dick, that player sent the ball into an untenanted goal, McSevich having gone out in a vain effort to intercept. At this stage D. Bruce, who had aggravated an old injury, changed places with Love. Subsequent play was very one-sided for a time, but although Jackson and Love were erratic they put up a stubborn resistance and McSevich had not a great deal to do. Although often in the vicinity of the Aberdeen goalkeeper, the Academicals were erratic in their shooting, and Moffat, McCabe, and Dick all lost favourable opportunities to increase their team's lead. From a long pass forward by McDermid, R. Bruce raised the siege on one occasion, but he was fouled just outside the penalty area, and Spencer's free kick was cleared. An injury to Love further handicapped Aberdeen, and while his partner was absent, Jackson put in some sterling defensive work. After considerable foraging, McDermid got Aberdeen on the offensive for a few minutes, but Binnie was not tested. On the other hand, McSevich had to stop a fierce shot by Gibson, and several times had to go to the assistance of his backs. A long free kick by Spencer was misfielded by Binnie, but he recovered possession and cleared, and later fisted away from D. Bruce. Gibson and Borland shot wide at the other end, and Edward charged down what might have been a counting shot by Dick. An effort by D. Bruce from far out was muddled by Binnie, but the ball was scrambled clear. Until the end play ruled almost entirely in favour of the Academicals and the Aberdeen goal had another narrow escape on one occasion when, with McSevich out, the ball struck the crossbar from a header by Dick. Aberdeen were outplayed and never were equal to adapt themselves to the ground conditions.

Source: Press & Journal, 14th February 1927

Hamilton Teamsheet
Binnie; McCormack, Johnstone; Letham, Hunt, Thomson; Moffat, McCabe, Dick, Gibson, Borland
Attendance: 6,000
Venue: Douglas Park, Hamilton
Referee: M. Quinn, Bellshill
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