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Aberdeen 3 - 1 Celtic

HT Score: Aberdeen 2 - 0 Celtic

Div 1 (Old)
Aberdeen scorers: Yorston, Smith, Smith.
Celtic scorers: Wilson 51

22/10/1927 | KO: 15:00


Aberdeen's victory over the Celtic by 3 goals to 1 at Aberdeen was deserved on the run of the play, for while the home players did not take all of the advantage they might have taken of the strong north-easterly breeze in the first half, the two goals they obtained then, by Cheyne and Smith, stood them in good stead, and they did more than their opponents had been able to do in scoring a goal against the wind, Smith again doing the needful. The Celtic's one goal came five minutes after the commencement of the second period, and was got by Wilson, their right half-back. Most of the Celtic's shots in the second half were from fairly far out. That might have been successful if Aberdeen had not had such a stalwart defence in Blackwell, as custodian, and Jackson and Livingstone as backs, aided by McDermid, who proved very capable of resuming at centre-half.
McLean, the Celtic's left winger, did not get so many opportunities as he might have got, but even as it was his shooting for goal was not always all that could have been desired. Connolly was a good trier on the right wing, and McGrory and young McMenemy did their best in attack, but were top well watched to be effective. Smith, Cheyne, and Love were the pick of the Aberdeen forwards. The great majority of the 14,000 spectators were delighted with the result, and gave vent to their pleasure in a rousing cheer at the close of what was throughout a fast and stubbornly contested match. The victory considerably improves Aberdeen's position on the League table, where they are now only two points behind the Celtic.

Source: The Scotsman, 24th October 1927

Thrills abounded at Pittodrie, where Aberdeen defeated Celtic by 3 goals to 1. The conditions were deplorable, both for players and spectators. It was still raining heavily - and had been since early morning - when the teams took the field, and while the ground was sodden, a fierce gale blew from east to west along the pitch. In the circumstances it was not surprising that the attendance, which ordinarily would have been round about 20,000, was restricted to about half that number. Still this was surprisingly good and reflected the popularity of the fixture. Those who braved the weather were rewarded with a most exciting encounter, which was punctuated with scenes of the wildest enthusiasm, more especially when the home team scored and when the leg weary and tired players dragged themselves off the close.
The conditions would not permit of good football, but if class was lacking, spectators found compensation in thrills. In a game they well deserved to win, Aberdeen were fortunate in respect that by winning the toss they had the gale in their favour in the first half. Circumstances were, of course, reversed in the second period, but all followers of football appreciate the advantage afforded by the winning of the toss when conditions are such as obtained on this occasion. For the greater part of the. first period, Aberdeen maintained relentless pressure on the Celtic goal, and it was no more than their due that they led by 2-0 at the interval. During the half, the Celtic attack occasionally came into the limelight with flashes of fine play, but it was really a tribute to their defence that they were not further in arrears when the teams crossed over.


During the interval everybody was asking. "Can the Aberdeen defence hold it?" The defence itself answered in emphatic manner. In the earlier stages they were sorely stretched, and when Celtic got a goal early on, it looked only a matter of time until other successes for the visitors would follow. It was then that the Aberdeen players showed their mettle as defenders. Practically every member of the team took a hand in defying the Celtic attackers. There were many desperate tackles and wild kicks into touch and safety, and the goal had numerous narrow escapes, just as the Celtic goal had earlier, but the defence held out manfully, and the forward or forwards lying up field were ever ready for a dash into opponents' territory. It was from one these that Aberdeen snatched the third goal, which really sealed the doom of Celtic. The visitors attacked with hope born of despair in the closing stages, but their efforts were of no avail, and so Celtic for the fourth time in 22 years came to lose a league match to Aberdeen at Pittodrie.
The Aberdeen team, who received great encouragement from the spectators, played with remarkable enthusiasm, and spirit and determination were big factors contributing to their success. There was not really a weak link the team. Blackwell was safe in goal, and the inclusion of Livingstone obviously strengthened the back division. McDermid was a tower of strength and an inspiring captain at centre half, and the nippiness of the forwards could be judged from the fact that they scored three times against a defence that had previously conceded only four goals this season. In this department Bruce and Smith were outstanding, but the others were all dangerous raiders. Celtic owed a great deal to Thomson (J.), a brilliant goalkeeper, who repeatedly defied fierce Aberdeen attacks in the first half. McStey (W.) and McGonnigle were two stout backs and in the intermediate division, McStey (J.), proved a grand defender, with Macfarlane taking the eye with artistic all-round work. The forwards never got out of the grip of the Aberdeen defence. The prolific scoring McGrory was overshadowed, and McLean missed at least two easy chances of scoring, and Thomson (A.) and Connolly were really the only two Parkhead attackers to do themselves justice.


Winning the toss, McDermid put Celtic to face the gale, and the visiting goalkeeper was in action in the first minute when he pushed away a shot by Cheyne. Aberdeen were back again immediately, and Yorston had a terrific shot fielded by Thomson. Subsequently two comer kicks fell to Aberdeen, but these were cleared, and in a Celtic raid Blackwell had to run out and kick clear when Livingstone shot the ball back to him wide of the goal. Following a free kick out on the left, McGrory had chance, but was slow to gather the ball, and Lawson relieved, and subsequently Aberdeen set up a persistent attack. A return by Livingstone carried wide of the Celtic goal, and a shot by Lawson had a similar fate. Later Smith cut in to send behind, with Yorston unmarked and waiting for a pass. Another corner fell to Aberdeen, and Thomson brought off a wonderful save from Love. The Celtic defence was in sore straits, and after a free kick by McDermid had been blocked, Smith shot wide. Aberdeen kept up the attack, and Thomson was kept busy. He saved from Bruce's head, and then fisted away from Smith, and at the foot of the post deflected a tremendous shot by Love. Desperate tackling saved the visitors at this stage, but they nearly sprung a surprise when Connolly raced away and centred to McGrory, who, however, was brilliantly dispossessed by Livingstone. The visitors were again forced back on defence, and Thomson stopped shots by Bruce and Yorston, and threw himself at the foot of the post to deflect a try by McDermid. Following the flag kick, Aberdeen made a desperate effort to rush the Celtic defence, and they succeeded amid intense excitement. First Bruce sent the ball against the crossbar, and Cheyne sent against the post. Then Black met the rebound to shoot hard. McStey, on the goal line, stopped the ball between his legs, but before he could get rid of it Yorston dashed in to send into the net. This overdue success encouraged Aberdeen to even greater effort. Love forced another corner and following a well- placed flag kick Smith beat the Celtic goalkeeper with a terrific shot. The home team's supporters went frantic with delight, and subsequently every kick was cheered to the echo. McDermid worked through to just miss with a great shot, and following this Thomson effected a wonderful save when Yorston had a shot partly deflected by McStey (W.). The Celtic goalkeeper was again seen to advantage when he knocked down a tremendous free kick by Black, and later he took the ball from Bruce's head. Following a breakaway by Connolly, McLean had a chance for Celtic, but with only Blackwell to beat he sent weakly past, and just close on the interval Thomson, the Celtic goalkeeper, brought off another wonderful save, this time from Cheyne. Aberdeen easily deserved their 2-0 lead at the interval, but under the circumstances it was not a big advantage with which to face the second half.


Celtic wasted no time in getting into touch with Blackwell. but over-eagerness led to their running the ball twice over the bye-line in the first minute. Macfarlane was the first to have the Aberdeen goalkeeper in action. The latter knocked out the half-back's shot and followed up to regain possession and clear in the nick of time before McGrory could fasten on. After six minutes, Celtic pressure was rewarded. Smith lost possession following a corner kick, for Wilson to shoot past a crowd of players into the net. Subsequently, Celtic applied severe pressure, and it was all the Aberdeen defenders and attackers combined could do to keep them out. The home players tackled resolutely and did not hesitate to find touch so long as they saved their goal. Celtic tried all their wiles of attack, but their efforts met with disaster against a defence that never stood on ceremony. McGrory, McMenemy, and Thomson (A.) were all stopped in the act of shooting, and the Celtic forwards repeatedly were made to part with the ball to the disadvantage of their side. A shot by Connolly was finely saved by Blackwell, and following corner kicks, McMenemy and McGrory sent over the bar from close range. A spurt by the Aberdeen forwards had the visitors' goal in danger, Thomson having to run out and save the situation when McGonnigle miskicked. Celtic swarmed about the Aberdeen penalty area, but the home defence refused to be beaten again. Thomson (A.) sent high from close range, and Connolly, when well placed, failed to gather a centre by McLean. Two successive corners fell to Celtic, but these availed them nothing.


Just when it seemed as if Celtic pressure would tell, Aberdeen got another goal. Yorston fastened on to a return by one of his defenders, and an adroit pass let Smith away with a clear field. The winger ran on, and just as McStey with overtaking him, and McGonnigle was closing in, he let go a fast, low shot that completely beat the Celtic goalkeeper. A remarkable scene of enthusiasm followed this third success for Aberdeen. The stand rose, and arms, hats, and umbrellas were waved frantically aloft, and there was wild cheering all round the enclosure. Until that goal came along there was a big chance of Celtic equalising, but this reverse sealed their fate. Even so, Celtic never gave up hope. They launched attack after attack upon the stone-wall Aberdeen defence that never wavered. Blackwell deflected a cross by McLean, and following the corner kick, McMenemy shot high from close in. Later, McLean, close to the goal, had an easy chance to turn the ball past Blackwell, but he missed the goal. Subsequently the Celtic left winger had a shot diverted into corner, but the ball was cleared, and later Blackwell, at full length, knocked away a shot by Macfarlane, and McDermid took the ball from McGrory when the latter was favourably placed. There was great enthusiasm when Love broke away for Aberdeen, only to be fouled by McGonnigle, who was "talked to" by the referee. Black lobbed forward the ensuing free kick, and Cheyne appeared to be on the verge of scoring a fourth goal for Aberdeen when, close in, his terrific shot hit a defender. In the closing minutes Celtic made desperate onslaughts on the home defence, but it remained firm to the end, and Aberdeen won a well and hard-earned victory.

Source: Press & Journal, 24th October 1927

Celtic Teamsheet
Thomson (J.); McStay (W.), McGonnigle; Wilson, McStay (J.), Macfarlane; Connolly, Thomson (A.), McGrory, McMenemy, McLean
Attendance: 20,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: T. Small,Dundee
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