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Aberdeen 0 - 0 Leith Athletic

HT Score: Aberdeen 0 - 0 Leith Athletic

Div 2 (Old)

15/04/1905 | KO:

This was the last game of the season in the Second Division of the Scottish League. There was only a poor attendance at Pittodrie, Aberdeen, unpleasant weather prevailing. In the first period, Aberdeen had most of the play, but in the second Leith Athletic more than held their own, and bad luck prevented them from carrying away the points. Result:- No scoring.

Source: The Scotsman, 1905-04-17

The final event, so far as Pittodrie is concerned, in the Second Division of the Scottish League was witnessed on Saturday, when the Aberdeen premiers had as their opponents Leith Athletic. Unfortunately, the screen game was not played under attractive circumstances, the weather being of the most adverse nature and the ground in a somewhat sudden condition, while the home team appeared with a couple of substitutes in the half line, Henry Low and Tom Strang being absentees. The spectatorate, however, was fairly large when the elevens were called out, fully 2000 being assembled within the enclosure. Mr. McGill, Thornliebank, had charge of the event and the teams were:-
Aberdeen: Macfarlane; Murray, D. McNicol; Halkett, Sangster, Robertson; Harvey, G. McNicol, J. Robertson, McAulay, Edgar.
Leith Athletic: Laing; Thompson, McRae; Armstrong, Hamilton, Garden; Dow, Lowe, Walker, Moon, Cameron, McAulay.

The spinning of the calling, as usual, favour the home lot, and the Leith men started operations against a stiff sea breeze. Aberdeen were slow to take advantage of the wind, and a short time elapsed before they approached the visitors' citadel. Robertson was the first to introduce a dangerous element on Aberdeen's behalf, but Armstrong brought the home pivot up very sharply. Halkett placed beautifully from the free kick but the wind played tricks with the player's judgement, and this chance, along with many others following, went for nil. The strangers beat up against the wind, and stubbornly carried the sphere into Aberdeen territory. The home defence, however, was two sound, and a sound punt change the venue of play once more. Laing was on the alert, but only occasionally did he have to exert himself seriously, for shooting in close quarters was most erratic. The Leith men were kept pretty much on the defensive for a time, but Aberdeen seemed to stand in awe of the backs, who were allowed to kick clear almost without endurance. Home left wing, though by no means brilliant, was the only attract the feature from a local point if you, but even McAulay failed to enhance the display of his confreres when goals were wanted. The visitors, up to this stage, and shown no tendency to attack, but Dow, on their Leith left wing, created a sensation when he sprinted the whole length of the field, beating all opposition, and finishing with a good try for goal. The effort seemed to stimulate the Athletic attack, and Aberdeen had to kick out strongly against a heavy pressure. The homesters missed Low and Strang from the midline, and, but for the valiant punting of the backs, Macfarlane's citadel must have fallen. This position of affairs lasted almost continually till the interval, and are not a few occasions, look more than good judgment was responsible for Leith's non-success.

After crossing over, and with the wind in their favour, the southerners kept the Aberdeen confined to their own division. Macfarlane had shot after shot sent in his direction, but "Dame Fortune" seemed to have taken a place for the day with the black and gold brigade, and although do Leith bombarded the home charge repeatedly, in never found the billet. The game, as a whole, had been comparatively poor, and the first genuine cheer of the afternoon was accorded Macfarlane for a brilliant save. The tussle in front of the local custodian was at its worst, when Cameron sent in a rocket shot which threatened to bring about disaster. The home custodian literally threw himself at the ball, and was successful in intercepting its flight. His return was somewhat weak, and a glorious opportunity was afforded the Leith forwards, but the defence got there first, and the lines were cleared. Aberdeen made a few incursions into the opposition territory, but were quickly sent to the right about. The Leith men were easily the superior lot, so far as speed was concerned, will the combination was also a better, although credit is scarcely due to either team in this respect. It became apparent two wards the close the Aberdeen had no chance of a win, and that they would be fortunate if he succeeded in cleaning a division of the points. Leith kept up the pressure until the finish, but the whistle sounded with the scores standing:- Aberdeen, 0; Leith Athletic, 0.

Source: Aberdeen Daily Journal, 17th April 1905

Leith Athletic Teamsheet
Laing; Thompson, McRae; Armstrong, Hamilton, Garden; Dow, Lowe, Walker, Moon, Cameron, McAulay
Attendance: 2,000
Venue: Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen
Referee: Mr. McGill, Thornliebank
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