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Aberdeen 0 - 1 Clyde

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Clyde

Div 2 (Old)
Clyde scorers: Grier

27/08/1904 | KO:

Listen to our Tale of Woe

Aberdeen had Clyde as their opponents at Pittonrie on Saturday. The game was a Second Division League fixture, and drew out a large crowd of spectators, which included a few from Glasgow. The visitors winning the toss, elected to play towards the city. Aberdeen in their initial run down the field looked dangerous, but the assault on the "Reds" goal was not kept up. Clyde now had a look in, and Mackie cleared when they were getting to be dangerous. MacFarlane then had a chance to show his powers, and Murray had his opportunity too, not long after. Needless to say both players did all that was required of them in grand sty le. So far the visitors were having the pull, and it was indeed a relief to the home crowd when Ellis bounded off on his own account towards Young. For a time the ground team forwards warmed to their work, but in a short interval the Clyde players were having pot shots at MacFarlane's goal. Halftime arrived with the score sheet a blank.

On resuming, the Clyde at once invaded, and the home goal had some narrow escapes from falling. Greer had a grand chance, but lifted the ball over the bar, and then MacFarlane mis-fisted a shot from Anderson, the visitor's outside left, which, however, was got rid of, and danger averted. A goal was sure to come some time, and it was really only a question of time, and the home defence. It did come at last, but off-side was given, and the point was deducted accordingly. Not long after this escape Walker dribbled through the Aberdeen defence, and scored with a fast shot which found the corner of the net, and gave MacFarlane no chance to save. The home forwards now got wakened up, and made a few rather queer attempts at combination. Ellis and Halkett both had tries for goal, but their shots came from too far out to be of any use. Low landed in some splendid centres during the closing minutes, but these came to nothing, and Clyde ran out well deserved winners of the game, one goal to nothing.

Points from Pittodrie.

Splendid weather favoured the game, and a big crowd gathered to watch the struggle.
If the homesters keep up their present record visitors to Pittodrie will be few and far between.
The game all over was anything but a class exhibition. Both front ranks were to blame for this wretched state of affairs.
The Clyde forwards were very good in the open, but despite the goal their play was woefully weak.
The home quintette were neither good at combination, nor dangerous at goal. We sincerely trust that there will be a reformation soon in this department.
Young, in goal for the Clyde, was never seriously tested but what he did get in the way of a shot was neatly disposed if in a safe manner.
Both backs played well, and had a rather good time if it in regards free kicking.
We wonder why it is that the Aberdeen, officials cannot get hold of a man like Torrance.

Robertson, Clark, and Peebles made a grand trio, and had an easy task against the opposition five.
The left half ran Halkett hard for first honours in this line.
Speed was the principal feature of the forwards' play, with a good shot thrown in now and again.
The left outside kept persistently off-side.
No one could blame MacFarlane for the goal which he let in. His display was a fine one, and almost without blemish, Murray and Mackie under the circumstances did very well but showed signs of being fagged towards the latter end of the game. After the work they had gone through no one could be surprised.
Mackie was the better man on the day's display - his partner being a trifle weak in his returns. If McNicol does not prove the missing link, well !--
Halkett was the best half on the field, and played his opponent a good game. His play from week to week is marked by consistency.
Low is coming back to his old form. He played a hard game all Saturday.
Strang did some good things now and again, but is a long way off the desired state of perfection.

The forwards might toss up among themselves as to who was the outstanding man of the lot. We give Ellis the palm for being the hardest worker, and his partner for being the exact opposite.
Knowles and McKay are much better as a wing, but they could not possibly be worse.
The centre was far off his mark.
McAulay is very disappointing, and, personally, we can't see what's wrong. On Saturday he lay much too far back on Low, and somewhat hampered the half thereby.
Ritchie suffered by his partner, but even he was off his game.
The directors have a task in front of them to select a team that will win games and point. Four points have been lost already, and four too many. We trust it will be some considerable time ere another single point is lost.
Mr. Dougary was again referee, and did not please the crowd. We would like to see one soon who could manage the positive to their satisfaction.

Source: Bon-Accord September 1, 1904

Aberdeen encountered Clyde at Pittodrie on Saturday in a Second Division League match. The weather was fine and a crowd of over 4000 spectators witnessed the game. In connection with the match about 200 Clyde supporters travelled from Glasgow. The teams lined up as follows:- Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, J. Mackie; Halkett, Strang, Low; Robertson, Ellis, McNicol, McAulay, G. Ritchie. Clyde: Young; Macdonald, Torrance; Robertson, Clark, Peebles; Gibb, Walker, Adams, Grier, Anderson. Referee, Mr. J. Dougaray, Dumbarton.

The Clyde won the toss, and decided to play towards the city, with the wind at their back. Aberdeen kicked off and got down, and Ellis forced a corner. Ritchie took the kick, but sent the ball behind. Play for a time remained in the Clyde?s quarter. Gibb came away, but before he was able to shoot, Mackie knocked him off. The homesters got down, and Low had a try, his shot only missing the goal by about a foot. Clyde transferred play to the other end, and were awarded a corner, but Macfarlane fisted out. The Clyde were still in the home quarters, and Macfarlane was again called upon to save. Aberdeen got away, and play for a time was waged in midfield. As half-time approached Aberdeen forced several corners but without avail. The visitors came away again, and on the call of half-time they were hemming in the home defence.

On resuming, Adams kicked off for the Clyde against a slightly increasing wind. Macfarlane saved a hard drive from Clark, and Gibb taking the return, passed to Anderson, who, with only the goalkeeper to beat, shot high. Clyde were giving the Aberdeen's defence a hot time of it, but Mackie ultimately got the ball away. Grier got near Macfarlane, and centred to Anderson, who netted the ball, but the goal was given as off-sides. Play was then of a give-and-take nature. The Clyde had another look in but Macfarlane saved by throwing the ball in the corner. From the corner Aberdeen got down, and Ritchie had a long shot which went over the bar. Ellis had a shot for goal, but he was too far out, and Young had little difficulty in throwing out. Aberdeen were still aggressive, and Ellis had another shot, which the goalkeeper again saved. The homesters were awarded a corner, and Halkett kicked in high, but Young ran out and fisted the ball into midfield. Macfarlane was then called upon to save. After some long shooting, Grier beat Mackie and had little difficulty in sending past Macfarlane. The homesters worked hard to get level, and the whistle sounded with them pressing

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 29th August 1904

Clyde Teamsheet
Young; Macdonald, Torrance; Robertson, Clark, Peebles; Gibb, Walker, Adams, Grier, Anderson
Attendance: 5,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. J. Dougary, Dumbarton
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