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Partick Thistle 2 - 1 Aberdeen

HT Score: Partick Thistle 1 - 1 Aberdeen

Div 1 (Old)
Partick Thistle scorers: Elliot 15, Simpson 44
Aberdeen scorers: Dickie 5.

09/08/1930 | KO: 15:00


It is an accepted theory in football that if it weren't for mistakes very few goals would be registered. The mission of the marksman is very often neglected. At Firhill Park, however, there was conclusive proof that mistakes can be very creative of goals.
The first occasion was when a ball shot by Love, Aberdeen's right winger, cannoned off Rae, the Partick Thistle back, and was promptly collected by Dickie, the former's supporting forward, and transferred into the net with all the emphasis a flying unit can apply to his kick.

Custodian's Mistake

Then we had Cummings, Aberdeen's new goalkeeper, betraying the mark of the novitiate in many moves, but particularly in one in which he was penalised for over carrying. That he was being harassed and vigorously charged were extenuating circumstances, but the rules are adamant.
This gave the artful Ness, in conjunction with Elliot, his chance to equalise, while, late in the half, a daring dash by Simpson and a clever feinting move near goal made the leading and winning goal for Partick Thistle. Neither side revealed a pleasing balance, Miller and Fraser, the Thistle inside forwards, having a languid style that hardly corresponded with the speed of Ness, Torbet and Simpson, a trio whose tactics demand quick response and intelligent conclusion.

A Useful recruit

Even more lop-sided was Aberdeen's attack, yet it registered many more dangerous moments that the Thistle forward line, primarily because there was an effort of concentration between Love, Dickie and Yorston. It was never maintained sufficiently to bring definite results, and the main feature was the adept positioning of Dickie and his powerful shooting.
There were few distinguished features about the respective defences apart from Jacksons very alert clearing in the Thistle goal and the fine mobility of Lambie in covering the goal zone with such an elusive forward as Yorston harassing him at every turn.

Source: Glasgow Herald, 11th August 1930

Aberdeen have reason to regard Firhill Park as one of their bogey grounds. Twice last season they were unfortunate to lose to Partick Thistle there by the odd goal, after having had the better of the exchanges.
History was repeated on Saturday, when Thistle again triumphed - this time 2-1 - after a really thrilling game that was a splendid advertisement for both teams.
Over the piece Aberdeen accounted for about three-fourths of the attacking, and in view of that can be put down very unlucky losers. Aberdeen, too, provided the brightest touches in the game. Their forwards were brilliant at times, but Thistle if anything were slightly the better balanced lot.
Never really one-sided, either from the attacking or defending points of view, the game was more or less a duel between Aberdeen attack and Thistle defence, and although there was a goal between them the honours were well divided.

Brilliant Defences.

From start to finish the game was fought at a terrific pace, with Aberdeen always cutting out the work, but with Thistle always ready to retaliate.
Against clever and dashing forwards, the defences of both defences came through the game with great credit. This especially applies to Jackson, the Thistle's goalkeeper, who may be said to have saved the game for his side.
The Aberdeen back division, which was so much criticised last season, was in top form, both Cooper and Legge being the essence of steadiness.
At half-back, Black, McLaren, and Hill were all that could he desired.
Cummings, in the Aberdeen goal, came through his first senior game with great credit. He was at fault when Partick got their equalising goal because he delayed with the ball and was then penalised for over-carrying, Thistle scoring following the free kick close in. At other times he showed much confidence and undoubted ability.

Success of Dickie.

There was keen speculation as to how Dickie would fare in Cheyne?s place at inside right, but let it be said the internationalist was not missed. The ex-Mugiemoss lad scored a brilliant opening goal, and throughout gave a smart and clever exhibition.
The real live wire of the Aberdeen attack, however, was Yorston, who, although often 'policed' by two and sometimes three opponents, was an ever-present danger to the Thistle defence.
Love, McDermid, and Smith completed a line that carried out many brilliant movements at top speed, but the last named although shooting well on occasion, ought to have secured the equaliser near the close.
Quite apart from Jackson all the Thistle played well. Calderwood and Rae, especially the last named, were excellent backs. The tall Lambie was always in the picture, and although often finding Yorston too hot a handful, was a big success. In a swift and dashing forward line, Frasier, Simpson, and Torbet took the eye most, but the line was clearly second best to that of Aberdeen. There were 23,000 spectators.

Goal for Aberdeen.

The game was only five minutes old when, following a succession of thrusts, Aberdeen took the lead. Love dashed away to send in a terrific cross shot, the ball being blocked by Rae, and it was deflected to Dickie, who with a first-time effort sent into the roof of the net, Jackson touching but failing to stay its progress.
Yorston and McDermid kept Jackson busy, but after fifteen minutes Cummings, harassed by opponents could not get the ball away, and was penalised for carrying. Elliot took the kick from about three yards out, and slipping the ball to Ness, that player tipped it into the net. Following this the Thistle goal had wonderful escape when Jackson, after being beaten by a great shot from McDermid, hauled the ball back from the goal-line.

Yorston's Back-Heel Try.

Yorston in quick succession went very close. His first effort, a hook following a cross by Love, found Jackson in position. Later the centre-forward had a marvellous back-heeled effort, which again found the Thistle keeper waiting. Love had a chance from a Smith cross, but sent wide, and the latter, Yorston, Dickie, and Hill all had good efforts. Hill's shot would probably have gone home, but it was deflected by Rae.

The Winner.

During the last quarter of an hour of the half the Thistle attack were more in the limelight. Ness got through to shoot against the bar, and Torbet had an effort deflected by Cooper. Yorsston had a chance for Aberdeen, but fell and fouled the ball at the critical moment. Then Cummings, at full length, lurched forward to scoop the ball from Ness's feet.
At the other end, from Yorston's pass, Love hit the underside of the bar with a tremendous shot, and Smith just missed the rebound.
A minute from the interval Thistle got what proved to be the winning goal. Simpson got possession, and eluding Cooper, ran out to draw out Cummings and then slip the ball into an untenanted charge.

Jackson?s Save.

Yorston led Aberdeen to the attack in the opening minutes of the second half. First McDermid shot wide from fairly good position, and then after grand play by Yorston, Smith volleyed a shot straight at Jackson, who cleared at the second attempt.
A great shot by Dickie was cleared on the post by Jackson, then the Thistle goal was the scene of another thrill. Dickie took a corner kick and Love had a wonderful header which seemed to be well out of Jackson's reach, but by a great effort the goalkeeper got it.


It was after this that cruel piece of ill-luck befel Aberdeen. Love worked the ball along, and Yorston proceeded to flash it into the net only to given off-side - a very doubtful decision.
Subsequently for a time the Thistle attack severely tested the Aberdeen defence, and Cummings distinguished himself with a great save from a cross shot by Fraser. Love was injured when brought down by Lambie, and from Black's free kick Jackson effected a great one-handed save.

Aberdeen Handicapped.

Five minutes from the end Dickie was seized with cramp and had to be carried off, but, shorthanded, Aberdeen made great efforts to get the equaliser.
They should have got it when Yorston, after working up almost to the goal-line on the right, returned the ball to Smith in front of goal, but the left winger shot wildly and was yards off the mark.
It was a remarkable struggle, and Aberdeen were undoubtedly very unfortunate to lose.

Source: Press & Journal, 11th August 1930

Partick Thistle Teamsheet
Jackson; Calderwood, Rae; Elliot, Lambie, McLeod; Ness, Miller, Simpson, Fraser, Torbet
Attendance: 23,000
Venue: Firhill, Glasgow
Referee: Tom Dougary, Bellshill
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