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Aberdeen 1 - 1 Dundee

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 1 Dundee

Inter-City League
Aberdeen scorers: Low (Pen).
Dundee scorers: Nimmo

07/04/1906 | KO:

Aberdeen in their Inter-City game with Dundee at Pittodrie were seen to advantage in the open, but failed to give the necessary impetus to the leather at goalmouth to make the points sure. The game was featureless but for the chances missed, and many were the sinners that brought forth the howls from the crowd. Added to this the rather robust play of Henderson occasioned some unwelcome phases in the game. This sort of thing ought to be tabooed. In everything the Aberdeen did there was method till the parting touches camå, when there was slackness apparent. This same fault cost them a point which ought never to have been dropped.

Fraser and Nimmo were Dundee's most dangerous wing, and how Allan Bell, with a weak knee, was allowed to play, must be left to the Dundee officials to explain. Nimmo got away from a purely offside position, and scored for Dundee, the point being allowed against all the protestations of players and spectators. It was in the second half that Dainty handled inside the line and gave Henry Low his opportunity to equalise. Aberdeen did most of the pressing, but they were dead out of luck at goal scoring. The game finished one goal each, but Dundee were once again the lucky team in receiving a point on play which they were not entitled to.

Source: Bon-Accord, 12th April 1906

Aberdeen had their nearest Scottish League neighbors, Dundee, at Pittodrie. As there was keen rivalry between the teams, there was a large turnout of spectators, notwithstanding that a large contingent of local enthusiasts had gone to Glasgow to witness the international, and that the fixture was nothing more attractive than an Inter City. The weather was excellent, and the pitch dry and fast. Dundee were without Macfarlane and McKenzie. The teams were:-
to To Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Boyle, gault; Halkett, Strang, W. Low; Robertson, Mackie, Henry Low, McAulay, Lennie.
Dundee: Muir; Boyle, Jaffrey; Henderson, Dainty, McDiarmid; Bell, Nimmo, Webb, McLuckie, Fraser.
To referee - Mr. Faichney, Falkirk.

Macfarlane won the toss, and Dundee kicked off towards the west goal. The rivalry between the two teams was it wants seen, the men infusing as much spirit into their play as if the issue of a cup tie were at stake. Aberdeen made the first attack, Jeffray heading away across from Robertson. The Aberdeen outside right again burst away, but with Jeffray hanging onto him he shot wide. The Dundee forwards after some good play by the half backs, when smartly to the other end, and were almost down on Macfarlane, when Wilfred Low, in his usual impetuous style, tackled and punted. A smart piece of tackling by Halkett was followed by the ball being sent to Lennie, who sent past. Dundee then were dangerous, Fraser cleverly slipping past, and easily beating Boyle on the run. Gault was in position to intercept Fraser's cross and he transferred play with a long punt. Fraser, the Dundee outside left flier, repeated his performance a minute later, getting the ball went off side, and finishing an undisturbed run by sending in a fast shot, which the Aberdeen goalkeeper smartly saved. Henderson was repeatedly noticeable for rather robust play, and when he received a word of caution from the referee for his attentions to Lennie, the crowd cheered. Dundee, having settled down, were playing much better than Aberdeen, the Pittodrie men being below their usual form, with the exception of Wilfred Low, Gault and Macfarlane. The Aberdeen goalkeeper it was deservedly cheered for clever save from a crowd of Dundee men. Lennie, who at times was prominent for smart runs seemed to have a wholesome respect for the Dundee right back, but on one occasion he cleverly gave Boyle the slip, and from forty yards out sent in a high, drooping shot, which turned into goal at the far off corner. Muir held the ball with difficulty. A few minutes later you are got another ticklish shot from Lennie, and saved by fisting over. For a time Aberdeen maintained a hot attack on the Dundee defence. Robertson headed across, and Henry Low, shooting with great force, grazed the cross-bar. McAulay, who was seen to advantage in the early stages of the game, also had a try from a difficult position, but his shot was a trifle wide. Muir raised the anger of the crowd at the east end of the field by throwing Lennie over the line when the two were running for the ball. Halkett was the next to give near anxiety, a rocket shot from the little half-back striking the cross-bar with the goalkeeper well beaten. At last, after repeated raids by the Dundee forwards, the Aberdeen defence gave way. Close in on Macfarlane, Webb broke through and slipped on to Nimmo, who easily beat Macfarlane. Nimmo appeared to be offside when the ball was passed to him, and the Aberdeen players claimed off side. The referee, however, allowed the goal, at which the crowd howled vigorously. The goal - legitimate or otherwise - caused a good deal of feelings to creep into the game, and fouls were numerous, Henderson being particularly prominent in this department. Fraser, after beating Boyle, again troubled Macfarlane with a hot shot. Both goals were repeatedly visited, but Dundee had the measure of Aberdeen, and were more frequently dangerous. Muir saved a fast grounder from Robertson on the post, and another dangerous shot by Halkett. Aberdeen all but scored as the result of a tussle between Lennie and Muir. Lennie blocked Muir's kick, and the ball went to Henry Low, who, with an open goal, banged wildly over the bar. Bell, the Dundee right flier, hurt himself in a tackle and had to leave the field. Shortly after, Dainty and Halkett, in a scrimmage following a corner kick in the Aberdeen goal, knocked their heads together and were temporarily disabled. Mackie sent a weak shot into Muir's hand, and a little more force might have brought the equaliser.

Aberdeen started the second half briskly, and almost continuously were so aggressive as to keep Dundee on the defensive. But for weakness in front of goal, Aberdeen might have had a few goals. From an opening made by Mackie, Robertson shot over; and then Mackie, and a pass to Lennie would certainly have brought the equaliser, shot weekly into Muir's hands. Several exciting scrimmages took place in the Dundee goal, in which Boyle, and Jeffrey, and Dainty put up a stout defence. Mackie was tripped up three yards from you are, but the referee failed to penalise, but within a couple of seconds, while the ball was still bobbing about in the Dundee goal, Dainty handled, and a penalty kick was awarded to Aberdeen. Henry Low took the kick, I and, with a low drive, netted the ball, Muir throwing himself full length but failing to reach the ball. The equaliser was loudly cheered by the spectators. Aberdeen continued to press were eager determination, but the forwards showed their characteristic weakness in finishing, as they had many chances, despite the strong Dundee defence. Lennie made a great effort, when, single-handed, he beat Dainty and Jeffray, and sent in a shot which Muir saved on the line. The Dundee goalkeeper again saved cleverly by first stopping of four yards shot from Low, and then scraping the ball away from the Aberdeen centre's toe as he attempted to rush the ball and goalkeeper into the net. McAulay almost scored for Aberdeen in a scrimmage, his headers striking the cross-bar and rebounding over. Henry Low, who was playing with great dash, was almost through several times, although Dainty, with rare speed, did not give the Aberdeen centre very much rope. Aberdeen forced several corners, but nothing came from the kicks. The Dundee forwards were now kept well in check by the Aberdeen half-backs and backs, Boyle having the measure of Fraser and his partner. Boyle and Gault in their half both tackled and kicked well. Robertson finished one of his dashing runs by sending across to Mackie, who drove into goal, Muir just reaching the ball with one hand, and saving brilliantly. You are also saved from Lennie, and another shot from Mackie. In the closing minutes Aberdeen played hard for the winning goal, and it almost got it. Robertson, beating Jeffray, centred, and Lennie neatly kicked overhead to Low, and the centre forward shot into the net. The goal was disallowed by the referee, who ruled Low offside. It was a very close thing. Another good cross by Robertson was picked up by Low, who drove hard for goal, Muir fisting out. You are saved another grounder from Mackie, and shortly after the whistle blew, bringing a much-needed relief to Dundee.

In the first half Dundee were the better team, but on the strength of the second half display Aberdeen deserved to win. Gate, £111; stands, £20.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 9th April 1906

Dundee Teamsheet
Muir; Boyle, Jaffrey; Henderson, Dainty, McDiarmid; Bell, Nimmo, Webb, McLuckie, Fraser
Attendance: 3,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. Faichney, Falkirk
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